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Sales promotion


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Sales promotion in mall

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Sales promotion

  1. 1. Presented by: Chetan Dole M1211 Mahesh Neelakantan M1226 Tushar Kharate M1254
  2. 2.  Sales promotion include several communication activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers , wholesalers, retailers or sales-force to stimulate immediate sales.  Sales promotion describes promotional methods using short-term techniques.
  3. 3.  Consumer Sales Promotion  Trade Sales Promotion  Sales-force Sales Promotion
  4. 4.  It is a marketing technique that is used to entice customers to purchase a product. The promotions typically last for a set period of time and are used to achieve a specific purpose, such as increasing market share or unveiling a new product  Objectives of Consumer Sales Promotion  Retain customer  Increase repurchase  Increase footfall
  5. 5.  A type of promotion related activity whereby a product and/or service is pushed through a marketing channel via the encouragement of those channel members to buy, as well as to promote the product and/or service to their own group of customers.  Objectives of Trade Sales Promotion  Buying more  Building relationship  Competition
  6. 6.  The schemes are intended to motivate sales people to put in more efforts to increase sales, increase distribution, promote new or seasonal products, sell more deals to resellers, book more orders, develop prospects lists and build up morale and enthusiasm.  Objectives of Sales-force Sales Promotion  Increase the level of motivation  Getting Market Information  Encourage selling of a new product
  7. 7.  A valuation approach where items are sometimes initially marked up artificially but are then offered for sale at what seems to be a reduced cost to the consumer.  For example, a retail store business might offer discount pricing on all of its apparel items for a limited time period in order to attract new customers and boost sales.
  8. 8.  Buy one, get one free", or "Buy one, get one" is a common form of sales promotion. While rarely presented to customers in acronym form, this marketing technique is universally known in the marketing industry by the acronyms BOGO and BOGOF and it is regarded as one of the most effective forms of special offers for goods
  9. 9.  Combo offer is an offer in which a product is combined with another product may or may not be in the same category and are sold in order to attract the customer.
  10. 10.  A straight discount off the list price on each case purchased during a stated time period.
  11. 11.  An allowance given to trade for arranging desired display and merchandising efforts.  To create enthusiasm in trade, increase store traffic and exposure at the point-of-purchase, encourage trade to promote company’s product, to gain more shelf space.
  12. 12.  Product demonstrations are arranged to increase awareness about new products, usage benefits and performance.  To convince customer, motivate dealers, build store-traffic, reinforce advertising and personal selling efforts.
  13. 13.  A product bundling strategy is a marketing approach where multiple products or components are packaged together into one bundled solution.
  14. 14.  Loyalty programs are structured marketin g efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behaviour – behaviour which is potentially beneficial to the firm.
  15. 15.  Private label is a Brand owned not by a manufacturer or  producer but by a retailer or supplier  who gets its goods made by a contract manufacturer under its own label.