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InnoTech: To Blog Or Not to Blog


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Published in: Technology
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InnoTech: To Blog Or Not to Blog

  1. 1. To blog or not to blog? Josh Bancroft, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Rick Turoczy
  2. 2. “Kinda blogging” is like being “kinda pregnant.” (Alternate title)
  3. 3. Josh Bancroft, Intel and @jabancroft
  4. 4. Marshall Kirkpatrick, RWW and @marshallk
  5. 5. Rick Turoczy, Silicon Florist and @turoczy
  6. 6. Tweeting? #emspdx We’ll keep an eye on Twitter throughout (Honestly, we can’t help it.)
  7. 7. Examples of successful blogs #emspdx
  8. 8. How to get the most out of corporate blogging #emspdx
  9. 9. Twitter and microblogging #emspdx
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. Links of interest @jabancroft @marshallk @turoczy