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  1. 1. Pearson Education Germany Foreign Rights Guide Computer Photography Higher Education Autumn 2009
  2. 2. Markt+Technik Titles Nikon D3000 A camera handbook Author: Michael Gradias ISBN: 978-3-8272-4570-0, approx. 350 pp., 4-colour, reference card, € 39.95 Pub date: October 2009 As many times before our popular Nikon author will explain our readers what this digital mirror reflex camera is all about. In order to make it possible for readers to take really good photos, the author looks at a wide variety of photo- graphic situations and shows what settings are necessary to take better pictures. The 12 page reference card shows all the camera settings at a glance. Nikon D300s A camera handbook Author: Michael Gradias ISBN: 978-3-8272-4482-6, approx. 350 pp., 4-colour, reference card, € 39.95 Pub date: October 2009 The book on the successor model to the Nikon D300. Again our popular Nikon author will explain our readers what this camera is all about. In order to make it possible for readers to take really good photos, the author looks at a wide variety of photographic situations and shows what settings are necessary to take better pictures. Sony Alpha 230/330/380 Camera book with instructions Author: Christoph Prevezanos ISBN: 978-3-8272-4530-4, approx. 300 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: October 2009 Using stunning pictures the author shows how to take really good photos. Picture sequences and step by step instructions help readers to achieve successful results quickly. Practice-based and challenging situations are dealt with in special work- shops. Regardless whether it is macro photography or complicated lighting con- ditions, this book turns Alpha 350 owners into real experts. System Flash Technology with Nikon A creative flash photography book Authors: Ronald and Gabriela Puhle ISBN: 978-3-8272-4531-1, approx. 330 pp., 4c, € 39.95 Pub date: October 2009 The topic is how camera and flash settings help photographers take better photos. How the flash can be influenced and how flashlight and daylight can best be combined. The subject is presented by means of many examples and possible solutions. Target groups: Nikon users who haven’t used their flashes so far and photo- graphers who want to be creative with light. 2
  3. 3. Photographing People - the Master Course Author: Carina Meyer-Broicher ISBN: 978-3-8272-4457-4, approx. 320 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: April 2009 The woman author shows all genres of people and portrait photography: from the classical portrait to event photography. She forms the picture of people in differ- ent lights, in different perspectives and in different ages. She shows people mov- ing and static, in black and white and beautiful colours, real or distorted, outside or in the studio. The numerous tips by an experienced photographer will abso- lutely delight ambitious portrait photographers. Target group: ambitious hobby photographers Landscape Photography - the Master Course Author: Michael Hennemann ISBN: 978-3-8272-4444-4, approx. 320 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: May 2009 Landscape photography is the most popular genre among photographers. This book is the ideal reference work for photographers who have already been taking many photos and who now want to improve their abilities. The content spans an impressive range on a challenging level: the best equipment for being out and about, excellent technical professional tricks, all conditions of light and weather. Perspectives, night shots, available light, infrared effects, RAW workflow and picture editing with Photoshop Elements are also included. Target group: ambitious hobby photographers Macro Photography - the Master Course Author: Michael Gradias ISBN: 978-3-8272-4452-9, approx. 320 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: May 2009 This book shows how to make small objects look really big. Using expensive macro lenses as well as reasonably priced accessories the author describes how photographers can achieve brilliant photos. An additional topic is the production of product photographs, in particular small objects such as coins or jewellery for sale on eBay. With hundreds of exquisite picture examples and easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the digital darkroom, this book is an invaluable re- source for the ambitious digital photographer. Target group: experienced photographers Photographing Men - the Master Course Author: Carina Meyer-Broicher ISBN: 978-3-8272-4522-9, approx. 320 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: January 2010 The book promotes the idea that men can also be attractive. It provides all of the following: from how to deal with male models and the motif “man” to the cor- rect photographic techniques and retouching using Photoshop. How to take pho- tos of business people and private individuals, from “the stage-managed man” to “the man in the street”. The author has been photographing men as well as women and she wants to build a bridge between men as models and men/women as photographers. Target groups: semi-professional women photographers, men who take the challenge 3
