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Ideas for Resources from the Open Web


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Resources for students keen to embrace the Open Web of learning as preparation for university entrance

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Ideas for Resources from the Open Web

  1. 1. Geoff RileySummer 2011
  2. 2.   The web 2.0 is ◦  Entertainment ◦  Information ◦  Communication ◦  Commercial ◦  Social networks ◦  .................and ◦ LEARNING
  3. 3.   Open access to real-time data  Open source software & courseware  Open collaboration between students  Open collaboration between teachers
  4. 4. The Periodic Table of Videos is a collaboration between the University ofNottinghams School of Chemistry and video journalist Brady Haran
  5. 5.   Mobile  Participatory  Collaborative  Non-linear  New styles of assignments  Rewards risk-taking students and teachers  An open web for continuing professional enrichment
  6. 6. Geoff  Riley  FRSA     Twi8er:  Tutor2u_Econ