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Technical Opportunires tushar joshi


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Technical Opportunires tushar joshi

  1. 1. Technical Opportunities Tushar Joshi, Nagpur
  2. 2. Hey Java Developer What if someone gave you: Experience in large product development Experience in collaboration Experience in writing robust code All this and much more FREE
  3. 3. Mature Product What if someone gave you Opportunity to study a Mature Product Product which is successful and time tested Opportunity to study the source code of that product
  4. 4. Round Clock Support What if someone gave you: Opportunity to ask questions on that product while studying Support by receiving answers round the clock Help in studying through tons of documentation
  5. 5. Chance to experiment What if someone gave you: Chance to experiment on the same product - writing new features Chance to enhance the product Mention of your name in the contributors and credits of the product for your contributions
  6. 6. Review of Code What if someone gave you: Code reviews for your experimental code Expert opinion and suggestions on improving the features Support to package and deploy your new product
  7. 7. Are you ready What if someone gave you: Opportunity to get experience in software development Opportunity to work with more than 50 technology gurus Opportunity to become expert of a mature software framework
  8. 8. You know what? You already got these opportunities: 10 years mature product to study with source code Support forum for the product with help from experienced gurus Opportunity to use the framework to make new products
  9. 9. Ok, what it is? NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform Started in 1997 as a student project Marketed as commercial product from 1998 and acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2000 Open Sourced by Sun Microsystem now owned by Oracle Corporation
  10. 10. Is it really good platform/showcase.html Defense Aerospace Oil and Gas Services Geospatial applications and more.. check link..
  11. 11. Now you know.. Go download the source code Go join the mailing lists Go explore the show case of people using it Develop you own product using the framework to make sophisticated applications.