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Mobile marketing

  1. 1. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 1Mobile Marketing Association MC Corp , 8th floor Sport Hotel, Hacinco Student Village, Thanh Xuan Dist.,Hanoi.. E-Mail: Web:
  2. 2. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 2Content focus:1. About Mobile Marketing Association:This is the first MMA Forum Vietnam focused on the ways mobile devices are changing how people live, andhow innovation, creativity, and development will help to fulfill the promise of a Smarter TomorrowThe MMA’s primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensable part of the marketing mix: to promote,educate, measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide.08h AM to 18h PM25th October, 2012:Mobile marketing is a suitable tool in the following marketing objectives:- Firstly, it is to increase brand recognition with customers.- Second, create a database of customer concerns.- Third, the customers attention on events or other trading activities, increase sales.- Finally, to increase customer engagement for brands+ Keynote: Mobile Moments and Mobile MovementsMobile Advertising’s reach into the digital media world has been pervasive. But with the expansive growth anduntapped potential there are still a number of bumps in the road to successfully landing a mobile mediacampaign with your target consumer.
  3. 3. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 3Speaker: Bui Nguyen An Phuong: Deputy Managing Director of GroupM Vietnam & Tom Simpson: Head ofDigital at Mindshare Vietnam+ China: Understanding Audience Beyond an Overwhelming statisticsMany Mobile Marketing Player, both local & global jump into the China Market driven by statistics. Only littleunderstands the ecosystem and critical success factors to succeed in the Chinese market. Need market insights onthe use of Mobile and its pervasive nature with best case studies from the marketVietnam, only rated at 1.5 and 90% prepaid mobile so problems payment and low penetration market.
  4. 4. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 4Speaker: Joshua Maa: Founder & CEO Madhouse+ An Agency view on the world of mobile marketingRegional and international case studies of work done for Mobext’s for their FMCG clients, along with anoverview of the strategic opportunity facing retailer in the region.Case studies include work done for: McDonald’s, Starwood, Kmart, Volvo and Sears, among others.In store tablet marketing: use technology interactions between customers and products, tablets devices became aconsultant rather PG effective promotions, gift products in the store.Interactive billboard: Example Pond advertising in 4 months => efficient and clear power mobile marketingapplication:Integrate mobile with other mediaIntegrate mobile with every step of the customer path to purchaseSpeaker: Arthur Policarpio: Head of Mobile – Asia Pacific at Mobext- Havas group+ International Mobile and Advertising Trends: Revenue Optimization and big chances for brandsThe mobile ecosystems plays alongside everything digital but the trends clearly indicate insights to cheer for themobile industry. Being a mobile publisher, getting the right options to optimize this and understanding theopportunities and challenge in real time for brands to engage their consumers.CPM rating on Ipad: 4 $ follow to Iphone & Android users focus: Photo, Calendar, Video, fbRich media & Social Media, with high-speed network access, 50% of users mobilephone internet access andstatistically 200M active unique users on OperaMini / month.A mobile application in a major marketing campaign is advertising. The advantage of mobile advertisingcampaigns effectiveness measured by establishing the target audience of the campaign include: subject,geography, habits ... and repartition to use more the most cost effective advertising. The main difference this
  5. 5. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 5makes mobile marketing campaigns to measure the effectiveness of advertising and feedback from targetcustomers. High efficiency but the cost is quite reasonable.Speaker: Fabrizio Caruso: Senior Vice President Asia at Opera Software ASA+ Keynote: Leading the agency evolution: meet the growing demands of the new media centered around mobileSome see mobile advertising as closely related to online or internet advertising , though its reach is far greater –currently, most mobile advertising is targeted at mobile phones, that came estimated to a global total of 4,6 billionas of 2009. Notably computers, including: desktops & Laptops, are currently estimated at 1,1 billion globally. It isprobable, that advertisers and media industry will increasingly take account of a bigger and fast growing mobilemarketSpeaker: Nguyễn Thị Thuý Bình: Vice President, Strategy Development Goldsun Focus Media.+ Insight on Mobile Marketing tracking & measurementTime for introspection, in Vietnam, band spend is lagging the massive consumer shift to virtually all thingsmobile. This may be a point in time observation that simply tells us that, similar to the shift from offline to online,shifts in spend take longer than one expects.What do advertisers really want from advertising tracking and measurement?How can practical and comprehensive measuring be ensured to achive best ROISpeaker: Vann Le Usami: Giám đốc nghiên cứu dịch vụ trực tuyến Cimigo Việt Nam+ Engaging the Consumer: How Mobile Changes Everything?In the discussion, review the key factors that are impacting marketers ability to successfully engage and managean ongoing relationship with consumers.Key talking points will include cloud computing, marketing strategy, cross media effects, analytics and other keyfactors.
  6. 6. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 6Speaker:Vann Le Usami: Online Research Director at Cimigo, Vietnam ParticipantsTran Thi Lan Thanh: CEO Goldsun Focus MediaEmmanuel Alix: CEO Aditic& Managing Director APAC at SofialysIchio T.Jinnai: Regional Director Cyber Communication Inc.Joshua Maa: Founder and CEO at Madhouse+ The Opportunity : An investors perspectiveThe Opportunities & challenges of harnessing the many dimensions of mobile as an effective advertising &marketing tool in the a growing market like VietnamSpeaker: Henry B.Nguyen: Managing General partner, IDG Ventures Vietnam+ Keynote: Consumer view of Mobile MarketingAs Smartphone proliferation gains momentum, the rise of mobile internet usage particularly Social Networking &internet search present a golden opportunity for marketers to connect with the customers.-What are consumer attitudes towards mobile advertising across different markets- What specific approaches marketing companies can adopt to have a better connect with the consumer when itcomes to mobile advertising.
