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Alyeda Solis - SEO in a Mobile-First Index: What Marketers Need to Know


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There are now more searches being done from mobile than desktop devices and Google is moving towards a mobile-first index. Avoid losing your SEO results and learn how you can refocus your SEO process to prepare to the new mobile-first search reality with guidelines, tips and tools.

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Alyeda Solis - SEO in a Mobile-First Index: What Marketers Need to Know

  1. 1. Top Questions to Become a 
 Mobile First SEO Hero #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  2. 2. How many of you use your 
 smartphones to search online? #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  3. 3. How many buy, register, or reserve through your mobile? #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  4. 4. This is how we search nowadays #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  5. 5. Mobile drives 56% of Web traffic in The UK #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  6. 6. No Joke! #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  7. 7. Search is also mostly mobile driven now #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  8. 8. Not surprisingly, Google is moving 
 towards a Mobile First Index #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  9. 9. Ranking signals will come from your
 mobile Web presence, not Desktop one #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  10. 10. We can expect this to happen next year #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  11. 11. At some point Google will 
 switch to a Mobile-Only Index #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  12. 12. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Nonetheless, there are clear 
 Mobile Web optimisation challenges
  13. 13. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Very obvious ones
  14. 14. Which have direct effects from users #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  15. 15. As well as conversion consequences #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  16. 16. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s time to save your (Mobile) SEO
  17. 17. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti I’m Aleyda Solis
  18. 18. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti I help companies to connect with them
  19. 19. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Some of them brands that you likely know
  20. 20. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti I can help you do it too!
  21. 21. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s about answering Key Mobile Questions
  22. 22. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Does your site have a Mobile Web version? 1
  23. 23. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti There have been 3 main Mobile Web configurations Responsive Web Dynamic Serving Independent Mobile Web
  24. 24. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti With pros & cons Responsive Web Dynamic Serving Independent Mobile Web Same HTML for Mobile & Desktop = Less personalisation & speed restrictions Different HTML for Mobile & Desktop through the same URL = More difficult to correctly serve and maintain Different HTML for Mobile & Desktop through different URLs = More difficult to configure, serve, crawl and maintain
  25. 25. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti All supported by Google
  26. 26. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Check if you actually have any of these 
 that can be Google validated
  27. 27. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Just be mindful that passing the test doesn’t mean that is completely optimised
  28. 28. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti You should also check if your site 
 triggers Mobile Usability errors Google Search Console
  29. 29. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Use SEO crawlers like Deepcrawl to verify the 
 Mobile configuration of all your site pages
  30. 30. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Identify the top mobile devices 
 already being used by your visitors Google Analytics
  31. 31. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Emulate them to check if the content 
 shown is relevant & consistent
  32. 32. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Google’s requirements won’t likely 
 change with a Mobile First Index
  33. 33. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti But if you’re looking to move from an independent mobile site to a responsive one, do it now
  34. 34. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti How do Mobile Search Crawlers access to your site? 2
  35. 35. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s critical to make sure your mobile Web content is accessible and indexable
  36. 36. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti This is why Mobile app pop-ups & interstitials are penalised
  37. 37. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti To refer to apps, is better to use app banners instead
  38. 38. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Or this might happen!
  39. 39. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Emulate the Googlebot for Smartphones
 and crawl your site w/ JS rendering Screaming Frog
  40. 40. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Verify if the mobile crawler sees the same 
 than a user when accessing your mobile pages
  41. 41. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Look for any errors, non-relevant redirects & canonicalisation, blocked URLs or noindexation
  42. 42. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Is your Mobile content relevant towards your targeted queries? 3
  43. 43. Some Mobile Web versions show far less content which can be harmful in a mobile first index #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti >
  44. 44. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti You should bring your content & structured 
 data to your mobile Web HTMLs
  45. 45. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s ok to use expandable content in this case
