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John Peebles - The Greatest Lies the Devil Ever Told to Startups


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Drawing from experience with multiple tech startups across multiple industries, this talk will focus on common mistakes I’ve observed. Mistakes that I’ve made, successes I’ve seen, and opportunities to benefit from advice I’ve been given will be explored. Founders often struggle with how to benchmark themselves, how to grapple with various stakeholders, and how to implement a strategy designed to maximise value, and I’ll talk about actionable strategy and tactics to help make your journey just a little less painful.

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John Peebles - The Greatest Lies the Devil Ever Told to Startups

  1. 1. @johnjpeebles The Greatest Lies The Devil Ever Told Startups Turing Fest 2017
  2. 2. @johnjpeebles
  3. 3. @johnjpeebles December 2015
  4. 4. @johnjpeebles
  5. 5. @johnjpeebles Training Management Solution
  6. 6. @johnjpeebles
  7. 7. @johnjpeebles The Greatest Lies The Devil Ever Told Startups
  8. 8. @johnjpeebles You Should Listen to All Kinds of Startup Advice. Particularly at Tech Conferences.
  9. 9. @johnjpeebles This is my 5th startup. I’ve made all of these mistakes. Some multiple times. Prolly making a few of them right now.
  10. 10. @johnjpeebles You Are a Snowflake
  11. 11. @johnjpeebles This Won’t Be That Hard
  12. 12. @johnjpeebles It’s Cool to Start a Startup
  13. 13. @johnjpeebles Your Friends and Family Will Understand
  14. 14. @johnjpeebles You’ll Make Lots of Money
  15. 15. @johnjpeebles Your Company is More Important Than You. At Least Right Now.
  16. 16. @johnjpeebles This Won’t Take Long
  17. 17. @johnjpeebles Your First Startup Will Be The One
  18. 18. @johnjpeebles Technology Choices Are What Kill Most Tech Startups
  19. 19. @johnjpeebles You Don’t Need a Community. Just Focus On Your Company.
  20. 20. @johnjpeebles Don’t Worry About Matching Your Funding Strategy to Your Business
  21. 21. @johnjpeebles You Can Wait On Sales. Prolly Don’t Even Need It.
  22. 22. @johnjpeebles Your Product is the Most Important Thing
  23. 23. @johnjpeebles Don’t Worry About the People Stuff
  24. 24. @johnjpeebles Other Startups Are Killing It. All The Time.
  25. 25. @johnjpeebles You Need to Be in Silicon Valley
  26. 26. @johnjpeebles Your Investors Aren’t Part of Your Team
  27. 27. @johnjpeebles Stay Away from B2B. It’s Boring.
  28. 28. @johnjpeebles Don’t Worry About Your Metrics
  29. 29. @johnjpeebles Don’t Worry About the Quadrant of Doom Image (mostly) courtesy of Intercom
  30. 30. @johnjpeebles You’re Finished If You Don’t Succeed
  31. 31. @johnjpeebles This Too Shall Pass
  32. 32. @johnjpeebles John Peebles