  4. 4. Panorama Photography A fascinating introduction Author: Alexander Feldmann ISBN: 978-3-8272-4508-3, approx. 320 pp., 4-colour, € 39.95 Pub date: January 2010 360 degree pictures and how they are taken. The book covers the topics of photo taking with compact and DSLR cameras, picture editing with both open source and commercial programs and of course the end-product too, i.e. how photo- graphs can be printed and presented. In addition this book constantly encourages readers to get directly involved. Portrait and Nude Photography Authors: Michael Kuhnlein and Harald Heim ISBN: 978-3-8272-4517-5, approx. 250 pp., 4-colour, € 29.95 Pub date: February 2010 A book full of easy to follow practical examples. The main topics are camera set- tings and guidance for the model along with the subsequent picture editing with respect to beauty retouching. This book provides you with lots of practical ex- amples from various professional photographers and just the tips you need. Along with the technical details you also get an insight into the creative opportu- nities which portrait photography opens up for you. The book helps readers, par- ticularly with nude photography, to develop their creativity and use it when tak- ing photographs. Lightroom 2 Workflows for high-quality digital photographs Author: Thorsten Wulff ISBN: 978-3-8272-4515-1, approx. 176 pp., 4c, € 29.95 Pub date: November 2009 The book helps digital photographers to keep track of their pictures, from im- porting and managing them along with the various forms of picture taking, and also to get the best out of them qualitatively. It shows readers how they can de- velop and optimise their own Lightroom workflows. Target group: experienced photographers and Lightroom users Digital Photo School From being a beginner to getting a professional Author: Wolfgang Scheide ISBN: 978-3-8272-4404-8, approx. 320 pp., 1 CD, 4c, € 19.95 Pub date: December 2009 Comprehensive instructions about the basic technical elements for cameras and PCs, for picture editing, archiving and printing. The section on taking photos is particularly extensive. The author demonstrates all the important photo- graphic genres from portraits to landscape. Lighting perspective and flash are also given due consideration. Picture editing using the free Picasa software is described. Target group: beginners 4
  5. 5. iPod Touch Music, games, video, Internet Author: Giesbert Damaschke ISBN: 978-3-8272-4481-9, approx. 172 pp., 4c, € 19.95 Pub date: December 2009 With the iPhone 3G from Apple people can telephone, mail, surf the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, manage your contacts, and so on and so on. As always with Apple the design is well thought-out, the simple operation is revolutionary. This book teaches readers how to use the Apple iPhone 3G and its predecessor model correctly and effectively. They will learn how to use its features to the full and make it the per- fect multimedia companion for when you are out and about. My First Mac From MacBook to iMac Author: Ulrich Borstelmann ISBN: 978-3-8272-4571-7, approx. 220 pp.,4c, € 19.95 Pub date: October 2009 This book is exactly the right one to help readers take their first steps on MacBook or on iMac. It supports them in operating the mouse, assists with “Mac as office” and shows them how to get email and Internet working. The Mac for photos, films and music (iPhoto and iTunes) is also explained. There is an extra help chapter with answers to the most frequent questions. At the end of the book there is a comprehensive glossary. For Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Target group: beginning Mac users My Mac as a Photo Lab With iPhoto and Photoshop Elements Author: Ulrich Borstelmann ISBN: 978-3-8272-4525-0, approx. 220 pp., 4c, € 19.95 Pub date: October 2009 Along with showing how to edit pictures with iLife/iPhoto and Photoshop Elements the author also provides many important tips on photography: from photographic seeing to laws of photographic design. Apart from all that the book explains all you need to know about picture archiving with the Mac and present- ing the pictures successfully. And all in a comprehensive form and a beautiful layout. Target group: beginning Mac users Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard For Windows users switching to the Mac Author: Giesbert Damaschke ISBN: 978-3-8272-4499-4, approx. 250 pp., 4c, € 19.95 Pub date: November 2009 A book for Mac users who want to switch from Windows systems to the Mac. Readers learn to manage files and programs with the finder, to find every- thing quickly with Spotlight and get to know Exposé, Spaces and Stacks. They save their data with Time Machine as well as encryption, they surf the web with the Safari browser, write e-mails or chat with iChat. And they even learn to run Windows applications on their Macs. 5
