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Adrian Mouat - The Road to Microservices and Beyond


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The way we deploy and architect software systems has changed significantly over the years. This talk will take us on an journey from the early days of computing and internet applications, through to the present day with microservices and containers, and ending with a look into the future. Along the way we will explore the business and technical drivers behind these changes and see how everything old is new again

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Adrian Mouat - The Road to Microservices and Beyond

  1. 1. The Road to Microservices Adrian Mouat
  2. 2. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Christian von Schack
  3. 3. search favourites billing... UI streaming
  4. 4. HIBP Scaling in Response to This Morning Traffic
  5. 5. CC BY-SA 4.0 Acabashi
  6. 6. Adrian Cockcroft “Cloud Trends” GOTO Amsterdam 2017
  7. 7. CC BY SA 3.0 Dr-text
  8. 8. search favourites billing... UI streaming
  9. 9. To The Future... © JD Hancock
  10. 10. Unikernels Full OS + Kernel App Host Kernel App & Dependencies App & Dependencies Hypervisor or Bare Metal VMs Containers Unikernels