The Front Burner: Food Safety, With Health on the Line, Every Detail Matters


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Tundra Restaurant Supply's The Front Burner for January 2013 covers food safety articles that cover food code with thermometers, receive procedures that help save money, 4 keys to safety in your restaurant, the truth on protecting your hands when cutting with sharp objects, food safety with storesafe, be prepared when mayhem comes knocking, food safety today. There's also great deals on top brands in the food safety world.

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The Front Burner: Food Safety, With Health on the Line, Every Detail Matters

  1. 1. WI N T ER 2 013 t r Presen t Burne n The Fro WITH s TE I L M AT E TA VERY D , E E LINE TH LT H O N HEA RS 01. 01.2013 SALE 0 3 .31.2013 Bringing MORE To The TaBle 800.594.4183
  2. 2. M A N u fAcT u R E R S 47 46 27 32 46 37 44 13 52 25 12 19 23 50 Adcraft Amana American Metalcraft Bar Maid Belleco Beverage-Air Blodgett Bugambilia Cactus Mat Cambro Cardinal Carlisle Channel Chase Doors 4 5 51 8 17 9 38 34 14 6 50 39 48 2 Chef Works Comark Continental Cooper-Atkins Daymark Detecto Dormont Dynamic Eco Products Edlund Elkay Encore by CHG Fagor First Aid Only 23 10 34 33 40 16 52 44 27 35 48 3 36 49 Focus Foodservice Grosfillex KitchenAid Krowne Metalfrio Mundial Oreck Pitco Polarware Robot Coupe Rubbermaid San Jamar Scotsman T&S Brass 6 12 53 42 28 18 37 20 38 7 51 9 Tablecraft Thunder Group Tucker Turbo Air Update International Victorinox Vitamix Vollrath Waring Winco Wobble Wedges Yamato Get FREE SHIPPING on the products listed in brand advertisements where this icon appears ArTiCLES 1 4 8 11 wELComE to 2013 food CodE thermometers rECEiving proCEdurES that help save money 4 KEyS To SAfETy In your restaurant 16 24 30 53 ThE TruTh on the Cut food SAfETy wIth storesafe® bE prEpArEd when mayhem Comes KnoCKInG food SAfETy today
  3. 3. WELcOME TO 2013 Food saFety is a topic that is vital to the success of every restaurant and kitchen. However, food safety goes far beyond a checklist, grade and/or stamp of approval; it is a responsibility you have to your customers. they trust that you will not only provide them with an enjoyable experience but more importantly a safe one! Here at Tundra Restaurant Supply, we believe that it’s not just about doing business; it’s about building trust and protecting the people we serve, which is why we’ve packed this issue of the Front Burner with tips and product solutions for driving food safety initiatives in your restaurant. We also shed light on the proactive efforts following Hurricane sandy and ways that you can best prepare your restaurant for when nature strikes again. Be sure to join our blog community at for the most up-to-date discussions involving the industry! Until next quarter- We wish you a successful New year full of happy and healthy customers! order by phone: 800.594.4183 Stay Connected: order online: The Back Burner hundreds of you submitted a story for a chance to win $20,000 -- and we’ve picked the top finalists. Now it’s your turn to tell us who your favorite is — join us online to vote! find out who the winner is on January 21, 2013! ChECK ouT the finalists Scan the code or visit: prEmiEr SponSorS prizE pACKAgE SponSorS tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 1
  4. 4. Thank you for shopping at Tundra Restaurant Supply! With over 60,000 items (Thousands in stock) and growing, we look forward to serving all of your foodservice needs. we understand that you have other options when shopping for the right product and that playing the ‘price compare’ game can be time consuming. don’t you have enough on your plate? how much easier would it be if you could just satisfy your current needs with a single retailer? TO THAT END, WE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE THE TundrA Low priCE guArAnTEE: If you find a product within participating brands at a better price elsewhere, simply contact us and allow us the opportunity to beat that price by emailing us at or calling 1-888-388-6372. Proof of competitor pricing is all we ask and only fair, so please be prepared to provide a URL or quote on dealer letterhead when making your request. low price guArAnTEE PARTICIPATING brAndS For more details visit bE pREpARED… HAVING IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO PRACTICAl SUPPlIES CAN MAKE All THE DIFFERENCE firSt aid StartEr kit itEM NO. 54-140 PRICE $ 49.99 P TO F O R u Pl E O 25 PE LArgEr KiTS & KiT rEfiLLS AvAiLAbLE AT ETundrA.Com STARTER KIT INCludES: ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ 2 (10) Iodine wipes (10) Alcohol pads (18) Antiseptic wipes (10) Antibiotic packs ƒ (4) Gauze pads ƒ (2) Gauze rolls ƒ (5) Fingertip, (5) knuckle, (16) fabric and (5) plastic bandages ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ (10) Non-stick pads (1) Burn dressing (10) Aspirin (4) Vinyl gloves tuNdra resTauranT suPPly ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ (1) Scissors (1) Tweezers (1) Cold compress (1) CPR face shield 800.594.4183 ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ (1) First aid booklet (1) Eye wash kit (1) Sling (1) Metal cabinet
  5. 5. ARE YOU WORKING EFFICIENTlY & KEEPING FOOD SAFE? allErGEN Saf-t-ZONE™ dId YOu KNO W? Over 15 millio n item no. ASz121812SyS Americans ha ve Kit Includes: food allergies. • the Purple Board™:  12” x 18” x 1/2” saf-t-Grip® cutting board Protect them & your • allergen Chef Knife: 10” stainless steel commercial-grade knife. business! • allergen tongs: 12” stainless steel tongs with rubberized, dipped handle. • allergen turner: 13” stainless steel turner with rubberized, dipped handle. • thermometer Holder: safe storage for thermometer (thermometer not included) • saf-t-Zone™ Case:  Protects system tools from contamination during storage. PRICE $ 79.95 Saf-ChECk® saf–Check™ is the first all–in–one system that keeps your thermometer and sanitizer test strips together. Improves food safety practices and makes it easier to train employees to properly monitor temperature and sanitizing pails to help prevent food borne illness. Includes (1) replaceable 15 ft. test strip roll, thermometer, detachable carabiner & pocket clip. item no. Type priCE SFc1200QT Quaternary $19.99 SFc1200cl chlorine $18.49 MORE SAfETY pRODucTS ONLINE! viSiT rapi-kOOl® pluS Revolutionary new design provides new functionality, durability and ease of use. Innovative Fill-Rite™ design eliminates looking for the fill line - simply fill Rapi-Kool® Plus with water, screw on the top and freeze. separate handle cap guarantees ice expansion area, eliminating the stress caused by overfilling. item no. Capacity priCE rcU64V2 64 oz. $26.59 rcU128V2 128 oz. $36.99 klEEN–pail® Caddy™ SyStEM item no. Kp500 Kleen–Pail® Caddy™ system combines cleaning and sanitizing, two essential HaCCP processes, into one attractive, portable tool. Increases productivity while reducing labor and travel time. each unit comes complete with integrated spray bottle holder and cleaning solution pail, as well as sanitizer spray bottle. PRICE $ 12.99 Saf-t-Wrap® StatiON item no. Sw1218 the complete solution to prevent cross-contamination and ensure safe food rotation. station combines safe dispensing of film and foil with an integrated dating label dispenser, side caddies to store pens, cutters and other tools. PRICE $ 59.99 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 3
  6. 6. meters be thermo pro O D cO D E? R S TAT E ’S f O E W IT H YO u u u p -T O -DAT A R E YO thE dEtailS although bi-metal thermometers (dial or digital) can still be used with soups and thicker cuts of meat, the new Fda food code makes it mandatory that all thin foods less than ½ inch (13 mm) should be temperature checked with a thermometer that has a sensing probe of 0.059 inch (1.5 mm) or less in diameter. Unlike the bimetallic thermometer, a probe sensing thermometer or “thermistor” has a sensor located in the very tip of the probe that is 1.5mm thin or less. thermistors are not only faster indicators than bimetallic coil thermometers in reaching an accurate temperature but they also comply with the Fda food code. ORANGE trIm BERRY trIm REd trIm mERlOT trIm BluE trIm COOl VENt™ BaSEBall Cap itEM NO. a500 itEM NO. f24 Colors ƒ Navy/White ƒ Charcoal/Red ƒ Brown/Cream Colors ƒ Lime/Brown ƒ orange/Brown ƒ Merlot/Gray PRICE $ 11.95 bEAniES StripEd BiB aprONS KEEP YOuR COOl WITH CHEF WORKS COOl VENT™ TECHNOlOGY ClOTHING ANd HEAdWEAR itEM NO. dfCV ƒ Cool Vent™ fabric on top with cotton base ƒ adjustable Velcro® closure ƒ one size fits most ƒ Multiple colors available PRICE $ 8.95 COOl VENt™ BEaNiE lImE trIm GRAY trIm All over Cool Vent™ with contrast color sandwich trim and adjustable buckle closure. Available in multiple color trims. One size fits most. PRICE THE NExT gENERATION Of cOOL 4 PRICE $ 8.95 itEM NO. BCCt ApronS bASEbALL CApS probE SEnSing ThErmomETErS are quickly becoming more than just a convenient tool to have. The FdA has already made them mandatory in many states, including, Florida, Washington, Oklahoma, Ohio, Hawaii and Oregon… and will soon be mandatory in every state. Bimetallic thermometers, commonly referred to as “pocket dial thermometers” are widely known as the cost effective solution for monitoring temperatures of hot liquids and thicker cuts of meat. these thermometers are designed to indicate temperatures based off of a bimetal coil located in the probe. Because the coil is generally 2- 2½” thick, to get an accurate reading the probe must be inserted 2- 2½” within the food being measured…an obvious problem when the hamburger patty or fish fillet being monitored is ½” thick or possibly less. tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY $ 11.95 BiStrO aprONS Health code requires that outer garments not be soiled with possible contaminants and effective hair restraints are worn in areas where food is exposed. bring your rESTAurAnT To LifE shop the full line of Chef works at! 800.594.4183
  7. 7. WHY TAkE A cHANcE? FUllY COMPlY WITH THE NEW FDA FOOD CODE! ALL modELS fEATurE ƒ 1.5mm thin tip ƒ Field Calibratable ƒ data Hold ƒ °F/°C Switchable ƒ Biocote® Antimicrobial Protection itEM NO. dt400 itEM NO. pdQ400 PRICE PRICE $ 25.99 $ 26.99 The CommeRCial DiShwaSheR ChoiCe! faStESt & MOSt aCCuratE itEM NO. pdt300 itEM NO. 300B PRICE PRICE $ 21.99 SlEEk dESiGN: fitS flat iN yOur poCkeT! $ 11.99 iDeal FoR TRanSpoRT! Can SuRvive a 10 FooT DRop WHICH FOOd COdE COmPlIANT mOdEl IS BEST FOR YOuR NEEdS? MOdEl fEaturE aCCuraCy tEMp raNGE StEM lENGth WarraNty dt400 Waterproof +/-1° -4° to 400°F 5” stem 1 year pdQ400 Waterproof +/-1° -4° to 400°F 3” stem 5 years pdt300 Waterproof +/-2° -58° to 300°F 3” stem 1 year 300B Water Resistant +/-2° -40° to 300°F 4” stem 1 year tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 5