  7. 7. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 7
  8. 8. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 8Speaker: Vishal Bali: Managing Director, Telecom Industry Group in the APMEA Region at Nielsen+ India: Growing importance of mobile as the new mediaSecond largest mobile market in world, India have new dynamics on the growing medium in a dynamic marketplace.Mobile shopper are going beyond basic price comparisons and mobile savvy retailers are giving those shoppersmore useful & relevant options that driver out of store engagement, word of mouth and in store sales.Mobile services are driving retail sales via social commerce & proximity marketing.Speaker: Suresh Narasimha: CEO & Founder, TELiBrahma Convergent Communications.+ Unlock the power of Personal Media, Mobile and Tablet DevicesIt is clear there’s significant consumer appetite for deeper engagement with retailers on mobile & tablet devices.According to Niesel, Australian consumers have a very high propensity to use their personal media devices form-commerce.However Singaporeans have the highest Smartphone penetration of any country in the region at 62%. So whatdoes this mean for future of m-commerce in Singapore? => Trends show an increasing number of people aredoing commerce via their mobile devicesQuestion: How to use Personal Media to enhance your customer relationships, mobile enable commerce (E-Commerce) and more.Speaker: Oliver Plamer: Head of Innovation at Tigerspike+ Case study: The importance of Here & Now (Solomo= Social + Location + Mobile)SoLoMo’s great strengths is that it can harmless the value of the timely and relevant and distribute that broadly toconnected consumer base.For brands and Agencies it can be an extremely effective tool to cut a natural path for consumers through thedigital connect.In Store via Mobile: Click App => Check => Demo =>SMS, MMS: Share Image to Friends list => Chon lua sp phuhop Mobile Social Location
  9. 9. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 9Speaker: Christian Geissendoerfer: CEO and Founder at YOOSE+ Keynote: The Mobile Era Continues: Latest trends in content, Targeting and Engagement for Brand MarketersLearn about the latest trends in the Mobile App Economy which encompass the marriage of the content & utility,incredible targeting capabilities enabled by real world data, and the boundless opportunities that mobile presentsfor marketers today that carry us through the next several years of “The Mobile Era”Speaker: Robert Woolfrey: Managing Director, SE Asia at Millennial Media+ Creating compelling Mobile Strategies:The mobile industry has been on a whirlwind journey over the course of 2011 and has finally come of age. Themarket has expanded incredibly quickly, with APAC countries offering some of the greatest opportunities forbrands trying to engage with new consumers.It is therefore more important than ever that global companies build a targeted mobile strategy that delivers thenecessary ROI by understanding consumers usage, context and the velocity of change. Content ROI Usage Velocity
  10. 10. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 10Speaker: Stewart Hunter: vice President, Business Development at Somo+ Getting the right Mobile Media Mix in Emerging MarketsCase studies presentation on Why the emerging market mobile ecosystems is different and what that acctuallymeans for advertisers and its based on based usage patterns?New platformsNew Systems  Think differently  Think customers 1st  Think Mobile 1stSpeaker: Vikas Gulati: Vice President – South East Asia at Media consumption habits of mobile internet user and how brands can engage with themMobile devices continue to change the way people interact, shop & learn. However, there exists very little or noinformation about how this global phenomenon has impacted media consumers.In this session attendees will get detail insights into media consumption habits of consumer in Vietnam,platforms and content categories: - When are they consuming content? - Where are they using their devices? - How are they accessing content? - What are they accessing? - How does consumption differ by platform or demographics? - How has the mobile device impact consumption via other channelsAction:BuyGoSaveShareThink diffently
  11. 11. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 11 Evaluation consider ation Mobile Purchase Post PurchaseSpeaker: Cheryl Cheng: Head of Brand Advertising, Malaysia &Emerging Markets (Thailand, Vietnam,Philippines) at Inmobi+ A view on the Potential of Mobile Advertising and MarketingBrands should lead the way in investing in the mobile and if the brands should be investing more in mobileadvertising and marketing to help build the industry, which they will benefit from in long run.What are the potential challenges and ecosystem changes/development they expect to be managed by theindustry for brands to fully utilize the potential of mobile as truly an engagement medium for all the traditionalmarketing mediums? Information Communication EntertainmentInformation: SMS, Text,…Communication: Email,…Entertainment: Ringtone, Wallpaper,…Speaker:Vikas Gulati: VP SE Asia, Vsev.mobiSuresh Narasimha: Founder & CEO, TELiBrahmaFarizio Caruso: Senior Vice President, Asia, Opera Software ASAOscar- Luigi Veronese: VP Sales & Operations, InternetQVishal Bali: Managing Director, Telecom Industry (APMEA)
  12. 12. MMA Forum Vietnam – 25th October, 2012 12Overview:According to Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Global Mobile Marketing Association, MobileMarketing industry is a young industry in the world is also a new development for 3 years and hope to thegrowth of services infrastructure and Mobile markets are strongly on the rise in Vietnam. Promising Vietnam willcapture and keep this integration trend quickly in the future.Under the individual assessment, the Forum attracted many investors are looking to learn the Vietnamese marketthrough the issue discussed above to evaluate the potential as well as the interest of marketing spends to thisissue. Also towards the business of VN is want to search Angency as GoldSun, SoSmart to focus on this potentialmarket segment that does not have a specific orientation.