  6. 6. The Big Excel Handbook for Controllers Professional solutions from version 2003 Author: Ignatz Schels, Uwe Seidl ISBN: 978-3-8272-4459-8, approx. 700 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: December 2009 This handbook is sorted by tasks for controllers and offers lots of solutions. It focuses on all topics of controlling and finance, demonstrating how to solve count- less tasks professionally with Excel. Each solution is developed step by step, mak- ing it easy to be reproduced. Topics covered range from simple formulae and aids to complex, macro-supported process controls (e.g. processing key figures for bal- anced scorecard). Special Excel techniques such as matrix calculations or dynamic ranges are treated separately and described in great detail. On the CD: Excel solu- tions which can be adapted to the reader’s needs. Nice to Meet You Online! Social communities for senior citizens Author: Günter Born ISBN: 978-3-8272-4559-5, approx. 300 pp., € 19.95 Pub date: January 2010 The book invites the more elderly citizens to take part in the Internet. In “social networks" like Facebook, in photo communities like Flickr, in video communities like YouTube, in forums with people sharing their interests. They should blog, twitter, chat. Or do research into their family trees. How that all works and what they have to be careful of to protect your privacy is all included in this guide book and so easy to understand that you will be able to get started straight away. Computer – Child’s Play PCs and notebooks, Internet, e-mail, writing, photos, music Author: Günter Born ISBN: 978-3-8272-4513-7 approx. 300 pp., 4c, € 29.95 Pub date: November 2009 A beautiful, colourful, completely easy “learn-by-pictures” book for all the fam- ily. Simply everything is in it. And it makes sure that everybody’s entrance to the world of computers is successful. Finally they can take part in conversations, they know how Windows works, they can join in the Internet, write e-mails, edit digital photos and lots more. Finally they can simply do everything on the com- puter that they want to do. Photoshop Elements 8 - the Master Course For anyone who wants to be able to do more Author: Michael Hennemann ISBN: 978-3-8272-4543-4, approx. 380 pp., 4c, € 39.95 Pub date: November 2009 This book is for readers who like to try out new things and are not afraid to take on challenging picture projects. It shows them how to make sophisticated mon- tages or good portrait retouching. It explains how to handle CameraRAW or create HDR photos, how to employ effects or how to make subsequent adjust- ments to the depth of field. It demonstrates how to employ the tools of Photo- shop Elements with virtuosity. 6
  7. 7. Windows 7 Picture by Picture Author: Ignatz Schels ISBN: 978-3-8272-4487-1, approx. 330 pp., 4c, € 9.99 Pub date: September 2009 A book for all beginners who like learning with pictures. Readers get to know about 30% of the operating system. They don’t need more to work with it suc- cessfully: Start, handling the desktop, writing and drawing, handling pictures, drives, files and directories, online connections, Internet Explorer, e-mails with Outlook Express. Windows 7 Tricks, Picture by Picture Author: Ignatz Schels ISBN: 978-3-8272-4486-4, approx. 270 pp., 4c, € 9.99 Pub date: December 2009 A nice Windows tricks book in full colour for all who want to know more about the new operating system: start more quickly, perform more quickly, pack files correctly, surf safely, eliminate your traces, index files, install drivers, configure graphic adapters, tips on networking like "I forgot my password", filling in IP addresses... Readers will be fascinated. Windows 7 Easy Author: Günter Born ISBN: 978-3-8272-4485-7, approx. 360 pp., € 16.95 Pub date: October 2009 The book contains the most important basics for all who want to start with Win- dows 7, all who have bought a new PC. All who want their first steps to be guided should have this book. In a very easy way as usual the author accompanies his readers when using the operating system. Windows 7 Easy introduction for seniors Author: Günter Born ISBN: 978-3-8272-4496-3, approx. 350 pp., € 19.95 Pub date: October 2009 With this book a successful start with Window 7 for the older generation is guaran- teed. Everybody who wants to start off with the new Windows can do this easily with this book. Readers only need a few pages to find their way through the pro- gram. They will quickly learn all the Windows functions they need and will soon feel like doing more difficult tasks. 7
