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Laura Crimmons - Making the Connection


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Marketing is about connecting with people – in every way – you need to connect with your colleagues and other teams to make them work with you, connect with a journalist/influencer to make them talk about you and connect with your audience for them to like you/do what you want. Making a connection(in marketing requires the following formula: the tools + the mindset (people, not users/page views) = successful connection. This talk will run through the reasons that making a connection is so crucial for success, the tools we have available to help make a connection more likely, the mindset we need to make this effective, and examples of how this works in practice.

Published in: Marketing
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Laura Crimmons - Making the Connection

  1. 1. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Making the Connection Laura Crimmons @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  2. 2. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Biggest challenges I hear from clients/agencies/industry friends
  3. 3. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “How do I get X to work with me?”
  4. 4. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “How do I get more page views / users / links?”
  5. 5. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest It’s all about making a connection with a person / a group of people
  6. 6. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Universal rules
  7. 7. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest What’s in a name?
  8. 8. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest A lot…
  9. 9. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest But personalisation is not just using somebody’s name
  10. 10. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak
  11. 11. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Harvard researchers found that talking about ourselves can trigger the same sensation of pleasure in the brain as food, money or sex.
  12. 12. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest We’re drawn to people who are like us - so show the person how you’re like them
  13. 13. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “Once you have a little piece of information about someone being similar to you or different, you seem to take it and run with it. You may think they are similar to you across the board, even though you may not have much reason to think this. It is rather surprising.” Adrianna Jenkins, Harvard University
  14. 14. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Stalk people
  15. 15. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Stalk people (But not in a potential restraining order way)
  16. 16. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest For example, let’s say I’m meeting Aleyda and want to make sure I show her we have things in common…
  17. 17. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  18. 18. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  19. 19. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  20. 20. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest But what if someone doesn’t want to work with you?
  21. 21. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Summarise back to the other person to get to “That’s right” Google Talk: Medium Post:
  22. 22. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Connecting with colleagues/clients
  23. 23. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Check through your emails to see if you can find something they’ve emailed about that shows their interests…
  24. 24. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest 1. Compliment them on some great work 2. Ask for their advice on an upcoming project 3. Find out what their KPIs are/what’s important to them 4. Provide treats
  25. 25. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  26. 26. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  27. 27. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  28. 28. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “The Branded3/Provident relationship isn’t your standard client/agency relationship. We’ve built up a really great friendship (after all you only invite friends to your wedding!) which means we all work together as one big team. We’re comfortable enough to question each other when things don’t go right and excited to share success when it happens!”
  29. 29. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Don’t underestimate the power of a drink
  30. 30. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Connecting with journalists/influencers
  31. 31. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Twitter is your best friend.
  32. 32. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  33. 33. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  34. 34. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  35. 35. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  36. 36. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  37. 37. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  38. 38. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest It’s not just about personal interests though, make sure you’ve researched what they write about / have previously written about
  39. 39. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  40. 40. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “But isn’t that really time consuming?” - training attendees
  41. 41. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Connecting with your audience
  42. 42. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Stop talking about page views and users. We’re marketing to people we need to think about them as such.
  43. 43. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  44. 44. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  45. 45. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  46. 46. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  47. 47. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  48. 48. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Pulling it all together…
  49. 49. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest The Three Whys: Why are people doing something? Why is it important? (x3)
  50. 50. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Why do people use taxis? To get to where they need to be Why is it important to us? Because we want to arrive quickly and safely Why is it important to us? Because we don’t want to travel on unclean transport Why is it important to us? We don’t want to get ill
  51. 51. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  52. 52. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  53. 53. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Daily Mail feedback / exclusive
  54. 54. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest
  55. 55. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest London Mayor’s response
  56. 56. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Online conversations
  57. 57. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Campaign launch Mayor’s announcement Traffic
  58. 58. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Campaign launch Search visibility
  59. 59. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest “London Under the Microscope’ is a brilliant example of how a well structured and planned campaign is able to deliver fantastic results in terms of brand awareness, customer engagement and ROI - even in a relatively niche sector. We were delighted with the results of the campaign and thoroughly enjoyed working with Branded3 to bring it to fruition. Not only are the team at Branded3 extremely talented but they also have the knack of making collaborating on projects fun, without deviating from the final goal.” Client feedback
  60. 60. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest To summarise… 1. We like to talk about ourselves, so give people space to talk 2. Use subtlety to show that you've listened/taken time to research people 3. Remember we're connecting with other people (with feelings) - not page views or link targets
  61. 61. @lauracrimmons #TuringFest Thanks @lauracrimmons