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White paper my_trade SAP APP


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Migo Group has developed an up-to-date business solution for automation of work of sales
representatives. MY TRADE is a full-fledged mobile application covering the majority of possible needs
of sales agents that can arise during his work with clients and on the way

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White paper my_trade SAP APP

  1. 1. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationToday’s Distribution Challenges An agent being an intermediary between a supplier and a retail chain plays essential role indevelopment of a distribution network on wholesale market. The main goal of a sales representative isdoing everything required to increase the sales volume and turnover. - merchandise promotion in the area (itinerary) he is in charge of; - development of existing client base and addition of new retail units to it; - participation in receipt and processing of orders; - control of stock in trade, delivery status, terms and amounts of payments; - monitoring of layout of sales area; - reporting on situation at sales units and work performed. Sooner or later every company having a large distribution network comes across a problem ofpoor performance of sales representatives and significant decrease in effectiveness of distributionnetwork management. Mostly all the said differences are caused by the amounts of time wasted duringaccumulation, consolidation and transmission of information from the agent to company departmentsand difficulty of thorough control of sales representatives performance. At present the rapidly growingmarket of mobile devices provides multiple opportunities for maintaining constant online connectionbetween the agent and the company departments. However finding the most quick, simple andconvenient way to satisfy all the above mentioned needs still remains a problem. • poor performance of sales representatives The • significant decrease in problems: effectiveness of distribution network management. Page 1
  2. 2. White paper MY TRADE mobile application Migo Group has developed an up-to-date business solution for automation of work of salesrepresentatives. MY TRADE is a full-fledged mobile application covering the majority of possible needsof sales agents that can arise during his work with clients and on the way. MY TRADE mobile application provides the following possibilities: • structuring client base of any size; • consolidation of data obtained from sales units; • interactive itinerary planning; • sales planning and preparation of purchase orders; • monitoring of payment and delivery statuses; • stock taking; • collection and processing of merchandising information; • synchronization with the companys database. Page 2
  3. 3. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationUser Experience MY TRADE mobile application has a stylish design and simple convenient interface. Launchingthe application and work with it are possible both online (when connection to server is available) andoffline (after initial data synchronization). Upon logon the sales agent gets access to informationassigned to him only. Successful authentication opens the home menu containing 4 main sections: 1) The Clients section contains information on sales units grouped by their owners. By choosing any of the clients it is possible to view detailed information on it and the list of orders of all of its sales units indicating order initiation date, list of goods ordered and their prices, payment and delivery statuses. By tapping any of the sales units their contact info can be viewed and edited. Quick access icons are associated with the mobile device functions andallow to view map location, make a phone call, send text message or email and else. The Notes taballows to make comments on the sales unit and view notes previously taken. The Photo Gallery tab iswhere photo reports on the sales unit are stored and new photos with the integrated camera of themobile device are made. The Purchase Orders tab contains the active orders of the sales unit wheretheir statuses can be viewed. 2) Another key section of the application is Itinerary Assignments which consists of tosubsections: Interactive Itinerary List and Sales Unit Assignments. Interactive Itinerary List includes: - map visualization of itinerary displaying all of the sales units on the way; - arrangement and display of itinerary points based on their attendance status (grey – passed; orange – cancelled; red – in work; blue – to do); - quick access to information on sales units and associated clients; - revision of tasks to do upon visiting a sales unit; - information on previous visits to the sales unit and the outcomes. Upon cancellation of any visit it is possible to make notes of the reasons thereof to be used forpreparation of work reports later on. The relevant point of the itinerary will be therefore marked with aspecific color meaning cancellation. Page 3
  4. 4. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationSales Unit Assignments subsection contains comprehensive information on purchase orders and theirstatuses. The sales representative can prepare new purchase orders in this subsection. New purchaseorder preparation includes: - goods selection; - viewing of detailed information on the goods; - reservation of goods in warehouse when online. For items added to the purchase ordertheir characteristics and package dimensionsare displayed. Sales Unit Assignments subsection also includes the Balance tab where information on stock intrade for a sales unit can be obtained and information on merchandise facing (layout) can be collected. Apop-up window helps to input the following results of monitoring: total quantity of goods at sales unit,quantity of items on shelves, price according to price-list, measure. The last tab, Valuation, is the tab to be used when finishing work with the Sales Unit Assignmentssubsection. It stores merchandising information (behavior of salesmen, their familiarity with goods beingsold, their appearance and so on). A pop-up window helps quickly perform the relevant evaluation. 3) the third section, Messages, enables message exchange with the supervisor. The messagescontain information received from the supervisor who coordinates work of the sales representative. 4) the fourth main section, Event Log, allows to view information on the most significant eventsoccurring during work with the application as well as of synchronization errors. Quick access icon helpsconnect with IT department when needed. Page 4