  8. 8. Addison-Wesley Titles Photographic Reportage on Afghanistan Pictures of daily life, contradictions and contrasts Author: Veronika Pičmanová ISBN 978-3-8273-2843-4, 272 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: September 2009 Every photo tells a story; the accompanying text explains the conditions under which the photo was taken. The book uses every-day examples of the situation in Afghanistan to answer the question which many professional photographers frequently ask: Under what conditions is photography possible? This book is well worth reading and looking through with its pictures of daily life in Afghani- stan, a country shaken by conflict. The author lived in the country for 2 ½ years. Still Lives The art of photographing objects and their composition Author: Almut Adler ISBN 978-3-8273-2833-5, approx. 320 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: October 2009 In this photo course still life is brilliantly transformed for digital photography. Readers learn how to photograph still objects without being hasty. They see how light follows its path. They create exciting pictures by using an alteration of per- spective, a subtlety of light, experiments with the format. They learn the tricks offered by the depth of field. The pictures are so well photographed that there is no need for picture editing. Object Photography Photographing objects, light, technical details Author: Eberhard Schuy ISBN 978-3-8273-2885-4, approx. 250 pp., € 39.80 Pub date: November 2009 This book deals with taking photographs of objects in the studio. The author demonstrates the diversity of object photography from planning the picture and the different ways of setting it up to the correct light management. Explanations with sketches and photographic effects answer such questions as: How do I achieve brilliant reflections? Which illumination techniques give me the special three dimensional look? Nature photography with the Canon EOS Canon technology and photo practice Author: Kyra Sänger ISBN 978-3-8273-2842-7, approx. 330 pp., 4c, € 39.95 Pub date: November 2009 The book combines practical instructions on landscape photography with photo information on the Canon range, irrespective of the particular model. This in- cludes the range of accessories for certain types of camera in various different picture-taking situations. Picture editing workshops, which are relevant to the subject, round the book off. 8
  9. 9. Olympus E-P1 The first Addison-Wesely camera handbook Author: Helma Spona ISBN: 978-3-8273-2897-7, approx. 300 pp., 4c, foldable reference card, € 39.80 Pub date: November 2009 The topic of the book is the digital counterpart of Olympus Pen, PEN E-P1. The author's main goal is to transport basic knowledge on photography. Using vari- ous photographic situations she explains the use of this camera also pointing out photographic background knowledge which readers should have. A 12 page ref- erence card shows all the camera settings at a glance when readers are out and about. Architecture Photography Thoughts and experiments on photographing buildings Author: Martin Timm ISBN: 978-3-8273-2904-2, approx. 256 pp., 4c, € 39.80 Pub date: November 2009 The speciality about this book is that it is not only an architecture book but also an art book. The author does some experimental architecture photography show- ing his personal point of view about photographing buildings. The book is writ- ten with quite an artistic approach. Using numerous examples from the daily practice the book also deals with questions of the best equipment as well as basics concerning techniques of architecture photography. Optimal settings of the cameras and lenses are also covered. People People Photography with Nikon Mirror-reflex Fotografie Cameras mit Nikon DSRL Technical information and photo tips Author: Tom Fuerch ISBN 978-3-8273-2884-7, approx.360 pp., € 39.80 Pub date: January 2010 Tom Fuerch The book unites in-depth technical practical aspects of photographing people with technical information on Nikon cameras which does not depend on the par- ticular model. The book is intended for all Nikon owners who would like to know how to put into action their creative ideas for photographing people in any situation. WordPress 2.7/2.8 From easy blogs to dynamic websites Author: Jolantha Belik ISBN: 978-3-8273-2572-3, approx. 400 pp., 1 CD, € 29.95 Pub date: November 2009 The author uses a blog and a small company website to explain the work with WordPress: from the registration, installation and configuration to the first use of themes and plug-ins and further to individual adjustment of design, functionality and marketing. Topics like updating to the latest WordPress version, migrating a present blog, embedding an existing website, creating readers’ own themes, sur- veys and search engine optimisation are also covered. 9
