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WE SERVE below the line by NestNet


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başta EMT olmak üzere MiliMetre, NestNet, Associated Editors, Sanal Haber Merkezi, STH ve diğer bağlı girişimler biraraya getiren yapı; "below the line" denildiğinde kusursuz çözüm sunan servis istasyonu...

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WE SERVE below the line by NestNet

  1. 1. WE SERVE WORLDWIDE Hakan TürkkuşuWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  3. 3. ©LEGAL NOTICEAll rights of the ideas, concepts, texts, instructions, intellectual properties, specific solutions, digital assets, material designs and all of therelevant services reserved and protected by international laws. NestNet, companies and various entities, includes the Associated Editors,EMT, MiliMetre, STH, Virtual NewsDesk and others may have patent or pending applications for the trademark, service mark, copyrightsand/or other intellectual property’s rights covering subject matter in this presentation.The client’s name and logo mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  4. 4. Content 3.1 e-PR / NewsDesk 1.0 Introduction 3.2 AMCA analysis2.0 Corridors 3.3 Associated Editors 2.1. Media 3.4 Content Provider 2.2. Business 3.5 Channel Program 2.3. Community 3.6 Meeting wizards3.0 Solutions 3.7 Survey & Research4.0 Companies 3.8 Incentive RAIDs5.0 Networks 3.9 Destination Management6.0 Coaches 3.10 Magic journeys7.0 Summary 3.11 Exlusive flights8.0 Q&A 3.12 Drives, road shows 3.13 Massive eventsWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  5. 5. IntroductionNestNet is a group of companies which covers the media and public relations even the project and event management...NestNet offices and liaisons establish in New York in US, Mannheim in Germany, Athens in Greece and İstanbul in hometown...NestNet headcount is in these countries... Boring, isn’t it?WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  6. 6. Corridors thru... MEDIA BUSINESS COMMUNITYNews, release, photos, Wholesalers, dealers, Internal and externalVNR, journalist, daily, discount, rebate, fund, relations, corporateeditor, periodicals, tv, incentives, motivation, communication, familyradio, press meetings, advertisement, clients, reunion, sponsorship,media launches, tests, end-users, promotions, spokesperson, humanexclusives, interviews, call-center, exhibition, resources, publication,clipping, monitoring, fair, market research, charity, share holders,coverage, columnists, surveys, competitors, investors, brand value,printed material, etc... analysis, product line, team leader, cultural adjustments, etc... difference, non-profits, government, etc...WE SERVEWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  7. 7. Media leverage... NEXT GENERATION COMMUNICATION STRATEGY - connectivity, - knowledge-sharing, - embracing new technologies, - aligning communication excellence, - implementing and integrating new media...WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  8. 8. Business update... MONITORING CUSTOMERS AND COMPETITORS - e-biz / e-future, - business intelligence, - collaborative environment, - channel programs development, - CRM (Client Relations Management)WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  9. 9. Community control... CREATING A ONE COMPANY CULTURE - networking, - human capital, - corporate extranets, - on-line partnership value, - intranet / content managementWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  10. 10. Solutions... NestNet is an entity which is dedicated to the planning and operations of marketing and communications services including the perception management by accessing media and related networks...Coaches of NestNet understand that any model of human resources can ever be completed, realize the importance and effectiveness of self-motivation. We are experienced but need more, well-trained but running for upgrades, self-sufficient and also looking up for the new challenges...Please enter for splitting the blend of ideas within NestNet and enjoy the inspirational management skills, innovative operations and the uniqueness with e-future technologies...WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  11. 11. Virtual NewsDesk... MEDIA RELATIONSA brand new concept and 7/24 service will open your gates to the e-future on media relations.An opportunity for a better and faster media communication by saving time and human capital.An essential tool for specialists, who work for public relations MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT and corporate communication as well as PR agencies. (Some releases issued in English) COMPLETE PRESENTATION Please call or contact CoachWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  12. 12. AMCA™ ADVANCED MEDIA COVERAGE ANALYSIS ™AMCA™ is designed and developed to provide a fully integrated system for analyzing and measuring the content of the news, reach and effect of media coverage on a defined or targeted audience.A method of assessing quality and quantity of news-based media coverage as well as the results and justifications of any business MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT activities.