Self Manage Web based Automate Password Reset


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turbo-IT Corporation offer Self Management of Passwords (SMOP) - a web based Active Directory Automate Password Reset tool that allows self service password reset/unlock account ability for your user.

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Self Manage Web based Automate Password Reset

  1. 1. SELF MANAGEMENT OF PASSWORD (SMOP) Self Management of Passwords (SMOP) is a fully Self Service Password Reset Active Directory tool that is easy and affordable. SMOP allows you to offer self service password reset/unlock account ability for your users. It results in increased user productivity and reduced costs by eliminating password related help desk calls. SELF MANAGEMENT OF DIRECTORY (SMOD) Self Management of Directory (SMOD) is a fully web-based Active Directory tool and Self Service Update Directory that allows users to view and edit their own attributes and keep their information up to date. SMOD is affordable, easy to implement, has rich administrative features. Empower your users to keep their information accurate with SMOD!
  2. 2. Self Service Password Reset Active Directory • turbo-IT Corporation is an innovative software company dedicated to making easy to use, fairly-priced solutions for the Information Technology segment. We are committed to creating products that allow our customers to reduce operating costs and increase productivity by automating typical I.T. functions. turbo-IT was founded by seasoned industry veterans with decades of I.T. experience familiar with I.T. challenges. • We are proud to serve customers from a broad range of vertical markets including healthcare, education, manufacturing, banking, and insurance markets. turbo-IT was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas USA. For more details about Self Service Update Directory, visit our website
  3. 3. Self Service Password Reset SMOP is a totally web based solution for Self Service Password Reset Active Directory environments. With rich set of SMOP configuration abilities, automation using this tool does not compromise how you've been handling reset password manually. Below are some of the highlights: . Users can reset passwords themselves . Users can unlock their accounts . Users can change their passwords through a web interface
  4. 4. Web based Password Reset • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Separate Mobile optimized interface for mobile phones Ability to separate reset password function from unlock account function SMOP admin can use rich set of email notifications to track user's activities SMOP admin can customize application's look and feel for their organization SMOP admin can configure min and max number of questions to control complexity SMOP administrator can configure answer's case sensitivity Easy installation and maintenance Supports multiple Active Directory domains Supports multiple administrators for the SMOP administration Supports multiple reset password behavior modes to help you comply with your organization's password policies Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Supports UPN suffix An ability to log all user activities logging and notifications via email or both Bulk Enrollment – Too painful to have all users enrolled individually, now you can enroll multiple users via admin section
  5. 5. Self Manage Password Reset • SMOP is a web-based Active Directory password manager that allows businesses with Microsoft Active Directory environments to let their users self manage password reset. • Users can perform password management themselves thereby reducing helpdesk calls and allowing the user to get back to work quickly.
  6. 6. Self Service Password Reset Active Directory • turbo-IT Corporation make Self service password reset tool for Active Directory allows to Manage, unlock accounts and reset forgotten password through a web based, Self Service Password Reset Active Directory/ Self Manage Password Reset directory.
  7. 7. Self Service Password Reset Active Directory SMOD (Self Management of Directory) addresses the need to keep user information up to date in Active Directory. It allows the user to Self Manage the Active Directory attributes that are configured by the administrator. SMOD is totally web-based, is trivial to implement, and very flexible. SMOD allows a rich set of administrative features that allow the I.T. organization to give users this level of capability while being secure, easy to deploy and manage, and easy for users to use.
  8. 8. Self Service Account Unlock • SMOP 1.1 Press Release: • turbo-IT Corporation releases upgrade to self service password reset tool SMOP (Self Management of Passwords) The new version of SMOP incorporates mobile optimized screens for use with smart phones and other mobile devices. The new version of SMOP, version 1.1, also includes a feature that allows the administrator to separate the unlock account and reset password functionality. SMOP helps enable customers to • perform self service password resets • Self service account unlock • change passwords - all through a simple web based interface for Microsoft Active Directory environments.
  9. 9. Automate Password Reset turbo-IT’s SMOP automates critical processes such as •Resetting of passwords for users •Unlocking users Active Directory accounts •Changing passwords Avoid help desk calls and get the most out of our Automate Password Reset tool. We make self service/self manage reset password tools software for Microsoft Windows and Web Based Active Directory.
  10. 10. Self Service Update Directory • Self Management of Directory (SMOD) is a fully webbased Active Directory tool that allows users to view and edit their own properties and keep their own information up to date. SMOD is affordable, easy to implement, and powerful.
  11. 11. Web based Password Reset
  12. 12. Self Service Password Reset Active Directory benefits Organizations can benefit from SMOP in the following ways: •Makes users more productive – users can handle user account problems themselves and get back to work quickly! •Reduces burden on helpdesk – frees up valuable technical staff to devote to more strategic work •Saves time and effort ($$$) – the return on investment is so quick it may surprise you! •Improves security –the user has to answer multiple challenge/response questions to identify themselves as opposed to having helpdesk staff forced to evaluate the authenticity of the caller (many times having to trust them on their word).
  13. 13. turbo-IT Corporation • Address: turbo-IT Corporation 103 West Second Street Irving, Texas 75060 USA Website: By Email: • General Inquiries: Sales Inquiries: Support Inquiries: Partner Inquiries: Career Opportunities: