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Cit exam

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Cit exam sample

  1. 1. 1. What is the purpose of sanitizing or disinfecting implements and equipment in a salon?A. To reduce the number of pathogens or microbesB. To eliminate scratches and blemishesC. To remove all offensive odorsD. To resist staining and fading2. The purpose of sanitizing implements and equipment is toA. resist staining and fading.B. remove all offensive odors.C. eliminate scratches and blemishes.D. reduce the number of pathogens to safe levels.3. A general infectionA. is found in most of the general population.B. attacks both clients and staff at the same time.C. spreads throughout the body in the bloodstream.D. combines virus, bacteria and fungus germs at once.4. Nails are most similar to theA. teeth.B. skin.C. bones.D. ligaments.5. What is damaged when a client has a hangnail?A. The root of the nailB. The edge of the nailC. The cuticle of the nailD. The plate of the nail Page 76. The nails free edge should be filedA. from the right or left sides to the center.B. from the right side to the left corner.C. from the left side to the right corner.D. from the center into the right and left corners.7. A sculptured nail is another name forA. a nail tip.B. a nail wrap.
  2. 2. C. a light-cured gel.D. an acrylic nail.8. A nail tipA. should cover the entire natural nail plate.B. should be cut straight across for greater strength.C. is an artificial nail made of plastic, acetate or nylon.D. is strong enough to be worn with no overlay.9. Cleanup of the manicure table should be doneA. once at midday and again at the end of the day.B. after the completion of each client.C. once at the end of each day.D. as frequently as possible.10. In a nail wrap, the wrapping material is applied withA. 70% alcohol.B. warm soapy water.C. a disinfectant.D. a mending adhesive.Question Answer Question Answer1A 2D 3C 4B 5C 6A 7D 8C 9B 10 DQ.1)Hangnails may be caused by ya hardening of the A. lunula B. Dermis C. Medulla D. CuticleQ.2) An infected nail should be treated by a Manicurist A. B. Pediatrician C. Physician D. CosmetologistQ.3) If the matrix is destroyed then the growth of the nail A. Continue B. Stop C. Is increased
  3. 3. D. in lessenedQ.4) The cells of the nail matrix areA. constantly multiplyingB. dead materialC. found in the nail bodyD. all clear and longQ.5) an infectious and inflammatory condition of the tissues surrounding the nail is known as A. Onychatrophia B. Paronychia C. Onychia D. OnychoptosisQ.6) Filing deeply into the nail corners may causeA. blue nails B. brittle nails C. ingrown nails D. white spotsQ.7) what slows down the drying effect of the solvent in nail polish remover?A. oil B. pumice powder C. nail whitener D. nail bleachQ.8) in manicuring, softening the cuticle with cuticle oil is good treatment forA. white spots on nailB. hangnailsC. cut or bleeding cuticleD. redness or swelling around the nailQ.9) Dead cuticle tissue is usually removedA. just before the base coat is applied to nailB. as the last step of manicuring procedureC. after loosing the cuticle by the pusherD. right after the soaking periodQ.10) each license establishment is required to maintain the following minimum equipment
  4. 4. A. ability to identify nail disordersB. ability to treat common nail diseasesC. thorough knowledge of hand and arm cosmeticsD. understanding the structures of the hands and armQ.11) Each license establishment is required to maintain the following minimum equipmentA. 1 closet cabinetB. 1 airtight containerC. 1 liquid sanitizerD. All of the aboveQ.12) When giving a manicure if it is necessary to use the powdered astringent on a patrons skin toarrest bleeding, which of the following may be used to apply it A. sterile gauze B. sterile spatula C. a shaker dispenser D. any of the aboveQ.13) To soften the cuticle add to the water in the finger bowl a few drops ofA. polish removerB. nail bleachC. cuticle oilD. liquid soap