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Megans Power Piont


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Megans Power Piont

  1. 1. By;; Megan Earley!
  2. 2. Woman's clothing:)  -simple woman would where a two-piece V-neck cardigan, simple blouse, and button-down wrap skirts.  length of sleeves was ¾ down the arm or shorter.  -fashionable colors where red, navy, white or black.  -most famous fashion was coco Chanel.&&and Madeleine Vionnet
  3. 3. Coco Chanel Coco Chanel introduced her signature cardigan jacket, signature quot;little black dressquot; and timeless No. 5 perfume. In the early 1930’s. By this time Chanel's reputation had grown enormously and in 1931 she was paid one million dollars by Samuel Goldwin to dress the stars of many of his movie
  4. 4. Madeleine Viennette Madeleine viennette was a famous French fashion designer know for the “cross cut bias” type dress. This type of dress is very long, and is usually all the way down to the lower back and was V shaped. She also made sexually draped garments including halter tops, handkerchief dress, cowl neck,
  5. 5. Men's clothing:]  most men wore sharecropper overalls.  Chalk stripe workpants.  Button down shirts and lots of plaid.  Hem line on pants was to knees or shins.  Edward the III was famous in the 1930’s for unusual fashion statements he wore short baggy knee pants also known as “Plus Fours” also rounded neck sweaters;
  6. 6. Children's clothing:) -Off-white cotton 4 child's pants, adjustable waist band. --Off-white knit cotton stockings. --Off-white buckram girl's hat, with ruffles . --lots of clothes made out of wool, and rabbit fur:)
  7. 7. Clothing prices  Menes Shirt $2.50 Ladies Wool Flannel Robes $3.95 Ladies Winter Coats $16.00 Men's Quality Overcoats $15.00 Ladies Oxfords Shoes $2.44 Men's Slacks $3.98 Women’s silk hose 49 cents Boys overcoat wool 8.69-11.98/each Boys school suit, From $7.94 Girls hose (tights), woolen, From $25 cents per pair Men s shirt, Arrow, From $1.45 Men s sport coat, From $19.98 Women s dress shoes, From $3.45 Women s suit, 2 pieces, From $6.98 Men’s Sox 10 cents Ladies Sandals 98 cents Boys and Girls Underwear 49 cents Men’s 2 Piece Suit Double breasted $19.75 Howard Deluxe Quality silk lined hat $2.85 Sheep lined Moccasins 79 cents Men’s Lined Gloves 98 cents
  8. 8. By Megan Earley;; Mrs.Gilmans 3 p. English class.