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Sync system


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sync system

  1. 1. Sync systemBy Ford and Microsoft Guillaume Blais Charles Larochelle Gabriel Tremblay Bisson
  2. 2. Since 2008• Ford start to introduce this product in 2008. The luxury department ( Lincoln ) was the first to use this system. It was used at the first time in the new version of the MKS.
  3. 3. Team work• Ford, in cooperation with Microsoft, create this software for the automotive industry. It’s a new kind of hands free system. More secure and useful than all the other system made by the other brand.
  4. 4. utility• This is like a big Ipad in your dash board. With this you can make hands free call, 911 assistance when your in trouble , navigation , internet connectivity , diagnostic of your car problem’s , control the climate of your car and even play a movie or music. All this with your voice with the touch screen.
  5. 5. superiority• The majority all the other system on the automotive market are really complicated to use. They don’t have so many option like the Sync system. This is probably the useful hands free system of the industry. This system is better than BMW or Mercedes-Benz hand free system,
  6. 6. Make your life easier• You dont have to worry about the police because you are speaking with your cell phone or texting.• Words : 173
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