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"Dreams are Goals with Deadline" working on the Philosophy help our clients give a monetary value & deadlines to their Dreams, Creating Budgets, Making Investment plans, Retirement Plans, taking care to Risk Management, Tax Planning & Estate planning.

Thus healping our clients to fulfil their Dreams.

Team Turtle

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  1. 1. Dreams of…..  A comfortable life for you & your family  With all the luxuries of life  In your own big house  A secure future for your children  Family vacations &  Comfortable retirement
  2. 2. But if you do not knowWhat, When, Where, How & How much
  3. 3. ThenYou are in big trouble because …………
  4. 4. Vague financial goals like these will take you no where
  5. 5. You need to haveSpecificTime Bound &Realistic Financial Goals
  6. 6. Because“Becoming Wealthy is not a matter of, How muchyou earn, Who your parents are, or What youdo, It is a matter of managing your moneyproperly” - Noel Whittaker
  7. 7. So, Are you ready for financial freedom??
  8. 8. Your shortcut to financial freedom passes through…..
  9. 9. We can help you in creating, protecting & investing your wealth
  10. 10. Plan your journey to financial freedom with us
  11. 11. With testedKnowledge,Experienceand
  12. 12. We can help you in …………….  Budgeting  Goals Planning  Risk Management  Income Tax Planning  Retirement Planning  Estate Planning
  13. 13. Don’t let the financial worries drain life out of your life
  14. 14. There are more precious things to treasure than money
  15. 15. So stop juggling bills, tax, property, money all your life
  16. 16. Do what you are good atLive Love Laugh
  17. 17. And leave your financial worries onto us because its what we are good handling at
  18. 18. “You have tobe smart. The easy days are over.” - Robert Kiyosaki
  19. 19. Smartest way to claim your financial freedom is through Turtle Financial For more information Visit us @ Contact us @ 9911094660, 9212312893 Write to us @
  20. 20. Thank You for taking the time to read thispresentation