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mediacockpit by DAM Group

  1. 1. CreateManageFind&UsePublishInnovativeDigital Asset Managementwith mediacockpit
  2. 2. ContentInnovative Digital Asset Management 03What is it?About us 04/05Who is DAM Group?mediacockpit and modules 06-15What do we offer?Professional Services 16/17How can we be of assistance?Customers 18/19Who relies on us?Next Steps 20What now?Contact 20Where are we?
  3. 3. Innovative Digital Asset managementA DEFINITION"Digital asset management (DAM) is the storage and management of any digitalcontent, in particular of media files such as images, videos, audio, and textmodules. In the media it is teil­ eise also known as media asset management w(MAM)."Wikipedia"Innovative digital asset management by DAM Groupis the intelligent combination of rich media and productinformation (MAM & PIM) in a central repository forautomated publications of any type in a single, unifiedsystem (mediacockpit)."Christopher Turchin, CEO, DAM Group GmbHmediacockpit, made by DAM Group GmbH
  4. 4. ABOUT US – WHO IS DAM GROUP? about us who is DAM Group? The DAM Group GmbH has been a pioneer in the increasingly important field of digital asset management since its inception in 1996. Our successful, well- designed product „mediacockpit“ has been crucial in making DAM Group one of the most experienced European providers and operators of enterprise digital asset management solutions today.P 04/05 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  5. 5. DAM Group GmbH Specialized software development with the following objectives:Creativity, a keen eye for the needs of our customers,perseverance and the ability to turn unconventional • Intelligent combination of product and media dataideas into working solutions” - this is what defines the • Central repository for all publishing processes –DAM Group, our products and solutions. from print brochures to the iPadAnd this is what we bring in into customer projects • Media distribution and publishing processand what makes our products and solutions for automationmedia asset management, product information • Manage product information and rich media at amanagement, multi-channel publishing. single, central locationWe offer turn-key solutions and develop custombusiness applications based on our core product, • Simple and managed access to all data formediacockpit. Our services range from consulting, employess in different departments, subsidiaries,analysis and design, graphics, software development agencies, printers etc.and integration of your business processes into a • Future protected product development strategy,seamless solution. On request, we will host your extensible to support new media and formatssystem in our innovative media service center. (e.g. apps for iPhone or iPad) • Increase efficiency and reduce costs • Increase competitiveness - e.g. via shorter time- to-market- cycles
  6. 6. OUR PRODUCTS – wHAT TO WE OFFER? Success factor 1: Input Data Management our products what we offer. The DAM group creates intelligent connections between products and media to simplify management and provide efficient processing in different media and distribution channels - for example brochures, flyers, data sheets, product configurators, online shops, mobile apps, eBay, Facebook, etc. Success factor 2: Multi-Channel OutputP 06/07 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  7. 7. * *even from 3rd party
  8. 8. OUR PRODUCTS – wHAT DO WE OFFER?P 08/09 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  9. 9. mediacockpitOur platform• Web-based platform for the management and possible via optimized processes: e.g. manual, distribution of media, product data, publications, semi-automated, fully automated provisioning etc. of content to multiple distribution channels (e.g. catalog, website, datasheets, flyers, mobile app,• Flexibility in the setup: full integration into your IT e-commerce platforms, etc.) landscape or as a service operated outside your internal company network • Intuitive interface for importing, management and output of data across all modules• Flexible custom configuration on the data to be managed and the system functionality • Seamless integration with existing systems possible (e.g. ERP, CMS, etc.)• Definition of workflows & review processes (even language specific) • Versioning of data and change-tracking in the system• Granular access rights in all modules • Content internationalization ith regard to• Intelligent search with excellent filter options languages, prices and units• Needs-based provisioning of information • Translation directly within the system, export for• Targeted information exchange, both internally external translations and externally (e.g. agency, sales representatives, • Open and documented interfaces (Java, XML, distributors, etc) ReST, web services)• Scalability & modular expansion options for the integrated platform• Changes & administration from one centralized repository - considerable reduction of labor and improvement of quality management processes
  10. 10. OUR PRODUCTS – wHAT DO WE OFFER? Advanced MAM functionality in the mediasuite – the media asset management module • File import via upload in any web browser, • Provision selected media for a given time for including drag & drop . Automated import via hot a specific target audience – such as dealers, folder customers, sales representatives - via email, download, etc.. • Hierarchical organization of media, advanced grouping and linking features. • Extensive media usage statistics (access numbers per medium, per rendition, based on login, etc.) • Automated metadata extraction from the existing media (IPTC, EXIF Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) , • Automated media archiving according to specific parameters (e.g. after one year) • Support for popular document formats (MS Office and Adobe InDesign, etc.) • Automatic creation of previews and renditions (thumbnails, print, video, HTML, mobile, iPad, etc.) from original media (MS Office, Adobe ­InDesign, etc) • Ergnonomic data maintenance in the web browser or bulk editing via Excel.P 10/11 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  11. 11. Advanced PIM functionality in mediapim –the base data management module for products and more• Seamless integration between mediasuite and price). Ergonomic data maintenance in your web mediapim browser - such as configurable lists in drop down menus.• Configurable import from Excel and other popular formats. Automated import via hot folder and • Sophisticated price management, simple documented programming interfaces - e.g. to editing in Excel (dedicated export and import syncronize SKUs from the ERP system. functionality)• Hierarchical organization for product lines (e.g. • Product Preview in PDF or HTML format product family - subfamily - product - SKU) and links between products (e.g. spare parts are linked to main product)• Creation of country-specific product ranges for market-specific publications• Definition of specific data views depending on the users role (e.g. merchants can view other product data but should not see purchase
  12. 12. OUR PRODUCTS – wHAT DO WE OFFER? mediaepaper – online flip book presentations • Easily create online flip book presentations from • Multilingual user interface PDF files, MS Office, and InDesign documents • Internal and external usage • Integration of rich media (images, video) from the • Definable validity period for external users mediasuite and product data from mediapim ­ (from ... until) • Integrate into existing websites, as a Facebook tab, mobile apps - at exhibitions, for use by salesforce, etc. • Interactive linking within epapers ­(Internet addresses, product numbers, etc.)P 12/13 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  13. 13. mediamobile – the mobile app for iOS andAndroid devices• Provide media and product information on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)• Our dynamic kiosk for brochures, flyers (static or linked with e-commerce sites), newsletters, company & product presentations, e.g. for trade fairs, support the sales force, etc.• Clear presentation, documents are viewable in a list or as a bookshelf. Push notifications for updates.
  14. 14. OUR PRODUCTS – wHAT DO WE OFFER? mediapublisher & one2edit – our solutions for publishing & web2print mediapublisher • one2edit integrates seamlessly into mediacockpit • With our channel concept, mediapublisher and allows you to edit in Adobe InDesign docu- generates publications from product data and ments in the web browser - with full control of media in numerous formats. both content and corporate design. • mediapublisher provides templates for PDF , • The individualisation of advertising materials HTML, and MS Excel, as well as a standardized and office supplies is realized in online solutions XML format for automated publication in desktop such as print shops and CI/CD portals based on publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign. mediacockpit and one2edit • Additional channels support established industry standards like eCl@ss and BMECat. • Together with our integration partners, we have implemented mediapublisher interfaces InDesign Server, InBetween, Pagino, MediaBuilder and other systems. web2print - edit, review, release, translate and personalize Adobe InDesign documents online. • Together with our partner 1io and their product one2edit, we have the extensive domain of web2print covered.P 14/15 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  15. 15. InDesign & Office Plugin – Drag & Dropfor MS Office & Adobe Creative Suite• Drag & drop rich media (images, videos) from mediasuite product information from mediapim directly into presentations and documents• Runs over the web: can be used across the entire organization, dealer network, etc.• Change notification in InDesign document as soon as content changes mediasuite or mediapim
  16. 16. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – HOW CAN WE BE OF ASSITANCE? professional services profit from our experience. We bring more than 15 years experience in Media service center and application hosting large customer projects, primarily in the areas of (Software-as-a-Service) media asset management, product information Since 1996 we offer customers the ability to host our management, publishing for different output channels software in the DAM Group‘s media service center. such as print, web, e-commerce, mobile and Our media service center team supports you in all web2print. areas of data maintenance, acquisition, publishing and distribution. Our services range from consulting, analysis and Our customers profit from with our extensive design, graphics, software development and experience in numerous integration projects and integration of your business processes into a service partnerships. seamless solution. On request, we will host your mediacockpit in our innovative media service center.P 16/17 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  17. 17. Project development Training and SupportWe provide solutions and develop custom We support you in your projects and individual systembusiness applications based on our core product, configurations.mediacockpit. Your data are at the heart of oursolutions. You can reach our telephone hotline on weekdaysWe can provide reference projects ranging from agile from 09: 00-18:00. We answer your message viaand pragmatic to large and highly complex including email within 24 hours.interfaces to ProE, SAP, various e-commerce and With our tested quickstart workshops we discussother third-party systems. new requirements for the running system, we are glad to provide individualized training during or after a project as well.
  18. 18. CUSTOMERS – WHO RELIES ON Us?Many renowned customers from Mercedes-Benz Accessories: Duravit: Manufacturer of high- Wholly owned subsidiary of Daim- quality bathroom furnishings,different industries have opted for ler AG, sales of original accessories international group withour system. Here is just a selection and merchandising articles for SLR international production facilities,of our references - more information McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, May- more than 5,500 employeesis available on our web site:­bach and smart, over 200 emplo- yees. Problem: No central system forh­ ttp:// managing media and producta-z Problem: No central system for data, no connection to publishing managing media and product systems data, no access for dealers, no connection to publishing systems Solution: Introduction of an integrated overall solution using Solution: Using mediasuite, mediacockpit, interfaces to item mediapim, mediaepaper master data in ERP, cost-efficient (interfaces to ERP, inventory production of price lists in all management system, ordering the languages using data from system for print media) and mediapim and mediasuite. establishment of a comprehensive marketing services environment for employees, dealers and end users. Over 30,000 registered users in 6 different languages, with more than 200,000 assets under management.P 18/19 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  19. 19. verallia: Leading manufacturer of L-SHOP-TEAM: Well-knownglass bottles and containers for German textile wholesaler, over 160the beverage and food industry, employeestworldwide over 1,400 employees Problem: Complex and labor-intensiveProblem: No central system for brochure and web production for manymanaging media and product data, no brands in numerous languages andconnection to publishing systems block pricing, no publishing system integrationLösung: Introduction of an integratedoverall solution using mediacockpit, Solution: Integrated overall solutionimplementation of online product based on mediacockpit with singleconfigurator as well as an iPhone app source publishing, and efficientpresenting the entire product range for production of annual catalogs andsales force and customer alike. brochures in 6 languages
  20. 20. next stepswhat now?A professional and well-organized consultation toidentify your needs.Please contact us.contactwhere are we?In the shores of Lake Constance, reachable at:DAM Group GmbHPlanckstr. 788677 MarkdorfGermanyTel: +49 (0)7544 9218-100Fax: +49 (0)7544 9218-101E-Mail: info@damgroup.deP 20/21 Innovative Digital Asset Management with mediacockpit
  21. 21. Image creditsWe use photos of following providers in our brochure:• photocase - P 01• fotolia - P 04/05• veer - P 17 19, 20 ,© Copyright DAM Group GmbH . All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Innovative Digital Asset Managementby DAM Group GmbHPlanckstr. 788677 MarkdorfGermany© Copyright DAM Group GmbH . All rights reserved.