  10. 10. Joomla! 1.6 ACL, many practical examples, 10 top components Author: Hagen Graf ISBN 978-3-8273-2817-5 approx. 650 pp., 1 CD, € 39.80 Pub date: January 2010 This is the new edition of our successful longseller. In addition to the new feature ACL, this revised edition describes amongst others the use of foreign components, how to write your own components and templates or how to adapt existing Joomla! templates. The devoloper’s part of the book has been enlarged considerably. An entire chapter describes a sample project from A to Z. Target group: beginners The Official TYPOLight Handbook Guidelines for users, administrators and developers Author: Leo Feyer ISBN 978-3-8273-2913-4, approx. 350 pp., 1 CD, € 39.80 Pub date: October 2009 TYPOLight developer Leo Feyer describes all the aspects of working with TYPOLight from installing the CMS, its functions to the development of your own page layouts and extensions. This is an updated and extended new edition. It in- cludes a comprehensive description of all the steps involved in the development of a module and explains the TYPOLight framework. Target group: intermediate users SilverStripe 2.4 An introduction to modern web development Author: Philipp Krenn ISBN 978-3-8273-2862-5, approx. 350 pp., € 29.95 Pub date: February 2010 President Obama’s web site is done with Silverstripe. The book starts with the technical basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP), setting up a site for the first time, how to use backend, getting the layout to fit in, internationalisation, installing existing modules but also current requirements such as sitemaps and search func- tions. The main part is a thorough introduction to programming with SilverStripe, as it is here that and one of the main advantages of this CMS becomes clear. Target group: beginners jQuery The new JavaScript framework for interactive web design Author: Ralph Steyer ISBN 978-3-8273-2887-8, approx. 380 pp., 1 CD, € 34.80 Pub date: October 2009 This book is intended to allow programmers to get to grips with web programming using the JavaScript framework jQuery. Readers learn how they can use jQuery for their own projects – from simple websites to complex RIAs. The book begins with the software required to create and test jQuery applications together with a short introduction about first examples. It then goes on to deal with the basic elements of modern websites along with all the details about jQuery and its API. On the CD: code examples and jQuery along with various useful programs. 10
  11. 11. Camtasia Studio 6 Professional workshops Author: Simon Gabathuler ISBN: 978-3-8273-2828-1, approx. 400 pp., € 49.95 Pub date: October 2009 The book provides a short overview of the software. The main part consists of workshops covering professional tasks with the program: PowerPoint presenta- tions, sales presentations, technical manuals, teaching material, web content, CD and DVD production and much more. All the activities are explained by case studies. On the DVD: a 30 day trial version of Camtasia Studio 6, examples, video tutorials. ArchiCAD Fundamentals, techniques, workshops Author: Karl-Heinz Sperber ISBN: 978-3-8273-2830-4, approx. 380 pp., 1 CD, € 44.95 Pub date: November 2009 The book is a well founded introduction to the program. It deals with all the basic functions in ArchiCAD 13. Short chapters take readers to their goals quickly: using ArchiCAD for design and presentation work. Workshops allow the readers to prac- tice typical construction work. This 4th edition was thoroughly revised for the new version and contains some completely new workshops. A website with additional material accompanies the book. Inkscape Introduction and workshops Author: Uwe Schöler ISBN: 978-3-8273-2911-0, approx. 240 pp., € 29.80 Pub date: December 2009 Like Gimp for pixel editing, Inkscape is the free open source variant for vector graphics. Even readers who do not know the program will find lots of material in this book to help them get acquainted with it. The first chapters of the book outline a general introduction to the program and special techniques for dealing with the various colour spaces. Later path editing along with filters and extensions are in- troduced in detail. The book provides tips and tricks for using the program. On the companion CD: the Inkscape program, workshop files Blender 3D 2.5 Introduction to 3D graphics and animation Author: Heiko Ihnde ISBN: 978-3-8273-2899-, approx. 400 pp., € 39.80 Pub date: February 2010 (depends on availability of the software) Blender 3D is an open source graphic program which can be used to create 3D pictures and animations. The book explains the user interface, important key and mouse commands and the program’s central dialogue. In the practical section the author demonstrates the process for creating a 3D picture from scratch. Each step is comprehensively explained. On the DVD: the Blender 3D 2.5 program, graph- ics, videos, working materials. Target Groups: beginners and newcomers to 3D, graphic designers, web designers 11
