Showcase #143: The "IS" of Bootcamp - Repair Shop Owner Training


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Are you in need of repair shop owner training? Maybe you need to sign up for Bootcamp!

Is Bootcamp for you?
Is Bootcamp worth the money?
Is Bootcamp worth the time investment?
Is Bootcamp going to propel my business?
Is Bootcamp right for you?
Is Bootcamp transformative?
Is Bootcamp shareable?
Is Bootcamp guaranteed?

Come and find out if the “IS” of Bootcamp fits your needs! Special Bootcamp offers will apply for those who attend this LIVE Webinar. If you are on the Bootcamp Fence almost ready to jump in this Showcase is for you.

If you have NO clue if it’s for you – Come put your Boots on and find out!

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Showcase #143: The "IS" of Bootcamp - Repair Shop Owner Training

  1. 1. Showcase #143 Powered by Hosted by Gary Gunn, AAM & Robert Allen Bootcamp
  2. 2. Showcase Take Notes
  3. 3. Showcase Who are these guys?
  4. 4. Showcase Let’s peel back the onion!
  5. 5. Showcase To Denver, CO Oct, 2013 then Atlanta Feb, 2014 Select Group Experience Limited Seating Three full days of over the top Automotive Leadership and Management Training Thursday – People & Staff Business Operations with Breakout Sessions Friday – Live shop tour and critique Saturday – Special Guest Richard Flint ½ day
  6. 6. Live Action
  7. 7. Live Action
  8. 8. Showcase What shop owners are saying? Let’s hear from a few Nothing staged No one paid
  9. 9. Showcase ASK: When you join the army….Where do they send you first? Share responses
  10. 10. Showcase TAT Bootcamp Six Weeks 105 minutes per session 5-7 hours per week homework 3PM CST on Tuesdays Starting Oct. 29th 30 Attendees Maximum
  11. 11. Showcase Who should come? Business Owners Managers Service Advisors Office Staff
  12. 12. Showcase “WIIFM” Review the Agenda Spreadsheet Review the Facilitator Manual
  13. 13. Showcase Bootcamp is designed to do THREE things 1. To get a new client on the Fast-Boot 2. To push the restart button 3. To get your staff members onboard
  14. 14. Showcase Bootcamp 6 Sessions starts October 29th …….Yes / No Today….credit card number, exp. date and code and signature. $ 1997.00 Onetime through ticket, additional would only be $500.00 up three times the same attendee. 60 days of library access after your Bootcamp
  15. 15. Showcase Sign up today and receive a FREE ticket to our Select Group Experience in Atlanta, GA in February 20 – 22, 2014 value $899.00 PLUS all group meals included $250 value. PLUS $100.00 travel cash. PLUS a VIP meal with one of our select speakers! PLUS One 30 minute strategy session with Gary Gunn.
  16. 16. Showcase Today’s Showcase Attendees Special Pricing $1997.00 Regular Price (- $500.00) $1497.00 Showcase Special Raise your hand YES
  17. 17. Showcase I’m so confident in this Bootcamp that I personally guarantee if you attend all of our six week program, participate in the trainings and group calls, and work through the materials provided, that in 6 months you'll see, either a 50% increase in car counts, or a 50% reduction in staff turnover or a 50% increase in profit.
  18. 18. Showcase
  19. 19. Showcase