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MIS Question Bank 3 [2010-2011]


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The Question Bank of Management Information System subject of TEIT
(University of Pune)
Subject Teacher: Tushar B Kute

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MIS Question Bank 3 [2010-2011]

  1. 1. Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik Department of Information TechnologyClass: T.E.I.T. Academic Year: 2010-2011Subject: Management Information System Assignment Chapter 03 E-Commerce 1. What is electronic commerce? Explain various models used in e-commerce. Also explain various resources required for setting e-commerce firm. 10 2. What is customer relationship management? Explain various phases involved in CRM. 8 3. Write challenges and trends in customer relationship management. 10 4. Write short notes on- 8 a. Electronic Payment System. b. M-Commerce 5. Explain challenges faced by integrated e-commerce business in Indian environment. 8 6. Discuss the role of supply-chain management in any domain of your choice. 9 7. What is electronic commerce? “Most business should engage in electronic commerce on the internet”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your opinion. 8 8. List components of supply chain management and explain them briefly. 6 9. A business transaction is complete when the buyer makes payment against a purchase. Explain important payment collections processes in e-commerce. 8 10. Explain functions and outcomes of integrated e-commerce business. 8 11. Explain B2B e-commerce along with its architecture. 6 12. What is e-governance? What are the requirements of e-governance? How it can be implemented in India? 8 Mr. Tushar B. Kute (Subject Teacher)