  12. 12. Aperture 2 Sorting, optimising and presenting pictures Author: Dieter Krause ISBN 978-3-8273-2826-7, approx. 300 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: January 2010 The book shows how photographers can use the features of Aperture 2 correctly and efficiently. The author has been a professional photographer for a long time and is a certified Aperture trainer now. He knows the shortest way to a good introduction into the topic. He explains the solutions step by step following his guideline: from the practice for the practice. The author is a certified Aperture trainer. Target group: professional and hobby photographers Software Development with Cocoa A programming introduction for Mac OS X Author: Andreas Monitzer ISBN 978-3-8273-2847-2, approx. 400 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: November 2009 This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Cocoa. The common thread is the development of an online application, here a program for social networks (similar to Twitter or Flickr). Target group: Mac programmers Software Development Tools, development and processes Author: Werner Schäfer ISBN 978-3-8273-2851-9, approx. 300 pp., 1 CD, € 29.95 Pub date: November 2009 The book offers the quickest introductory route to the essential methods of modern software engineering. It is an introduction to some versatile methods and processes for everyday work. It depicts all the interconnections between the individual disci- plines of software development. In addition to this, it points to the new directions which agile, model-based software designs are taking. Subjects including architec- ture evaluation, company architecture, principles of software design and also con- cepts and technology from Middleware along with databases are all introduced. Learn Window Scripting From Windows Script Host and Visual Basic Script to Windows PowerShell Author: Holger Schwichtenberg ISBN 978-3-8273-2910-3, approx. 496 pp., € 29.80 Pub date: January 2010 This book will give administrators a well-grounded introduction to automated Windows administration with Windows Scripting Host 5.6, VBScript 5.6. and PowerShell 2.0. Following a clear teaching concept (learning target, example, con- trol questions, instruction and common errors) readers are introduced step by step to automating administrative tasks with Windows editions: from Windows NT up to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. 12
  13. 13. PHP 5.3 + MySQL 5.1 Introduction to dynamic website programming Author: Florence Maurice ISBN: 978-3-8273-2723-9, approx. 450 pp., € 19.95 Pub date: September 2009 This book introduces readers to modern PHP programming. After the basics such as strings, arrays, loops and conditions the author quickly moves on the profes- sional elements of PHP: coding standards, object orientation, error handling with try/catch and much more. Readers will also work with MySQL (especially with phpMyAdmin), process XML data, produce dynamic diagrams and use a template engine for more effective website development. PHP 5.3 + MySQL 5.4 Introduction, practical projects, reference Authors: Michael Kofler, Bernd Öggl ISBN: 978-3-8273-2876-2, 840 pp., 1 DVD, € 39.80 Pub date: September 2009 This is a completely revised new edition of our standard work. It has detailed in- stallation instructions (also under Windows 7), detailed information on MySQL 5.4 from the basics to tuning, with new Zend framework examples, a practical intro- duction into MVC and instructions on Web 2.0 programming with Xajax, jQuery and the Google Maps API. Learning by doing is made possible with this book and at the same time it is a profound source of recipes and programming elements for the readers’ own work. On the DVD: Virtual Appliance with applications and ex- amples as a complete pre-installed testing environment. Target group: intermediate programmers 13
