==== ====For Information on Nicotine Therapy Click Here::http://tiny.cc/fvyer==== ====A doctor once told a national TV pre...
mouth movement is performed during conscious hours. Therefore, folks having difficulty with boththe habit and the addictio...
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Quit Smoking With Nicotine Replacement Therapy


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Nicotine Therapy | Nicotine Replacement Therapy | Quit Smoking Now | As Seen on TV

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Quit Smoking With Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  1. 1. ==== ====For Information on Nicotine Therapy Click Here::http://tiny.cc/fvyer==== ====A doctor once told a national TV presenter that quitting smoking was probably more difficult thancoming off hard narcotics such as heroin or crack cocaine. As most of us smokers have neverbeen addicted to illegal drugs we probably cant comment on that with any real authority. Even so,those of us who have either quit or attempted to quit smoking in the past can agree that smokingcessation is certainly no walk in the park! But have the recent advancements in NicotineReplacement Therapy made stopping smoking any easier for quitters in the twenty-first century, oris it still the ordeal it always was?Those well meaning folks who have never been hooked on tobacco are quick to give out advicesuch as Why dont you just stop?, or Have you tried using a bit of willpower? and other suchhelpless remarks! Its probably fair to say that only a smoker can fully relate to the phenomenon ofcraving and the mental obsession that grows into the very fabric of a true nicotine addict. Ageneration or so ago, weaning off tobacco used to be limited to the cold turkey approach. Thisusually meant lots of nail biting and mood swings. Fortunately, todays quitters can have a mucheasier time of it all thanks to the various nicotine replacement aids available.How Does Nicotine Replacement Therapy Work?Before outlining the various nicotine replacement therapies, lets first take a look at why we needthem. The moment the body is deprived of nicotine there are certain side effects which occur to agreater or lesser degree, depending on the individual. These often include such things astetchiness, an inability to concentrate fully, anxiety, low energy levels, and in some cases, nausea.Its hardly surprising then that so many smokers prefer to hold onto their habit than give it up. Theseverity and length of these withdrawal symptoms depend on how long someone has smoked,and the quantities.Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) increases your chance of quitting smoking purely byremoving these physical cravings and unpleasant side effects which are otherwise endured by thecold turkey approach. Put simply, NRT gets controlled amounts of nicotine into the bloodstreamwithout the need to smoke. When the bodys not craving the drug, those uncomfortable sideeffects do not kick in. This in turn results in a much smoother weaning off the smoking of tobacco.Nicotine Replacement Therapy Options!There are numerous nicotine replacement therapy options available today both on the high streetand under prescription. All are pretty effective and what choice people opt for is down to personalpreference. Its worth pointing out though, that aside from being addictive, smoking is alsoextremely habit forming. If you could film yourself during the course or a single day, and then playthat movie back at fast speed, you would probably be amazed at how many times that hand to
  2. 2. mouth movement is performed during conscious hours. Therefore, folks having difficulty with boththe habit and the addiction often prefer to wean off using an inhaler.Inhalers are just one of a number of effective nicotine replacement therapies available. Otherproven products are nicotine gums, nicotine patches, various tablets or lozenges, and nownicotine nasal sprays, which are perhaps the strongest form of nicotine replacement therapyavailable to smokers. If in doubt, consult a medical professional who will surely help you to make amore informed decision.If its to be, its up to me!Perhaps the most crucial ingredient for successful smoking cessation is a positive and determinedattitude. Those people, who quit for someone else, i.e. nagging spouse, boss, workmate etc, standless chance of staying stopped. It is only when you yourself want to stop smoking more than youwant to continue, that you will kick the habit for life. Support from family and friends, and a goodstop smoking aid, are perhaps vital to your attempt, but all of this is pretty useless unless yourheart is in it. Remember to remind yourself of that age old saying; If its to be, its up to me! Goodluck!Find out how easy it is for smokers to Quit Smoking with Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Read thefacts on how it works and how long it takes before the physical craving has gone completely. Alsoincluded are some great Quitting Smoking Tips for Beginners for those desperate to kick the habit.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andy_Maingam==== ====For Information on Nicotine Therapy Click Here::http://tiny.cc/fvyer==== ====