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The Chariot CardThe number 7 on the card represents the 7 colours of the rainbow, this is a successful number andalso repr...
real love. This card shows a pronounced aesthetic and a very developed artistic sense. Her face isgentle and inclined at a...
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Tarot cards from jenna


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Tarot cards from jenna

  1. 1. The Chariot CardThe number 7 on the card represents the 7 colours of the rainbow, this is a successful number andalso represents material gain. This card is very revealing about your professional future Mak. Thenumber is odd not even and seems to associates action with triumph. The name of the Chariotindicates a physical vehicule and a movement, a direction which has been selected and taken. Thismarks the start of a move towards something different and new. The Chariot represents continuousmovement and a journey towards a new place and also suggests victory and success. The personwhich is shown on this card (this is an asexual being Mak and in fact represents you) wears agolden crown and this symbolises richness, power and triumph. This card shows pure success. Thepersons face is radiant and happy with himself and self-confident, this is one of the most fortunatecards of the whole Tarot deck. This figure is ardent and follows his burning ambitions with joy andI read clearly that a new challenge will soon be available to you Mak, through the notion of raceswhich does seem to be associated with this card. The driver does not seem to directly control hissteeds, he holds no reins yet the horses obey him and he seems to completely control his destiny andall the elements which are associated with this destiny. You will soon experience a similar feelingMak and it is important to note that this person has already triumphed and is at the very height ofhis success (in your case this success will occur professionally). We can also see that he is not reallyenclosed in his vehicule, the sides of his Chariot are open and the roof which protects him from theSun can be easily lifted to allow him to leave whenever he likes and in just the same way Mak, youwill not be constrained by your enterprises and you will be able to leave at which ever momentseems best to you. The Chariot announces the incessant activity which this card foresees. The figureis part of his activity and lives the moment with pure passion and joy yet he is in full control of thesituation, of its direction and of its events. The roof is light, it can easily be thrown off and theChariots sides offer no real boundary for the figure who incidentally seems to be passive andcontent however the Chariots furious movement means he has little time for reflection he mustsimply react and win. This is a very spontaneous card and reveals many important secrets. TheChariot also represents movement and travel and these journeys will be very obviously successfuland beneficial. Finally let me say that the horses are lifting their hooves as if they were trotting andeven though each horse appears to look take a different direction their eyes are fixed on the sameplace as the drivers as they race of the green grass which is a symbol of hope and fortune. The soilon this card is fertile and looks ready to offer ripe fruits, the card clearly promises satisfaction andriches. This is a very favourable card Mak.The Star CardThis is a very revealing card Mak quite simply because it reflects exactly what you are living at themoment and the relationship which is being created with the person you have in mind. This cardshows a woman kneeling down and turned three-quarters to the left. This woman has a jug in eachhand and is pouring water into a pond. Lets look at this in more detail. Firstly this card reminds usof a beautiful woman in love, a gentle and sensual woman. The number on the card perfectlysymbolises a solid and deep relationship because the number 17 indicates a full cycle and is theimprint of strong spirituality (10 plus 7). The 1 plus 0 plus 7 total 8 and this is not purely by chancebecause this figure is also the number of stars on the card: 8, a number which is also associated withinfinity. This card represents someone and announces the beginning of a new cycle and a verybeneficial period as far as your love life is concerned.The name of the star is a brightly shining point and clears the skies in much the same way as abright light descending from the heavens to clear away bad influences. This really is a card of helpand guidance. The position of the woman is an indication of her availability, she represents true and 1
  2. 2. real love. This card shows a pronounced aesthetic and a very developed artistic sense. Her face isgentle and inclined at an attractive angle and we can feel a great deal of peace and harmonyemanating from her. The womans mouth is very important here as it is perfectly placed along theintersection of the diagonal lines on the card. Her lips highlight her power of communication andinner truth, this is someone for whom the truth is very important indeed. The mouth is not just anorgan for eating, drinking and expressing oneself, it is also the passage for the precious breath oflife. The nudity of this woman evokes purity yet also sensual attraction. This card representsintimacy, sensuality, charm and attraction and I can see that there will soon be a powerful force ofattraction created between you and this person you have in mind. The jugs represent love, theygather up and share their contents with no hesitation. This is clearly a card about love andrelationships. There are 7 small stars which are in harmony with the 7 planets. The central star, justlike the North Star, is present to guide Man on his path and towards his Destiny. This is a verypositive card and the hope which it offers will help to change or create a new situation. I saw this inyour configuration and the card confirms everything I have discovered about you. The earth on thecard is yellow and concave which symbolises receptibility and deeply powerful interior emotions.The water here is the source of life, it stimulates the fertility of the soil which holds it and it seemsas the water will always pour, without end. Through this I read a strong sense of accomplishment,satisfaction and fulfilment. This card quite clearly indicates the possibility of a loving union withthis person you care so much about.The Strength CardThis card represents a very strong symbol. As a matter of fact this card marks the beginning of theTransit and of an extremely intense moment in your life. First of all, the number 11 on the cardevokes a new cycle, a new beginning through the first figure, the 1, through to the end of a cycle,the 10 and 11 is the sum of this new start and cycle, being 10 plus 1. The name of the Forcesignifies a great power, a desire to win and a great strength and identifies someone who is going toreach a new stage life. This card also brings notions of elevation and success. Look at the figure onthe card Mak because this figure is describing this Transit perfectly; the face is relaxed, he controlsthe animal easily and seems to be very sure of himself. He dominates the situation. This is a verysatisfying card Mak and it announces that the Transit I have spoken to you about on a number ofdifferent occasions will be a very intense and powerful moment in your life. 2
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