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PACE CMO - Part 10 - Internet Marketing Case Study


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PACE Institute CMO Training Program - EQVN Training - Part 10 - Internet Marketing Case Study

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PACE CMO - Part 10 - Internet Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. Chương trình đào tạo GIÁM ĐỐC MARKETING Chuyênđề: TIẾP THỊ SỐ VÀTRUYỀN THÔNG XÃ HỘI(Digital Marketing & Social Media)
  2. 2. Case Study 1:Truyền thông xã hội cho doanh nghiệp vừa & nhỏ
  3. 3. Le Nguyen Fashion  “Thay chu yeu ng ta goi dt hoi ve size, gia ca, la ng ta thay tren fb” – Hiển Đỗ / Owner
  4. 4. Trang Fan Page
  5. 5. Marketing tool
  6. 6. As recruitment tool
  7. 7. “Áo thun” trên ZingMe fanpage
  8. 8. Contest & Hoạt động
  9. 9. Converse trên ZingMe Fanpage
  10. 10. Case Study 2:Oracle B2B
  11. 11. Oracle – BBC whitepaper campaign
  12. 12. Mục tiêuObjectiveKey Objective: To generate leads through whitepaper downloads (100 leads)Target Audience: SMEsMarkets: ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines)Duration: 4 weeks
  13. 13. Case Study – Oracle AsiaSolutionA microsite was built.The campaign comprised of banners on and Video on Demand, which lead users to the micrositeURL:
  14. 14. Case Study – Oracle AsiaResultsBanners - Impressions: 750,198 | Clicks: 2,237 CTR: 0.3%Video - Streams: 232,496 | Clicks: 8,414 CTR: 3.62%- Companion banner (CTR): 1.74%- Total number of eBooks/ Whitepapers downloaded: 80
  15. 15. Case Study 3:Integrated Marketing
  16. 16. Mechanics of a Digitally Integrated Campaign TVC + Print + OOH + Text2Win + IVR + Banners + Microsite + CRM SMS for Receives Results: Thank You Prize SMSTouchpoints: -Target Audience Registers has 16 potential Target on Micro- brand interactions Receives site Watches Sends SMS Prize (compared to TVC SMS Notification three) Message -Client can discern Target Receives Text to win Thank Consumer effectiveness of TV Sees Send SMS Is entered Banners You Into DB vs. Print + Web vs. meesage Receives IVR IVR Prize Quiz Mobile advertising Notification Game for future Target Receives campaigns Registers Thank Sees On You Print Ad Microsite Email -Database is collected for future CRM usage with Traditional multiple Touchpoint: 1 touchpoints & ongoing Digital Red = User Initiated interactions Touchpoint: 1 Action recorded
  17. 17. ATL + MOBILE = INTERACTIVITY + MEASUREMENT MeasurementWhat do we learn? we do? Response Per in all What can HTV Ad types of advertising 45 is the critical 1.VTV and HTV7 messaging 1.Test the 7 indicator for have the most change the copy for the and VTV 86 success ofsuccess ofon poorly performing ads a the TV campaign. campaignsVT VTC 23 1.Stop advertising on Let‟s see how is more 1.TV some channels and Yea mobile marketing can than Print effective select others or increase h1 + SMS 2 (about 4-5X) help brand(s) analyze which frequency on effective channels 1.Either the Yeah1 Thanh 15 channels and Nhien and Saigon Giai new direct communication are 1.UtilizePrint Phong campaigns to potential access Tuoi 12 most effective for the Tre you are the wrong customers through Tiep Thi demographic or the Mobile/Digital interactive Gia 0 messagingmarketing is wrong Dinh
  18. 18. Case Study 4:Adidas – Basketball is brotherhood
  19. 19. Mobile Engagement Strategy Consumer ActionTelevision Outdoor Online Radio Print Text „Team‟ to 23452 Enga geme nt Target Audience Mobile Media Activate, Engage, Relat SMS/IVR Opt SMS IN In Communicate ionsh Product, Athletes, Photos, ip OUT Wallpaper, Ringtones
  20. 20. Television
  21. 21. IN STORE
  22. 22. Online
  23. 23. Engagement Strategy Text from TMac Call from Gilbert Engagement Text from DuncanCall from KG Engagement Text from Gilbert Text from KG Call from Duncan Call from TMac Engagement INCOMING SMS Thanks for joining the Brotherhood. Get free Wallpapers and Ringtones Click Here. Rply END 2 quit. INCOMING SMS Get a Customized INCOMING SMS INCOMING SMS Voicemail from the Your are now part of Brotherhood - Click Get a Customized Here. Rply END 2 the brotherhood. Ringtone from the Look for calls from quit. Brotherhood - Click Gilbert, Chauncey, Here. Rply END 2 Howard, & the whole quit. team (4 in 12 days). Rply END 2 quit.
  24. 24. 3107664906
  25. 25. Results
  26. 26. Case Study 5:Dulux – Own a color
  27. 27. Case Study 6:Coke – Design your coke
  28. 28. 31 31
  29. 29. 32 32
  30. 30. www.mycoke.comCommunicate your website addressDrive audience to your website and back into the real world
  31. 31. Encourage participation with exclusive “Design The World A Coke” contest
  32. 32. Personalise your own Coke bottle design
  33. 33. 1000’s of ways to express yourself
  34. 34. “Mash up”, rate and share your design with friends
  35. 35. Share brand / user-generated content as downloads
  36. 36. Build your brand database and opportunitiesfor audience interactive experiences and ongoing dialogue
  37. 37. Provide incentives to entice your audience to share their detailsmycoke ‘CC Metro,’ is a 3D virtual environment offering a completely new experience
  38. 38. Drive customer acquisitionMembers can personalize their space, socialize with other members, upload, accessmusic-mixers, gaming, sports and entertainment,including paintballing, a skate park and a theater featuring exclusive videos.
  39. 39. Drive customer acquisition mycoke.comIntegrate online and offline marketing activities to drive youraudience to your website and back into their real social > my fest