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Imed poster2


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The poster of Zanneio's proposal for the Industrial Technologies 2014 contest.

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Imed poster2

  1. 1. Zanneio Model Experimental Senior High School of Piraeus i-MED’s contribution A. ED Mode • pre-screening of patients in emergency departments of Hospitals • non-invasive examinations • blood tests (if needed) B. Regular Mode • provides continuous monitoring of the patient's health and the effectiveness of the treatment they follow • Locates the position of each patient inside the Hospital's perimeter C. Off-site mode • monitors patient's life signs and location • in case of emergency a special unit will be directed to the patient's position Basics functions  Monitors life signs  Performs non invasive medical examinations (heart rate, pressure, temperature, O2 and glucose levels in the blood, e.t.c.)  Blood tests (Hb, white cells count, electrolytes, troponin levels, toxins, cancer biomarkers, e.t.c.)  Communication with Hospital's Computer Server  Tracks the location of each patient at any time I. ED prescreening II. Continuous Monitoring of patients’ condition III. Reduces health care costs without compromising benefits A smart medical bracelet that will revolutionize medical treatment