Tutor Earth Introduction


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Tutor Earth is a comprehensive online learning portal for students and professionals. For school students it offers online interactive classes for students

of classes 1 to XII of CBSE Board, Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board, and Tamil Nadu State Board. For College it offers online interactive classes in Career

planning & Professional Banking & flip certification courses

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Tutor Earth Introduction

  1. 1. Tutor Earth Innovative Way of Learning Making Difference Are you left behind ?
  2. 2. About Tutor Earth About Tutor Earth’s E-Learning and Live Learning enables student to connect with quality academic contents, animations, audio visuals and teachers to connect with students and teach synchronously, over the Internet. Mission To offer one of the best technologies for education, at affordable prices, with services built ground-up on teacher, student and parent feedback. Company Overview With global reach in most of the organizations, most of the teachers and more than a million learners world-wide, Tutor Earth, has been making rapid progress in the e-learning space with a view to make education available to all, challenging the time and distance barriers that stand in the way of parents with assisting true, quality learning. Tutor Earth’s web-based educational services enable students, parents, teachers, and tutors to connect, regardless of geographic locations, and create new learning opportunities beyond the conservative classroom. Description Tutor Earth Online E Learning Platform is an online academic information centre and meeting environment for teachers and students, where feasibility enables for delivering thousands of classes and pre-recorded information virtually. Tutor Earth is being searched by most of the people from all across globe for getting quality education online and enhancing their skills. The Tutor Earth Online Education platform is an intuitive online Web-Education Information Centre tool which replicates the skills in real time to the students with online. And it’s popular: in Western countries where every student is learning through internet for additional enhancing their skills and the other part of the world is also progressing to compete in global market.
  3. 3. Tutor Earth TM – Real Value Delivery System General Information Here are some of the Products and features: 1. Online Test Series Online test series helps students to take mock tests online to assess themselves before they actually appear for the exams. W e are also helping the students measure their performance with a highly skilled method of analyzing their performance, which will help them to improve their weak areas. The test series enables the students to know their strength and weakness in the subject and thereby prepare themselves better. TEST SERIES FOR CBSE CLASS 6 -12 NTSE MATHS OLYMPIAD TEST SERIES FOR CBSE CLASS 6 -12 Test series for CBSE class 6 -12 is a curriculum based test series that will help the students to face the exams without any fear. They can estimate their performance with the help of our mock test and face the exams more confidently. KEY FEATURES •Estimate your percentage in the exam with our Percentage Monitor. •Syllabus Meter will help the students what percentage of the syllabus has been covered •Online Doubt clearing sessions with experts in the respective fields. •Concept Bank helps the students with important concepts in each chapter for Mathematics and Science. •Question bank - 250 questions for each chapter. •Productivity Multiplier gives intelligent learning methods. •Unit Tests - 30 Unit Tests designed for the exam for assessment and Rank Prediction •Talent Exam Primer - 250 Question Bank for orientation to national talent examinations like NTSE, •Junior Math and Science Olympiads •Career Predictor and History of Knowledge - Know your career orientations, become more aware about yourself and also learn some very interesting things about science and great scientists •Comparison with Toppers, Your historical assessment - compare with toppers who have taken units tests, model tests and solved papers in this product, check your performance over time Class Subject 6–8 MATHS, SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCE 9 – 12 MATHS, SCIENCE
  4. 4. Tutor Earth TM – Real Value Delivery System 2.Digital Content Curriculum support programs from Class 1 to 12, we have the entire syllabus digitized and animated. We cover the CBSE, TamilNadu State & Matriculation, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra Boards of Education. Unique Features of School Programs •Each Subject is divided according to the mentioned unit numbers and chapters in the prescribed syllabus with complete ease of navigation. The virtual textbook, supported by animations explain the concepts along with worksheets and activities. •The Getsetgo page is a complete set of practice questions along with answers for the lesson. •Virtual labs present laboratory experiments through simulations and animations. •Pictorial representations of all concepts in Biology and Social Studies enhance the retention capacity of the student. •24 x 7 access to your own virtual classroom – Anytime, Anywhere •Interactive features such as chat, discussion forums, blogs etc provide the students a platform to interact with their peers from varied geographical locations •Personal Tutor - Unlimited access to clarify subject related queries, and this can be sent to the Personal Tutor round the clock, for which the students will receive a response within 24 hours. 3. Career Sure Test It is a Psychometric Test to map career preferences. This profiling will help students to choose from many options and decide their career path. Catering to the students of Class 9 and upwards, the Career Sure Test is developed by a team of psychologists who have expertise in the field of Educational and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Education and Career guidance. 4.Teaching BOT As the name suggests, it is a combination of the words “teaching” and “robot” and spells out a new acronym. Focusing on Maths from Class 3 – 8, TeachingBOT uses a novel and one-of-a-kind software that enables teaching that closely resembles a highly qualified human tutor. It has a built- in artificial intelligence technology, which enables students to interact with it in a completely personalized and a one-on-one fashion. 5.IITJEE Preparation (One and Two Year Program) We offer IIT JEE preparations as LIVE classes. Expert and Intensive coaching from faculties who are Ex- IITians, the programs are structured based on Exam years to give exclusive attention to Class X and Class XI students. Assuring you of our best services – Every Where Every Day Every Time.
  5. 5. Tutor Earth TM - Curriculum Focused Learning Content and Animation
  6. 6. Tutor Earth TM - Sample of Educational Content
  7. 7. Tutor Earth TM - Reachability more than 10 Million People through Social Media Math = Difficult + Boring We are here to change the Equation ! Rediscover Now !
  8. 8. Tutor Earth TM - Delivering the Virtual Online Educational Experience
  9. 9. Tutor Earth TM – Real Value Delivery System
  10. 10. Are you left behind ? How to Make Difference Tutor Earth Did you subscribed to Tutor Earth Products ? Subscribe Today You can drop us a mail at contact@tutorearth.com Visit our web site