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Some Useful Flash API

  1. 1. Some Useful Flash APIGoogle MapThis API allows you to add interactive Google Map in your flash content. This API is not onlyalternative to JavaScript map API, but it also provides ability to mix flash content with GoogleMaps (like using MovieClips as marker).Documentation and download: APIThis API is useful to integrate YouTube content in flash unit. There are separate APIs for data,Player, Custom player, Widgets.Documentation and download: 3DPapervision is most popular open source realtime 3D engine for Flash.Download: is another open source 3D API for flash AS2, AS3.This 3D engine main features are : Viewing volume clipping for perfect interior scenes rendering Advanced shading effects such as (Phong, Gouraud, CelShading, flat shading). Material system to easily change your objects appearance. Several material are available allowing to create transparent faces, bitmap texture and video texture as webcam video stream. Flash player 7 to 10 compatibility. Complete set of parsers to handle various set of 3D formats (Collada, 3DS, ASE, MD2) Several 3D primitives, allowing fast and parameterized object creation without any 3D modelisation knowledge.Download:
  2. 2. Away3DAway3D is next generation realtime 3D engine for Flash. Away3D is very advanced and usesGPU rendering, Create stunning 3D environments with highly detailed texture, Animate andtransform all types of 3D objects, including 3D Text, Get the best performance from the FlashPlayer with proven Away3D optimization techniques, without compromising on visual appeal.Download: APIFacebook API for Flash, Flex and AIR. This is class library created by thatcommunicates with Facebook using the OpenGraph API.Download: Resource: APITweener class is useful for creating code based dynamic animations and transitions.Download: Tweening PlatformAmazing code based tweening platform for all. This is having various options like TweenNano,TweenLite, TweenMax which gives you ability to add amazing code based animation, filtereffects in your project.Most exciting part is interactive demos where you can set parameters and it will instantly givesyou code.This API is available in AS2 and AS3.Document, Downloads and Resources at APIBox2D is very popular physics engine for flash game developers. It’s useful to create Ragdolls,Compound Shapes, Joints, Continuous collision detection and many more features. This canactually add life to your flash project.Download:
  3. 3. Stardust Particle EngineStardust is wonderful particle engine for flash. It is useful for creating 2D and 3D particle effects.Some of my personal favorites are waypoints, exploding image and star fireworks.Download and Documentation: is a tool that lets you have good-looking and functional maps on your website. The tooluse Adobe Flash technology for a compelling online experience. You can display maps inany HTML page (web page), or inside another Flash movie. You can also use the maps inPowerPoint presentations.Download: APIGiggya is a perfect tool for sharing your flash content on social network like Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Google Buzz, Windows Live, opened etc.Gigya’s “wildfire in widget” lets you add sharing in flash AS2/AS3/Flex project. Here you canselect theme, choose network sites, customized height and width, show/hide bookmarks,show/hide email and customize many more features and after that all you have to do is copycode and paste is in your flash project. (you need to sign in to to dothis)Documentation: APIEver think of playing flash games with Wiimote? If yes, than this is the API for that. This consistof two parts WiiFlash Server (for getting input from Wiimote and send it to Flash and viceversa) and WiiFlash ActionScript API (for using Wiimote events in Flash)Download: is a AS3 version of ARToolKit, which is a software library for building AugmentedReality (AR) applications. FLARToolKit recognize the marker from input image and calculate itsorientation and position in 3D world.Download, Resource, Examples:
  4. 4. Player.IOPlayer.IO is a support tool service for multiplayer game, database service, connectivity forFacebook, solution for in-game payment. It supports AS3, .NET and Unity3D.It’s one stop solution for those who are looking for affordable multiplayer game serving.Download: platform is for single player as well as multiplayer. It’s having features like leaderboard, viral messaging, in-game money, banner ads, and lobby for multiplayer games.Download and Resources: