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Beyond Citation: Reuse, Repurposing and Reproducibility


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Talk by Ian Gent at Software Credit Workshop, London, October 19, 2015

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Beyond Citation: Reuse, Repurposing and Reproducibility

  1. 1. Ian Gent University of St Andrews Beyond Citation: Reuse, Repurposing and Reproducibility
  2. 2. Possibly the worst talk to have first! • Looking beyond “just” getting credit for software
  3. 3. Collaborators • University of St Andrews • Ian Gent, John McDermott, Charles Wu, Simon Dobson • STFC • Catherine Jones, Brian Matthews, Paulina Lach, Steven Lamerton, Alan Kyffin • Univ. of Leicester • Jonathan Tedds • Funded by Jisc Research Data Spring
  4. 4. Software Citation Guidelines
  5. 5. Software Citation Guidelines • Talks about some general issues – What do you want to identify? Product? Version? Variant? Instance? • And some specific ones – What to put in fields in Datacite Metadata fields – Discoverability
  6. 6. One Button Citation • We’ll hear about some of the ways to get easy DOIs – E.g. Github/Zenodo, Figshare • We want to push beyond this – Not just citation but using the software you find and cite • For example, the “Play Button” – A one button Play Button
  7. 7. From Github URL…
  8. 8. … to Play Button
  9. 9. Reuse • Research code can be used much more widely • Typical use cases: – Enable easy installation – Enable easy teaching at a workshop – Enable other researchers to reuse it
  10. 10. Repurposing • Repurposing – Building on the shoulders of giants – That PhD student who wrote amazing code once in a different area can make your work so much better • Typical use cases: – Software continuity in a research group – Comparison with other research group’s software
  11. 11. Reproducibility • Typical use cases: – How does my code compare with code from that 20 year old paper I just found?
  12. 12. Towards a Service • We want to build tools/services which will make all these things part of people’s daily working life • Overlaps with lots of other things, e.g. github, vagrant, virtualbox, travis, docker… – want to build on shoulders of giants ourselves