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Showcase 153: Greg Sands "Speed of Service without Sacrificing Opportunities"


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“Speed of Service” is an essential concept in auto repair, but how do we implement it without missing opportunities to create new clients? Greg Sands, one of the biggest success stories in the industries explains this delicate balance in this special Showcase event!

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Showcase 153: Greg Sands "Speed of Service without Sacrificing Opportunities"

  1. 1. Showcase #153 Powered by Hosted by Gary Gunn, AAM Greg Sands Delivering Speed of Service without Sacrificing Opportunities
  2. 2. Showcase FOUR Core Concepts Budgeting for Profit Advertising Marketing Leadership Management Daily Operations
  3. 3. Showcase Engagement Opportunities  Live Three Day Events per year (Feb, June, Oct)  Six Week Auto Shop Bootcamps Online  Six Week Auto Staffing Process Intensives Online  Monday Auto Staffing Process Webinars  Tuesday Super Webinars (Four Core Rotation)  Massive Audio / Video / Document Libraries
  4. 4. Showcase 2014 Face-to-Face-Events Select Group Experience June 18 – 21 Missoula, MT October 22 – 25 Mount Vernon, WA
  5. 5. Live Action
  6. 6. Live Action
  7. 7. Showcase Greg: 1. Where did Speed of Service concept come from? 2. How did you test drive Speed of Service? 3. What can you expect when you launch this concept? 4. I have heard you say, “Speed Sells”…Why? 5. When you have a full shop…What now?
  8. 8. Showcase More Greg: 6. Do you take a technician off a paying job to perform Speed of Service? 7. What if we are blown out….Do we stop Speed of Service? 8. Technicians are going to LOVE this concept? 9. What are some examples of NOT executing Speed of Service? 10. The RO average is going to be very low?
  9. 9. Showcase More Greg: 11. I want to control car count Speed of Service will not work for me…What do say, Greg? 12. Too many cars---too fast---makes no money. 13. If I take all the cars in, I will disappoint my existing customers on jobs that are being worked on….Greg, what do you say to this? 14. Do you mean getting the car fixed fast? 15. How do we make money with this concept?
  10. 10. Showcase More Greg: 16. Okay at store level, in a perfect world, how will this work? 17. How do we capitalize not sacrifice the opportunities? 18.
  11. 11. Showcase
  12. 12. Showcase
  13. 13. Showcase