™ sets standards to evaluate the fulfillment (All reports issued in English) COMPLETE PRESENTATION of the objectives by utilizing the updated data. Please call or contact CoachWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  13. 13. Associated Editors CORPORATE’s PR AGENCY- PORTALAssociated Editors are highly talented individuals from journalism, marketing, design, and similar industries also fully equipped with management skills and technical background...Associated Editors are specialized on planning project basis/annual pr plan, building brand perception and crisis communication...Associated Editors are very keen on to develop innovative projects and online/offline media tools such as Virtual NewsDesk with the MultiMedia Release and Digital NewsLetter, MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT MediaPack +Pro, on-site/in-studio Virtual TV, AMCA™and etc... HOW TO BUY GUIDANCE Please call or contact CoachWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  14. 14. Content Providing INTERNET, EXTRANET, INTRANETCustomizing multi-tasks by utilizing e-environment - Adoption of the existing content, - New content development, - Multimedia functions, - Lay-out leverage, - Connectivity, International Association of Lions Club - Interactive... District 118-T Formula 1 Com.Pac.T Com Pac Communication Package in TurkishWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  15. 15. Channel Program/s CLIENT RELATIONS MANAGEMENT OEM/chains products market end-user/s penetration VAR/dealers servicesEvery professional in business life aware this MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT workflow chart does not run properly cause Joint operation with of hidden details... TERMS & CONDITIONS Please call or contact CoachWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  16. 16. Meeting Wizard SIZE MATTERS!Always requires certified experts to handle... - virtual support pack, - recce & venue hunting, - destination management, - hospitality, food & beverage, - edutainment, mentor activities, - high impact during the meeting. MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT TERMS & CONDITIONS Please call or contact CoachWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  17. 17. Survey & Research STRATEGIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEZeugma site preservation is one of the most important archeological project... allows to cross fertilization! The memorabilia book published and sponsored by Tofaş-Fiat, A strategic communication plan designed by Bersay, Sponsorship campaign based on the multi-task survey managed by EMT, HP donation was announced!WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  18. 18. Incentive RAID/s RAPID ACTION 2/4 INTERNATIONAL DISCOVERIESPre-planned manner indoor/outdoor SAS (surface/air/sea) activities, with a talent concierge (concert/game/show) are fare enough to make your people... Dealers, staff, teams, clients and journalist ...motivate in 48 hours! RAID İstanbulWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  19. 19. Destination Management TÜRSAB CERTIFIED (A-5608) TRAVEL AGENCYSTH - ST Hospitality provides all you need to travel; - Flights - Cruises - Hotels - Car rental - Limo service - Visa MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT - Guide/s www.sth-travel.comPlease remain seated for the entire discovery... ST Hospitality is qualified & certified travel agent, regarding to Law 1618... TÜRSAB # A-5608WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  20. 20. Magic journeys...  ALL AROUND THE WORLD!Exclusive travel services and cruise/s with Royal Caribbean Int’l, MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT Celebrity Cruise, Disney, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Oceania, Cunard, MindStar, ST Hospitality is qualified & certified travel agent, regarding to Law 1618... Norvegian Cruise Line, Monarch, MSC, etc... TÜRSAB # A-5608WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  21. 21. Exclusive flights...  SKY IS YOUR LIMIT!ELEGANT JETS - Private Jet Charter Broker / General Service & Sales Agency: MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT Challenger, Citation, Falcon, Global, Gulfstream, Hawker, Lear, Legacy Shuttle, ST Hospitality is qualified & certified travel agent, regarding to Law 1618... Piaggio, Premier, Sino Swearingen, etc... TÜRSAB # A-5608WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  22. 22. Drive/s & Road Show/s LOCAL, UNLIMITED, INTERACTIVE, EFFECTIVE... - Where ever - Mobile concepts - Jean Karavan - When ever - Multitask unit/s (Levi’s & Orkar) - Who ever - Indoor/Outdoor - NT Solutions Tour - What ever - Promotion/Training (HP & Oracle)WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  23. 