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Talk in Prototype


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Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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Talk in Prototype

  1. 1. Prototype
  2. 2. Self PortraitDenny TsaiCurrent Researcher, Advanced Research I, Quanta Research InstituteAcademic Post-doc researcher, Multi-Career Center, Chiba University Ph.D., Division of Design Science, Chiba University MS, Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University BS, Department of International Business, Yuan-Ze UniversityResearch InterestInteraction Design Methodology, Human Perception and Sensational Studies
  3. 3. Quanta Computer-Quanta Research Institute 1 Technology Research Initiatives • Mobile Multimedia SoC • Digital Imaging Processing Engine • Just Play (Configuration free ad hoc network for smart devices) • Trusted Virtual Storage and Computing • T-Net (Overlay networks for peer-to-peer communications) • Natural Interaction (Human centric interface by spoken and written input) • Blade Server-Based Grid Computing for Scientific Applications 2 Product Research Initiatives • Wireless Communication Technology and related applications      (WiMax, UWB etc) • Digital Home Solution • Digital Mobile Computing Devices • Advanced Storage Systems(NAS, SAN, etc)CollaborationMIT CSAIL(Computer Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)National Taiwan University
  4. 4. Art Science Prototype
  5. 5. Art of Prototype
  6. 6. Art of Prototype Apple II
  7. 7. Art of Prototype Motorola DynaTac
  8. 8. Art of Prototype Push Button Telephone
  9. 9. Art of Prototype Moog
  10. 10. Art of Prototype Mouse, PARC 1974 Push Button Telephone
  11. 11. Art of Prototype KUMA Kengo 2000 Push Button Telephone
  12. 12. Art of Prototype SANNA 1999 Push Button Telephone
  13. 13. Art of Prototype SANNA 1999 Push Button Telephone
  14. 14. 21
  15. 15. Art of Prototype Tokyo Designer’s Week 2010
  16. 16. Art of Prototype Tokyo Designer’s Week 2010
  17. 17. Art of Prototype Tokyo Designer’s Week 2010
  18. 18. Art Science Prototype
  19. 19. Science of Prototype
  20. 20. Theoretically Speaking...Sociology- activity theory- field observation- constructive meaning model Science of PrototypeErgonomics and human factor Why?- tangible or intangible cognitionEmotional study- recap, remind and encountering- affective arouse
  21. 21. Action Science of Prototype Machine Prinitive ModelHuman System Action Environment
  22. 22. Action Experience Science of Prototype Machine Primitive ModelHuman System Sensation Environment
  23. 23. Science of PrototypePaper Prototype
  24. 24. .clam project Science of Prototype Vedio Prototype
  25. 25. Science of PrototypeLego Prototype
  26. 26. Science of PrototypeHardware Sketch
  27. 27. Science of PrototypePrototype Enginnering
  28. 28. Rapid IdeationFree Material Science of Prototype Prototype Secret Function Scenario
  29. 29. Rapid IdeationFree Material Science of Prototype Prototype Secret Function Scenario
  30. 30. Importance of working prototype○ Find problems ASAP○ Touch-and-feel Science of Prototype Prototype Secret○ Explore essence of experience
  31. 31. Science of PrototypeWOW-FLOW-SHOW
  32. 32. Any Questions?
  33. 33. WORKSHOP!!A Simple IDEA of BOOKTake Photo/Note/Anything SHOW TIME