  5. 5. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationArchitecture Overview The benefits of a mobile workplace are clear: faster business processes, closer connections withcustomers and back office, and more rapid decisions. In the application we tried to include all thebenefits one could get from his mobile device and seamless integration with it. Calendar, maps, camera,phone calls, SMS and email applications are all available from MY TRADE interface. But mobile application is only one side of a coin. One of the significant questions is how a mobileapplication would impact on the existing enterprise landscape. What are the additional costs andperformance issues? How to support the creation, flow, and delivery of data from a enterprise resourceplanning (ERP) system all the way out to the most remote mobile users? How to provide actual dataand minimize influence on the back office system? All these questions are very important and could distinguish between perfect and bad solutions. During application design phase we paid attention to the following objectives: Minimum extra workload on a back office system (ERP); Current data availability (real-time synchronization); Online and offline operating modes for mobile application; Minimum requirements for a data channel during work; Using only standard solutions. Getting all of them simultaneously is not easy. But any compromise could ruin the overall mobilesolution. To maximize the benefits of going mobile while managing cost and limiting risk we selectedSAP SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) for our solution. This leads us to enterprise quality mobileapplication with high level of security and load-balancing. Application specific Mobile Business Objects (MBO) were created on the SUP server. Cachedatabase on the SUP sever provides all necessary data for the mobile users. Information is selectedaccording to the linked customers and sales agent requirements. The standard synchronization protocolensures that only changed records are transferred to the mobile device. Local cache on a mobile devicemakes it possible to work offline. Page 5
  6. 6. White paper MY TRADE mobile application The most important challenging task was in ensuring that SUP server and SAP ERP server arecommunicate in the most effective way. To reach this goal an extension for SAP ERP system wasdeveloped. This extension consists of three modules: 1. Incoming data module; 2. Outgoing data module; 3. Delta-preparation module. Incoming data module is used during all data transfers initiated by SUP server. When any changesare committed on a mobile device they are send to the SUP server. SUP server forwards all thisinformation to the SAP ERP system where it is unpacked, translated to a corresponding ERP business-objects and required operations are performed. Incoming data module ensures that any MBO data isrecognized and operations are properly performed in the ERP system. In case of modifications oneneeded to extend only ERP system side (if mobile application interface remains the same). Outgoing data module ensures that any data intended for a SUP server is transferred andtransferred correctly. This module logs all requested data exchange and repeats it in case of networkfailures and so on. Delta-preparation module is the heart of a ERP part of the solution, because it is responsible forminimizing data traffic between ERP system and SUP server. Every time any changes are made in theERP system the extension check them and prepare the difference (delta) that is converted into the MBOstructures and pushed into the outgoing data module. The delta-preparation module is designed in theway that any additional business-objects and transformation rules could be easily added at a low cost. To prevent excessive network load during data transfers a DCN (Data Change Notification) cachetype was selected on the SUP server. This cache type requires that ERP system is in response that themost recent changes could be found in cache. Page 6
  7. 7. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationConclusion Mobility is more than just another trend. It is literally changing the way business is done. Theworld of enterprise mobility is here – now. The only question that remains is how your organization willdeal with it. Companies that adopt mobile device access to enterprise applications for their workforcecan improve employee productivity, increase managerial insight and support better decision-making bytheir executives. Mobility is about allowing users to act within a specific context. Automation of wide range of duties of a sales representative with the help of MY TRADE makes it possible to: - decrease amounts of time spent on updating information on sales units status to minimum possible; - speed up workflow and logistics; - plan and control work of a sales agent on the go; - increase the overall efficiency of distribution network management by accelerating the processes of analysis, decision making and work coordination of sales representatives. Page 7
  8. 8. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationAbout Us MIGO Group is a certified SAP Service Partner which assures the high quality level of ourservices. We keep close collaboration with SAP AG and SAP C.I.S. It helps us to keep up-to-date withthe key world innovations and methodologies. MIGO Group is SAP education partner providing highestlevel education services to SAP clients and partners. MIGO Group: • Offices in Moscow, Volgograd (Russia) and Dubai (UAE) • SAP practice of over 100 consultants • Expertise: SAP HCM, Maintenance, Business Objects, Mobility • Own Offshore Development Center (ABAP, Web Dynpro, etc.) • Development of mobile applications on the SUP (C++, C#, Java) We are experienced Every consultant in our team has completed a number of successful full-cycle projects in largeRussian and international companies. Our consultants are able to provide expertise at any stage of theproject either. We aspire on providing the state-of-the-art solutions to the client at a reasonable price. We are creative Our main competitive advantages are:  Usage of the foremost methods and techniques  Highly-professional team (project experience of our consultants is from 4 to 13 years)  Creative and innovative result oriented approach to work  Corporate culture based on ‘everything-is-possible’ principle  ‘Can-Do’ approach of each consultant  Constant professional development We are a team Our team creates our success and success brings rewards and acknowledgement. Page 8
  9. 9. White paper MY TRADE mobile applicationMIGO Group Major Customers and Project Experience PepsiCo Russia PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient snacks, foods and beverages. Services: Optimization Support Development Ministry of Defense of Russia One of the largest SAP HCM projects in the world (2.5 millions employees) Services: Design Implementation Data migration End users training Support Gazprom Group Corporate template for transportation business Services: Roll-out preparation Implementation Data migration Support Media Markt One of largest consumer electronics retail chains in the world based in Germany Services: Design Implementation Data migration End users training Support Deloitte Russia One of the Big Four professional services companies. Deloitte is the second largest professional services network in the world by revenue and has 182,000 employees in more than 150 countries. Services: Support Development Optimization Page 9