23. Massive Events CHALLANGE... MASS GATHERING... OUTDOOR... Camel Trophy was an ultimate adventure classic for the both candidates and staff. White Water Challenge was held in Koksu River, near Chinese border and the first National Kazakh Rafting Team selected... Woodstock celebrated 30th anniversary in Griffis Park, Rome, NY and almost 270K concert goers participated to this event.WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  24. 24. Massive Events CONCERTS... FESTIVALS... SPECIAL PROJECTS... Rock’n Coke a leading festival event was held in 2003 and 2004... Hezarfen Airbase site management and all operation conducted by the experienced EMT crew...WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  25. 25. Massive Events COMPETITIONS... CONTESTS... CREATIVITY... Turkish Off-Road Championship and also Castrol Racing Team pilots & co-pilots powered by EMT between 2001-2005ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) 2004 was a first ‘two level’ song contest in the history of EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and succeded by TRT’s show production contractor EMT...WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  26. 26. Massive Events ARE... YOU... READY? You never find such a recreational area in the forest - Festivals, concerts, music events - Competitions, outdoor activities - Picnics, family unions, weddings, etc... All you need is READY in the squirrel’s place;WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  27. 27. Companies...LOCATIONS:İstanbul New York Mannheim AthensLOGOS & MOTTOS:Experienced Coaches Unlimited SoftwareWorldwide Destination Management Solutions TÜRSAB A-5608You dream, we achieve! Virtual NewsDesk / E-PR Editorial WorkshopWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  28. 28. Network/sEMPOWERED KNOWLEDGE-SHARING Premier resources are always pioneer for NestNet enterprises! AMEC Association of Media Evaluation Companies IAAPA International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions IABC International Association of Business Communicators IPMA International Project Management Association ISES International Special Event Society ISMP International Society of Meeting Planners TEA Themed Entertainment AssociationWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  29. 29. CoachesHUMAN CAPITALNestNet invests for the coaches who are the backbone of the entities and utilizes his/her personal capabilities to make the difference.A NestNet Coach is... - excellent communicator, - innovative thinker, - problem-solver, - self-motivated, - high-talented, - fully flexible.WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  30. 30. SummaryE-FUTURE vision of NestNet is ready to improve your business by re-engineering well-known marketing and communication methods.EFFICIENCY is the ultimate tool for binding the basics and quality, or splitting idea harvest in NestNet style.PAY PER SERVICE opens the gate thru the money-value concept; “buy whenever you need, pay whatever you get...”WE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet
  31. 31. AMCA™ AMEC Associated Editors Channel Program Coach to distribute! DeM™ bulletin, ready DeM™ I have a news E-Desk EMTWE SERVE WORLDWIDE EMT Logistics Event+ Concept IAAPA IABC Incentive RAIDs IPMA Plan ISES ISMP GUIDE: How to buy? Key-Pad Systems Matris MediaPack +Pro Meeting wizard MiliMetre MiliMetre 24 hours NestNet Proses Road Show STH Survey1987-2011 © TEA Virtual Club Virtual NewsDesk Virtual NewsDesk Report Virtual TV NestNet 
  32. 32. AMCA™ AMEC Associated Editors Associated Editors Channel Program Coach communicate! but need to I don’t have, DeM™ E-Desk EMTWE SERVE WORLDWIDE EMT Logistics Event+ Concept IAAPA Edit IABC IABC Incentive RAIDs IPMA ISES ISMP Plan GUIDE: How to buy? Key-Pad Systems Matris Matris MediaPack +Pro Meeting wizard MiliMetre MiliMetre 24 hours NestNet Proses Road Show STH Survey1987-2011 © TEA Virtual Club Virtual NewsDesk Virtual NewsDesk Report Virtual TV NestNet 
  33. 33. AMCA™ AMCA™ Annual AMEC AMEC Associated Editors Associated Editors Channel Programs Coach Coach Well... project basis? DeM™ DeM™ i-Desk How it works on E-Desk EMT EMTWE SERVE WORLDWIDE Event Logistics Event + Concept IAAPA IABC IABC Annual Brief Incentive RAIDs Incentive RAIDs IPMA ISES ISES ISMP ISMP Interactive 3rd parties Plan GUIDE: How to buy? Key-Pad System Matris Matris MediaPack +Pro MediaPack +Pro Meeting wizard Meeting wizard MiliMetre MiliMetre NestNet NestNet Operation Road Show STH STH Survey1987-2011 © TEA Virtual Club Virtual Club Virtual NewsDesk Virtual NewsDesk Report Virtual TV Virtual TVc NestNet 
  34. 34. Contact PLEASE dont hesitate to CALL or WRITE or SEND message at any time Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, TEM Avrupa, 8/10 GOP 34255 İstanbul (Head Quarter) Yıldızposta Caddesi, 13/3 Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş 34349 İstanbul (Travel Services)  newsdesk@ info info +9 0212 609 63 51  +9 0212 263 71 74 pbx +9 0212 347 45 59 +9 0212 263 71 40 pbx +9 0212 347 45 56 pbx  41°0882,55" K/N - 28°9033,45" D/E 41°0353,17" K/N - 29°0029,67" D/EWE SERVE WORLDWIDE 1987-2011 © NestNet