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Published in: Technology, Education
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Solar systyemactivityprimaryc.doc

  1. 1. Solar Systyem ActivitySolar system Project during summer primary to secondary:For each planet (plus the sun) explain: order of position, climate, colour,relative size, moons, and any other interesting characteristics of each ofthem.Jewellery Joint Primary-Secondary ProjectIn year 6: Primary students make a false jewel, choose a mineral /stone/metal, and find out where its found and what uses it has. They must keepthe jewel and the information they have found at home for further use thenext year. Primary teachers will assess the quality of the work so far.In 1st ESO, the same students one year after: Secondary students thenprint an image of the real thing and find out characteristics: hardness,malleability, lustre, transparency, texture, tenacity, etc... They can explainwhy it is classified as a mineral/rock/metal/precious stone. This can bedone at the same time as they study the unit on rocks and minerals. Theywill be expected to bring the work they did in Primary, and present the
  2. 2. project as a whole to be evaluated by the secondary teachers. Alternatively,students coming from other primary schools can simply add theinformation (where its found and what uses it has) but will not be expectedto produce a replica of the false jewel.