  14. 14. Higher Ed Textbooks from Pearson Studium Biology Macchiato A cartoon course for high school and college students Authors: Norbert Hopf, Boris Krauß ISBN 978-3-8273-7315-1, 216 pp., € 16.95 Pub date: May 2009 Important topics and interrelations of biology are easily committed to memory when reading this humorous, cartoon-illustrated book. Biology Macchiato serves as a biological appetizer, increasing the reader's pleasure in the knowledge of life. The book also addresses those who take an interest and always wanted to know what biology is all about. Pupils and students now have the unique opportunity to update and rediscover their knowledge in an entertaining and amusing way. Computer Science Macchiato A cartoon course for high school and college students Authors: Johannes Magenheim, Thomas A. Müller ISBN 978-3-8273-7337-3, approx. 208 pp., € 16.95 Pub date: May 2009 This little cartoon book brings students closer to all areas of computing that are ever-present in their daily lives. Analogies from everyday-life and cartoons illus- trate basic concepts. The humour helps to overcome abstract hurdles. This approach imparts significant elements and special methods of IT, which are often required in school, further education or the professional world. Machine Elements 3 Tables and formulas Author: Berthold Schlecht ISBN 978-3-8273-7147-8, approx. 350 pp., € 24.95 Pub date: December 2009 Volume 3: This complete collection of tables and formulas takes into account all the machine elements dealt with in course books and lectures. It makes it easy to look things up and do calculations. Target group: students, engineers and design engineers Electrotechnical Tutorials Exercises to deepen understanding, task sheets, tests Author: Christian H. Kautz ISBN 978-3-8273-7323-6, approx. 208 pp., € 24.95 Pub date: December 2009 This book follows the pattern of Physics Tutorials by McDermott and Shaffer. The electrotechnical tutorials are the ideal complement to traditional methods of learn- ing by inspiring active confrontation with the subject matter. The book is best used in teacher-assisted class exercises. Each tutorial unit contains additional material expanding the topic. The book also contains task sheets, a preliminary test and rec- ommended test exercises in order to enable students to check their own progress. 14
  15. 15. Electrical Machines Construction, operation and operating performance Author: Wilfried Hofmann ISBN 978-3-8273-4009-1, approx. 560 pp., € 39.95 Pub date: Febraury 2010 This book lays the foundations for an understanding of modern electrical machines, in the same way as it is taught in bachelor courses in electrical engineering, me- chanical engineering and mechatronics at universities and technical colleges. The focus is on the construction, the physical mode of operation and the stationary op- erating performance of machines and this is extended by information about their design and manufacture. The illustrations and terms are based on the corresponding IEC norms. Media Informatics Construction, operation and operating performance Authors: Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka, Prof. Dr. Andreas Butz and Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hussmann ISBN 978-3-8273-7353-3, approx. 460 pp., € 29.95 Pub date: September 2009 This book illustrates digital media not only from the technical point of view but also shows the connections to the cognitive, psychological and social aspects. Along with the basic media types and their information and mathematical basic elements, the book also looks at media systems and the procedure for media engi- neering. The book is particularly suitable for students of media informatics, media design and related courses. The clear examples and the practice exercises provide readers with the perfect introduction to this important field of informatics. Basics of Procurement, Production and Logistics – Textbook Authors: Sebastian Kummer, Oskar Grün, Werner Jammernegg ISBN 978-3-8273-7351-9, approx. 360 pp., € 29.95 Pub date: May 2009 The successful introduction to the business areas of procurement, logistics and pro- duction is appropriately expanded in this 2nd edition by a detailed description of new models (from SCOR and lean management to Newboy and current transport models). In the context of business administration, individual areas are discussed from a functional and process-oriented viewpoint. Basics of Procurement, Production and Logistics – Workbook Mathematical and understanding exercises and solutions Authors: Sebastian Kummer, Oskar Grün, Werner Jammernegg ISBN 978-3-8273-7350-2, approx. 208 pp., € 19.95 Pub date: May 2009 An exercise-based preparation is indispensable for passing many tests in the area of economic sciences. This exercise book is based on the chapter structure of the text- book by the same authors. It contains numerous exercises: from mathematical exercises to specific application-related tasks, giving the learner a better under- standing of the subject matter. 15
  16. 16. For translation rights please address: Angelika Ritthaler, Foreign Rights Martin-Kollar-Str. 10-12 D-81829 München Phone: ++49-(0)89-46003-344 Fax: ++49-(0)89-46003-330 E-mail: Website: Cover photo: Michael Gradias ( 16