[Y2B][Online Competition] Team 14 Submission


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Team 14 - Why
Slogan: Why not us?

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[Y2B][Online Competition] Team 14 Submission

  1. 1. NOWADAYS…
  2. 2. Tea falled in love with Lemon at Lemon tea shop, inHanoi and no long time, they got married.AT HANOI
  3. 3. One day, on the bed, Tea and Lemon have anintention to open the Tea <3 Lemon shop withslogan: The best making love, the best sweet smell
  4. 4. Name: Lemon Tea ShopTarget Customer: Gossip guys aged 15 – 25 love to hang out with friendsProduct: Hanoi’s “Lemon tea” and other drinksSlogan: The best making love, the best sweet smellOnline marketing: Facebook Fanpage and PR Article for shop.Budget: 10 million dong.Revenue: 3 million dong/1 dayHaving a parking and WC
  5. 5. TeaJasmine Fragrance Sugar1 or 2 Lemon slicesHanoi’sLemon TeaPRICE:8,000VNĐ/1GLASSINGREDIENTS
  6. 6. One week later…• Tea <3 Lemon becomes one of the most famous Lemontea shop.• Loving smell-Clean, Perfect and cheapAT SAIGONLemon Tea
  7. 7. What happenedafter that????Lemon Tea
  8. 8. Recently, Market have beenmany rumours ....
  9. 9. Tea <3 Lemonis down and ...No one comes…
  10. 10. But we need tofix it and keepthe cusomers’’trustLong time ago, beforeopening, we know that thisday can happen like ( vụmelanincủa vinamilk)
  11. 11. MARKETINGSTRAGEGYRenewProductsPromotiononFacebookCosolidationCustomerTrustingReviewCustomerReactionOUR SOLUTION
  12. 12. RENEWPRODUCT♥ Mix Type of Teas with Lemonand show Advangtage andDisavantage for each Age ofCustomer.♥ Made it both hot and cold water♥ Using Honey or sugar to mix in lemon Tea
  13. 13. Green Tea:o Advangtages: Adding citrus juice or vitamin C to green tea increases the amount ofantioxidants available for the body to absorb by more than five timeso Disavantages: Green tea is not for everyone. People with heart and kidney problems, stomachulcers, psychological issues, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should limit or avoid tea.And talk to your doctor about drinking green tea if you are taking any of these medicationsdue to possible interactions: Adenosine, Antibiotics, Beta-lactam, Benzodiazepines, Beta-blockers, Propranolol, Metoprolol, Blood Thinning Medications (including Aspirin),Chemotherapy, Clozapine. Ephedrine, Lithium, Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, OralContraceptives or Phenylpropanolamine.Black Tea:o Advangtages: For a variety of reasons, black tea can contribute to weight loss as long as youdrink it unsweetened. A squeeze of lemon juice adds flavor to make it easier to drink, withoutinjecting so many calories that it derails your weight loss efforts.o Disavatages: It effects on your Sleep beacausse of cafeinSource: http://www.livestrong.com/article/343791-medicinal-benefits-of-lemon-tea/TYPE OF TEA: ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGE
  14. 14. ADD – IN• Showing Ingredients for Customers• Introduce something about Tea and Give someadvice or notice the Tea shop that Customer canbuy.• On the table, having: Suggar, Lemon, Honey andjasmine that they can choose and changing for yourglass• Depend on customers’ taste of sweetness, sournessor bitterness and uses of different kinds of tea, wehave different ways of combination.
  15. 15. PROMOTIONIntroduce the changing of Products by clip and noteInvite some customers that made arelationship with shop before by email tousing trial Products.Interview some customers that uses the new products
  16. 16. PRICEo Type of Tea have many Prices .o Changing Menu, Show the Price of Teas And Pressthe benefits of Teas.
  17. 17. Finally…
  18. 18. One customer comes, two customers come and more thancome. They believe in Tea <3 Lemon Shop
  19. 19. We know what is goodfor our health!“From heart to heart.”
  20. 20. The endThank you!