  46. 46. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti But how do you organise & 
 prioritise your Mobile Web Content?
  47. 47. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Identify the queries already bringing you 
 more visibility in Mobile search results Google Search Console
  48. 48. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Compare them vs. the ones of your competitors Semrush
  49. 49. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Take into consideration the different queries 
 made across the customer journey Online Ideas & inspiration Opinions, reviews & advice Brand discovery Product, price & features comparisons Product availability Online offers, promos & coupons
  50. 50. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Establishing the most popular terms patterns Buy Backpacks NikeNew ACTION PRODUCT BRANDCHARACTERISTIC Sell Reserve Register Rucksacks Shoes Jackets Purses Pants Shirts Caps Adidas Guess Levis Cheap For Women TYPE School Subscribe Exclusive Travel BabiesRed For Yoga New York LOCATION Around me Nearby Online Used
  51. 51. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Expand them to look for the most 
 relevant & most popular queries More Generic More Volume Less Relevant Less Conversions More Specific Less Volume More Relevant More Conversions ACTION PRODUCT LOCATION BUY BACKPACK NEAR ME ACTION + PRODUCT PRODUCT + CHARACTERISTIC PRODUCT + BRAND BUY BACKPACKS NEW BACKPACKS NIKE BACKPACKS Action + Product + Characteristic BUY CHEAP BACKPACK Action + Product + Location BUY BACKPACK IN NYC Product + Type + Brand NIKE SCHOOL BACKPACK Action + Product + Characteristic + Location BUY NEW BACKPACK IN NYC Action + Product + Brand + Location BUY NIKE BACKPACK IN NYC Product + Brand + Location NIKE BACKPACK IN NYC
  52. 52. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Segment your queries based on their categories, characteristics, locations, etc. Travel backpacks Backpacks Sale
  53. 53. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Travel backpacks Google Keyword Planner Verify which are more popular 
 from mobile devices Backpacks Sale
  54. 54. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti To prioritize accordingly
  55. 55. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Is your Mobile Website Fast enough? 4
  56. 56. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Mobile Page Speed will be included as a 
 ranking factor on the Mobile First Index
  57. 57. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s already critical for mobile 
 user experience though
  58. 58. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti How long does your mobile 
 home page takes to load?
  59. 59. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Which of your most important 
 mobile pages take longer to load? Google Analytics
  60. 60. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti How can you improve them?
  61. 61. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti What about implementing AMP?
  62. 62. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti AMP is a “simplified” HTML that uses already 
 optimised resources & cache to serve it faster
  63. 63. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Which can greatly improve your site mobile speed Mobile RWD Mobile AMP
  64. 64. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti As well as your mobile search results visibility AMP article rich results
 Can be free-standing in the results page, or embedded in a carousel of similar result types. All AMP article rich results are also rich results. AMP non-rich results
 A basic, non-graphical search result pointing to the AMP page.
  65. 65. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It has become already a must for news related sites
  66. 66. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti It’s already supported by Ad Networks and is now focused to expand its e-commerce components
  67. 67. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti The main challenge is to provide the same 
 (or even better) Mobile Web experience <> Where’s the menu?
  68. 68. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Which Websites should implement AMP now then? You’re in the media, news industry or have a blog Your current mobile page speed sucks You can personalise AMP to have a similar UX & functionality than your current site You don’t have a mobile version or an independent one ideally
  69. 69. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Its execution can be a rollercoaster although with 
 a positive trend if critical errors are prioritised
  70. 70. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti With non-trivial mobile visibility results too! AMP Rich Results AMP Non-Rich Results Non-AMP Results
  71. 71. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Here’s a complete presentation about how to do it
  72. 72. Time is (sadly) almost up! #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  73. 73. But there are more questions… #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti What’s your Mobile Audience Search Behavior? What’s your site Mobile Search Visibility & Traffic Performance? What’s your competition Mobile Web Search Visibility? Does your site have a Mobile Web Version? How Mobile Search Crawlers access to your site? What’s your Site Mobile speed? Is your Mobile Web Content effectively Rendered? Is AMP effectively Implemented? How do your ranked pages look in Mobile SERPs? What’s the AMP impact on mobile visibility & traffic? What’s your Mobile Visibility impact on Conversions?
  74. 74. Here’s how to answer them #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  75. 75. It’s time for you to save & grow your Mobile SEO #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  76. 76. To can obtain this mobile 
 search visibility increase #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti
  77. 77. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti these mobile search conversions
  78. 78. #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti And this growth trend
  79. 79. Thanks! #mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti