Go Online With Your Reading List!


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The Dalhousie Libraries are offering faculty a new service: an option to have links to licensed e-content added to your reading lists and uploaded to New OWL by Libraries’ Circulation staff, with copyright clearance obtained if necessary. These slides give detailed instructions!

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Go Online With Your Reading List!

  1. 1. Dalhousie Libraries eReserves Service Library Readings in New OWL 1
  2. 2. Course ReservesFaculty now have 3 choices for Reserve materials: NEW Option Upload a course reading list using an online Reserve form, and Library staff will: • add persistent URLs to electronic items subscribed to by the Dal Libraries • obtain copyright clearance for the scanning and posting of paper copies • add Reserve desk location notes to items available only in print • post the annotated reading list to your New OWL course space Traditional Options Complete the online or print form to have Library staff place materials on traditional Library Reserve in one of the four Dalhousie Libraries 2
  3. 3. How to Submit Course Reserve Requests 1. Go to the Course Reserves for Faculty webpage http://libraries.dal.ca/locations_services/services/reserve_faculty.html Click on the appropriate Reserve Materials Submission FormLibrary-specificReservematerialssubmissionforms 2. Drop off completed paper forms or lists at your preferred Library Circulation Desk. Paper lists will be treated as traditional Library Reserves and will NOT be uploaded to New OWL 3
  4. 4. Log in with your Net ID (email username) and Password 4
  5. 5. Then you’ll see…• Click “Continue” 5
  6. 6. Read the Library Reserves GuidelinesCheck/Edit your Personal Information 6
  7. 7. Options for Course Reserves• Select a Course or Create a New Course• Fill in the Course Name & Number for a New Course• Add the number of students and select the academic reserve term• Select how you want to submit your reading list Submit your reading list OR Fill in the form for traditional for uploading to New OWL in-Library Reserves 7
  8. 8. Traditional In-Library Reserves Option• Fill in the required fields for an item on your reading list, click Add Item, repeat process for each item• Click the Copyright statement box when finished adding items• Click Submit List• Logout 8
  9. 9. NEW OPTION: Upload Reading List for New OWL• Click on the copyright agreement• Upload your reading list, click Submit, receive confirmation 9
  10. 10. Library Processing of Uploaded Reading Lists  Circulation staff will ‘mark up’ your list, creating persistent links to electronic books and articles when possible  Material available in print will be scanned and PDFs placed in New OWL while copyright permission is sought  Books will be highlighted in blue with a note that they have been placed on in-Library ReserveItem sent to Intellectual PropertyAssistant for copyright clearanceLink to licensed Dalhousie Librarieselectronic article Book placed on in-Library ReserveLink to licensed Dal e-book 10
  11. 11. Reading Lists Uploaded to New OWLWhen reading lists and scanned PDFs are uploaded to New OWL, theywill be put in a staff-created READINGS section of the course space: …and will look like this: 11
  12. 12. Dalhousie Libraries can Provide URLs to these Types of Electronic Material:Licensed Materials: Electronic books and articlesavailable in databases purchased by the DalhousieLibraries, for use by Dalhousie students, faculty, andstaff. Persistent, proxied URLs will be provided tothis licensed material.Open/Free Web Links: Links to material availablefor free on the open Web.Electronic material for which copyright clearancehas been requested and/or obtained. 12
  13. 13. We Work with Paper as Well!→ Our Intellectual Property Assistant will seek copyright clearance for print material (articles, book chapters). These materials will be scanned and PDFs uploaded to New OWL.→ If copyright clearance cannot be obtained, the print material will be placed on Reserve at the appropriate Library, and instructors will be notified of the change.→ To allow for timely processing, please submit your reading lists at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of classes. 13
  14. 14. Contacts for More InformationKillam Memorial Kellogg Health Sexton Design & Library Sciences Library Technology Library Sandra Dwyer Mary MacDonald Amanda Sparks sandra.dwyer@dal.ca mary.macdonald@dal.ca amanda.sparks@dal.ca 494-2138 494-3895 494-6095 Jason MacDonald Dalhousie Libraries Intellectual Property Assistant jason.macdonald@dal.ca 494-3601 14