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Meat exporting the prıce list (1)77


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Meat exporting the prıce list (1)77

  1. 1. Worldwide MEAT & LIVESTOCKProducer / IMPORT EXPORT TRANSPORT The Big Quantity Meat and Chicken Europe , South-America and Australia frozen meat and poultry exporterQUOTATION for some places MEAT LIST TABLE Products Packages Exporting Country Head /Kg/ton Quantity Frozen 18/25 Kg Lamb meat Delivery CIF Order Only for Mutton big quantity Frozen Beef Port/Places Min.300 ton up Chicken to 3500 tons Turkey Since 1992Mutton 15/25 Kg 18/25 kg Beef BeefmeatCarcass Lamb Mutton Lamb Beef Lamb Beef CarcassMutton Meat 25/30 Kg Frozen Bone Meat Beef Meat Lamb Meat
  2. 2. Lamb & Mutton wide variety of quality meats Goats Bred as a meat animal the best High QualityMexica and Australia Beefs Bufallo Meat MEAT PRODUCTS QUOTATION FOR SOME PLACEFrozen Beef 25/30 Kg in packes for Turkiye ORDERS quantity between 3000/3500 tons or MoreBeef Delivery CIF Ton/4500 usd Mersin Izmir or AntalyaFor Lebanon min 500 tons or more Frozen Beef delivery CIF Base ton/5500 usdFrozen Mutton Meat For Iraq min 300 tons CIF base ton/5500 usdLamb Meat frozen for Basra /Akabe 10/18 Kg in packages min. 500 tons or moreCIF Base ton/6750 usd.Ask our the best quotations For the Other CountriesLamb ,Mutton,Beef,goat meat,Bufallo meat,chicken and turkey maets All products have Halal and Hygiene Certificated by authorities Our Various Meat export organizations supplying Halal beef and chicken from Brazil ,Colombia,Mexica,Australiaand the United States. We offer Halal food products, which abide by Islamic law. Halal food is the fastest growingfood sector in the world. It already accounts for 15 percent of the global food market, according to the World Halal Forum. In 2010, halal food is expected to generate sales of more than 100 billion euros in Europe alone.
  3. 3. Procurement, shipping and logistics are coordinated from our offices in the Turkiye and Europe. Sales andDistribution activity is managed in our offices and cold storage warehousesWe are very close relationships in our exclusive customers that allow us direct access to supply markets(producers, frigorificos and shipping companies worldwide), a quality multilingual staff, and a thorough knowledgeand a wealth of experience in the global meat and poultry sector. We can help you to feel at ease in the world ofinternational meat supply and trading.We have also big quantity Livestock and Live sheeps exporting to all of the world with our the best quotations andAll the Shipping facilities THE HIGH QUALITY CHICKEN & MEAT FROZENThe big quantity Frozen Meats can be ordered for one or two years contract with the sameprice We have many Customers fromTunus,Libia, Europe ,Egypt, Iraq , Lebanon ,Iran,Turkiye,,Russia,Saudi arabia,Kuweyt,Bahreyn,pakistan and the others .For the Carcass Mutton meat and lamb Meat The quantity might be minimum 300 ton Ton/5500USD pro ton priceCarcass to Irak and Lebanon 10 /18 kg lamb meat Delivery to BASRA and AGABA Port for theother country can get our the best quotations for minimum 500 ton 85% male 15 % FEMALETurkont Worldwide Global Meat & Poultry Exports Global Meat & Poultry Exports Available from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay,Mexica,Australia turkiye and Europe beef
  4. 4. FROZEN CHICKEN AND TURKEY EXPORTING TO ALL OF THE WORLD Praducts Poultry Packages 15/25 Kg Chicken Meat Turkey Delivery CIF i Products: Chickens Country of origin Russia and TurkeyWe can offer you, the griller chicken, frozen, by container of 25 ton each,weight class 900-1500 gram,based on minimum order of 1000 MT /monthly,based on 1 year contract , delivered C&F 1575,-USD- MT Tunus,Libia,Egypt,LebanonHalal Chicken is imported from Brazil.Turkey,Russia It is a first high quality Halal Chicken. Both tasteand value our customers gain from Halal Frozen Chicken. As other frozen products, our facilitieskeepsthem in temperature and pressure that maintains them fresh and tastytake our best price offers for the other countries LIVESTOCK and LIVE SHEEP SUPPLING EXPORTING
  5. 5. TO ALL OF THE WORLD Located in northwestern of Europe and Turkiye close to every where firstly sea ports, our company with over 100.000 MT deliveries per year and the big incomes with export is one of the major European meat supplier. Our company is basically specialized in the meat products trade: poultry, beef, , mutton, , and other meat processed products. And Livestock too We seek for the best offers in Europe , Americas and Arabian Countries trough our professionalnetwork. We can supply worldwide with competitive prices any kinds of meat quantities from France, Europe, Argentina, Brazil,Mexica,Australia and the other guaranteed origins including Halal and Kosher certified products. we provides a big range of Livestock and Live sheeps,goats with our the best possibilities , right for and fast transporting soluations. Only necessaraly to get our the best offer for what you needsWe are specialized for exports our high quality products towards Asia ,Middle east, Europe ,Africian customers.Dont hesitate to contact toll or email orders to us Halal Meat International Turkont Ltd Türkiye Branch Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Caddesi 174/3 GoztepePhone: +90 2 16 5674420Fax: +902165675536Mobile: +905327653318Email: