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The art of_photography_by_gokce_ pehlivanoglu

The art of photography by Gökçe Pehlivanoğlu with a Turkish song by Zeynep Arıkan Köseoğlu

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The art of_photography_by_gokce_ pehlivanoglu

  1. 1. THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY GÖKÇE PEHLİVANOĞLU Music: Güneşin Gecesi Yok Zeynep Arıkan Köseoğlu 14.02.2012 20:02
  2. 2. GÖKÇE PEHLİVANOĞLUBorn in 1984 in Istanbul. Graduated from SaintJoseph French College in 2002 and MarmaraUniversity Fine Arts Faculty, Cinema Tv departmentin 2006. Participated in filmmaking workshop atNew York Film Academy - Paris La Femis in 2008.She was lecturer of Music Video Production andPhotography lessons at Kadir Has University in2009-2010. Currently she is an MFA student at Filmand Drama program at Kadir Has University. She hasfive short films. Works as a professionalphotographer and director.
  3. 3. END Photographs Gökçe Pehlivanoğlu Lyric and Music Güneşin Gecesi Yok Murat Köseoğlu -Zeynep Arıkan Köseoğlu Arranged by Türkan Arıkan My Special Thanks toGökçe Pehlivanoğlu, Murat and Zeynep Arıkan Köseoğlu for the permission to use the photos and the music February 2012