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Augmented Reality for OOH....


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Idea of how Augmented Reality can be used for OOH or outside marketing via billboards, kiosks etc..

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Augmented Reality for OOH....

  1. 1. Long way to go!!!Delhi to Noida
  2. 2. Fun begins now…Thanks to AR and OOH My long journey is nowenjoyable..The bus stop signanges are so interactive now.
  3. 3. Here comes my Bus!!!
  4. 4. Even the buses arenow so enjoyable, I can view so many information.
  5. 5. WOW Even thehand grabs are so entertaining… AR makes the Ads LIVE
  6. 6. Ahaaa!!! Thesehighway hoardings are so much entertaining now….. I just saw acomplete 3D video of my favorite car.
  7. 7. Waiting in traffic isno more a pain as Ican use the AR andBillboards and do lot of exciting stuffs
  8. 8. Even the medians Are worthentertainment and engagement!!!
  9. 9. Gr8 I got a freeburger just by viewing this cool Ads on mysmartphone. Its time for some breakfast
  10. 10. Its office time now!!!
  11. 11. It was fun coming to the office today lot of entertainment…Earlier it used to be so boring
  12. 12. I rememberseeing these Ads but thinking ofthe long journey kept me busy
  13. 13. The bus Ads werealso cool but that’sit…next thing I didwas board it for my long journey…
  14. 14. Never tried even looking at the busgrab…What use ???
  15. 15. I could only admire these large hoardingAds but now I can usethem. AR makes themmore informative and engaging
  16. 16. These Road Ads missedmy mind as I could notfind them of any use….
  17. 17. Ahaaa now I seehow AR and OOH together create MAGIC!!!