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What is link wheel

  1. 1. Link Wheel
  2. 2. IntroductionLink wheel is the process in which youbuild multiple links with websites thatbelong to your niche through blogs andweb pages. You need to use the blogs asyour mini websites and link building hubs
  3. 3. Index• What is Link wheel ?• Traditional Link Building V/S Link Wheel• Why we use Link wheel ?• Types of Link Wheel• What does A link wheel do?• How we create a Link Wheel• What do you put in Your Link Wheel?• How be promote Link Wheel• How Long Will It Take To See Results?
  4. 4. What is Link WheelLink wheel is the process in which you buildmultiple links with websites that belong to yourniche through blogs and web pages. You need touse the blogs as your mini websites and linkbuilding hubs. Link wheels are usually created of free web 2.0blogs with related content, and all the blogs areinterlink together, plus they all have links to “yourpage" which is the url you want to promote.
  5. 5. Traditional Link Building V/S Link WheelWhen building backlinks using traditional link buildingmethods, you just link back to your site from anyother site you can.But, link building with link wheel is different thantraditional link building, in a sense that you don’t justbuild links pointing only to your site, you also buildlinks pointing to other sites on which you have a linkpointing to your site
  6. 6. Why we Use Link Wheel• The major benefit is that you get a lot of traffic• You can effectively use the interlinked blogs to transfer the traffic volume from one blog to another• All your interlinks are backlinks to each other and hence, there is a lot of link building going on within the wheel with all your blogs and sites having a number of both incoming and outgoing backlinks.
  7. 7. What Does A Link Wheel Do• Link wheels involve using 5 or more unique web 2.0 sites with high page ranks and using those sites to create a backlink to your site.• The “spokes” of the link wheel include a link to another unique web 2.0 site which forms the wheel.• This will give your site authority and relevancy for the keyword term or phrase you are looking to rank high for in the search engine result pages.• The concept of this is to have a tightly focused group of unique web 2.0 sites with high page ranks all pointing to your site
  8. 8. How Be Create Link Wheel
  9. 9. How Be Create Link Wheel• You want to embed in your articles or in your content a few backlinks.• Your link should be an anchor text of the keyword phrase or term you want to rank high for in the search engines.• This link should be going back to your main hub page in the center of the link wheel.• The next backlink should be directed to your neighboring web 2.0 property that is part of your link wheel
  10. 10. Workflow of Link Wheel creation
  11. 11. Types of Link wheelLink Wheel are divided into Four Parts:• Closed Link Wheel• Open Link Wheels or Horseshoe• Random Link Wheel
  12. 12. Closed Link Wheel• Closed wheel" is where all spokes link to complete a full wheel (example a->b->c->d->e->f->a).• This makes the basic link wheel, but it leaves a "foot print" for search engines to follow since the link pattern is very linear and generally you don’t want search engines to clue into the fact they are being manipulated.
  13. 13. Horseshoe or Open Link Wheel B YOUR E SITE C D
  14. 14. Horseshoe or Open Link Wheel• Horseshoe" is where all sites link to each other but the pattern is not closed (example a->b->c->d->e, but there’s no link from e to a).• Though this may hide the foot print seen in the basic version it weakens the wheel because one of the spokes lacks back links.• open link wheels allow adding of new spokes long after the original link wheel is created, including adding spokes from property sites that may arise in the future.
  15. 15. Random Link WheelF YOUR SITED
  16. 16. Random Link Wheel• Random Link Wheel is where you have the spokes randomly linking to each other instead of using a linear pattern.• This completely hides any potential footprint and appears more natural.• It’s easier to achieve when more spokes are involved.
  17. 17. What Do You Put In Your Link Wheels?Unique content: Depending on the unique web 2.0 sites you useto build your link wheel you should focus on adding unique content
  18. 18. Unique keyword Term or PhraseInclude articles that are focused around one unique keyword term or phrase. The focus should be placed on giving authority to one keyword phrase at a time to promote high in the search engine result pages.
  19. 19. Video ContentPut video content, podcasts, images, etc to give it more value.
  20. 20. How to Promote Your Link WheelThrough RSS Feed : Capture all of the RSS feeds of your web 2.o sites. Mash your RSS feed into unique url and submit them to the rss directories.
  21. 21. How to Promote Your Link WheelThrough Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmark each of your web 2.0 properties and the main hub page of your link wheel. This is a service where others promote your social bookmarks in exchange for you promoting theirs. This service is great and it’s free!
  22. 22. How Long Will It Take To See Results?If you are diligent with adding content to your link wheel sitesand taking the necessary steps to follow through with thisstrategy, you can conservatively expect to see some goodresults in 60 to 90 days. That’s with taking massive action!
  23. 23. Some Useful Tips• Choose no. of spokes in the linkwheel.• Choose a four long tail keyword for the link wheel.• Choose major web2.0 properties. Do include hub pages, squidoo lens.• Get original copyscape passed articles. The article must be informative. Keep the only objective of the article as to provide good and correct information• Keep the keyword density not more than 2%• Keep the minimum words count as 500• Make it as a full time profile at all the 12 web2.0 properties. Do use your original photos. Do keep all the information correct.• Most of web 2.0 properties allow you to use pictures and videos to make your contribution well equipped. So do keep in mind to include other modules for each property.
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  25. 25. Ravi