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Exporter fresh meat and frozen meat to the world111


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Exporter fresh meat and frozen meat to the world111

  1. 1. MEAT EXPORTER PRODUCERWe are a big producting and ensuring Company forthe high quality meat and strategic pricings in all of the worldwide for our exclusive Clients Since 2003
  2. 2. WHOLE SALE MEAT TOPTAN ET En Kaliteli ve Ucuz Eti biz Sağlıyoruz FRESH AND FROZEN BEEFSTURKEY AND CHICKEN EXPORTINGBeef,mutton Lamb ,goat meat, Buffalo meat ,Chicken and Turkey
  3. 3. 18 & 25 Kgİn PackagesBeefs,LambMuttonBuffalo MeatGoat MeatFrozen
  4. 4. 10/15 Kg in Packages Chicken,Turkey FrozenWe can offer you, the griller chicken, frozen, by container of 25 ton each, weight class 900-1500 gram, based on minimum order of1000 MT /monthly, based on 1 year contract , delivered Alexandria C&F 1575,-- MT Country of origin Russia and Turkey.
  5. 5. MEAT & LIVESTOCK EXPORTING TO THE WORLDOur Carcass Beef quotations now for Iraq and Lebanon to Delivery portCarcass mutton meat orders must me minimum 300 ton= 5500 USD per ton15-25 kg packetages weightFresh and Frozen Beef,Lamb ,Mutton meat,Bufallo Meat Carcass meat Frozeen Chicken ,Turkey and the other poultryPrices in usd. per kg net weight, mentioned parityPrices and quantities strictly subject to final confirmationGoods subject unsold meanwhilePre-Payment prior loadingWe can also arrange the transport for you.Pls. let us know the exact destination.For other items - not shown in this list - pls. contact usMeat Exporter Worldwide Turkont is your proven partner in supplying the world with frozen meatsfrom North, South America,Australia.We are a multi sourcing commodities company with producer facilities and strategic partnerships in South ,North America. AndAustralia With our wealth of experience we can help you to feel at ease in the world of international meat supply and trading. Ourspecialized business expertise is in directly exporting meat and poultry products from our South American producer partners to ourclients throughout the world. We also maintain and trade our inventory of meat and poultry from North ,South America andAustraliaLIVESTOCK AND LIVE SHEEP EXPORTINGHİGH QUALITY LIVESTOCK RACESQUOTATIONS OF BREEDING CALVESWeights 220/260 KG BESILIK DANA FIYATLARI
  6. 6. MEKSIKA VE AVUSTRALYADAN BESILIK DANA/BUZAGILAR VE FIYAT LISTESI. BREEDING CALVES FROM MEXICO AND AUSTRALIAMexica 6000 head 3000head 1500head 700head Head Baş/sayıBulls QUANTITYLimousine Breeding 4,45 4,70 4,90 5.10 DELIVERY Simental Calves kg/$ kg/$ kg/$ CIF BASE ve Kg kg/$ melezleri 230/280 X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL Charolai
  7. 7. Australia 6000 Head 3000 head 1500 Head 750 Head Bas/Sayı HEAD Calve QUANTITY Bulls SimmentalBreeding KG/4,70$ KG/5,10 $ KG/5,30$ KG/ 5,50$ Limousine Charolai Calves AUS230/280 AUS AUS Simental ve Kg AUS melezleri X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL X 4 VESSEL DELIVERY CIF BASE Uluslar arası Besi Danası Buzağı Satışlarımız Kısa bir süre için Kampanyalı fiatlarımızla Türkiye Izmir,Istanbul,Mersin CIF Teslim en uygun fiyatlarla devam etmektedir.
  8. 8. BIRINCI SINIF ORJINAL SAF IRK GEBE DUVE SATISLARIMIZ ICIN BIZI ARAYINIZDisi düve yüklü Hollanda dan HOLSTEIN Minimum 100 adet (7000kg 8500 süt kg) = 2175 EURO IST TESLIM( 9000kg-1100kg süt produktion) 2275 EURO IST TESLIM.150 adet Düve alimlarinda alici icin Hollanda daki bankamizdan 6 ay kredili yapabiliriz bu yazdigim fiyatlara 90 EURO faizgideri eklenecektir. Pesinat olarak adet basina 50 EURO pesinat ödenecektir.6 ay baska ödeme yapmayacaktir.Meksika dan ve Avustralyadan Tamami avrupa irklari ve melezleri kisirlastirilmamis(Charolai,Limousine,Simental ve melezleri) Türkiye ye teslim kilolari 240-260 kg arasi 1 GEMI13630 adet 2 gemi icin fiyatlarimiz sabittir. 7/24 IN ORDER TOLL FREE OR EMAIL TO US INTERNATİONAL LIVESOCK AND MEAT EXPORTING TURKONT LTD. PH:902165673228 905675536 FX:902165675536