  8. 8. easy to clean, no build-up patented thread design! pOuR MASTER ® THE ONlY NSF CERTIFIEd POuRmASTER® ON THE mARKET! COlORS AVAIlABlE brown green red orange white yellow itEM NO. N32 itEM NO. N32lp itEM NO. N32SM 1 qt. capacity 1 qt. capacity 1 qt. capacity PRICE $ 5.19 PRICE $ 4.99 PRICE $ 3.99 sold individually* lONG NECk tOp™ use behind the bar for various beverages! sold individually* sold individually* lOW prOfilE tOp™ ideal for salad dressings & sauces! StOrMaStEr™ great for storing & transporting liquids! AMERICA’S MOST RElIABlE MAKER OF COMMERCIAl CAN OPENERS! itEM NO. S-11 itEM NO. u-12 ƒ Entirely stainless steel ƒ 5 yrs warranty ƒ nickel & stainless steel ƒ 1 yr warranty PRICE $ 429.95 PRICE $ 189.95 thE MOSt SaNitary Can openeR! itEM NO. #1 TO P R! ƒ Can Size: SEllE up to 11” tall ƒ production: up to 50 cans/day PRICE $ 109.99 Old rEliaBlE SEriES 6 uNiVErSal SEriES univErSAL CAn opEnErS ƒ 16” shaft height ƒ 50 cans/day ƒ Quick change gear ƒ Stainless steel slide bar ƒ Pull pin for easy blade replacement ƒ Disassembly for easy cleaning itEM NO. #2 ƒ Can Size: up to 7” tall ƒ production: up to 25 cans/day PRICE $ 91.95 STAndArd CAn opEnErS ƒ Nickel plated cast iron ƒ Rust-resistant arbor ƒ Plastic insert in base for smooth operation ƒ 1 year warranty ƒ Reversible knife for added longevity Old rEliaBlE SEriES tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  9. 9. WOOdEN puB-hEiGht hiGh Chair ƒ Contoured seat ƒ Durable polyethylene ƒ High sides ƒ Includes straps ƒ Wide square base ƒ Dishwasher safe ƒ Non-skid surface ƒ 12¼"W x 12½"D x 9½"H itEM NO. COlOr priCE ChB-2p Brown Black $ 37.99 ChB-2pk dOuBlE-SidEd BOOStEr SEatS With 2 StrapS ƒ Stackable ƒ Includes safety straps ƒ Rubberwood ƒ Ships knocked down ƒ 20"W x 22"D x 29"H itEM NO. Chh-601 ƒ Rubberwood ƒ High quality ƒ Natural finish ƒ 19"W x 20"D x 41"H ƒ Seat at 32" high itEM NO. Chh-101 PRICE $ 74.19 Chh-103 Chh-104 fiNiSh priCE Natural Mahogany walnut $ 29.99 $ 31.99 $ 33.99 WOOdEN hiGh ChairS ƒ Includes waist and seat straps ƒ Rubberwood ƒ 11¾"W x 12"D x 10½"H itEM NO. ChB-701 ChB-703 ChB-704 fiNiSh Natural Mahogany walnut priCE $ 29.99 WOOdEN BOOStEr SEatS itEM NO. COlOr priCE 12" x 18" x ½" CBBN-1218 CBrd-1218 CBGr-1218 CBBu-1218 CByl-1218 itEM NO. COlOr priCE 15" x 20" x ½" Brown red Green Blue Yellow CBBN-1520 CBrd-1520 $ 8.49 CBGr-1520 CBBu-1520 CByl-1520 CuttiNG BOardS itEM NO. COlOr priCE Brown red Green Blue Yellow $ 17.99 18" x 24" x ½" Brown red Green Blue Yellow CBBN-1824 CBrd-1824 $ 11.99 CBGr-1824 CBBu-1824 CByl-1824 wood vS. pLASTiC Consider using separate cutting boards for fresh produce and bread, raw meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and cooked foods. This will prevent bacteria on a cutting board that is used for raw meat from contaminating a food that requires no further cooking. nonporous surfaces like plastic are dishwasher safe making them easier to clean than wood and thus better in terms of food safety. wood is naturally porous, and those tiny grooves in wooden boards can harbor bacteria. tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 7
  10. 10. dures ceiving proce re money pREpARE TO bE MANAgED! haCCp MaNaGEr kit N E W! e hat help sav t itEM NO. 93710 KiT inCLudES: ƒ Handheld instrument ƒ MicroNeedle Probe ƒ Battery Charger ƒ UsB Cable ƒ software Cd-RoM ƒ soft Carrying Pouch PRICE $ 549.99 use the Handheld to check incoming food product to ensure compliance with your HACCP workflow! bENEfITS 9 Records up to 3000 records between downloads 9 provides a more accurate approach to temperature monitoring having a highly organized person in charge of all receiving goods is critical to any restaurants bottom line. here’s a quick checklist of receiving procedures your restaurant should follow: 9 have the original order invoice and a thermometer in hand. 9 Compare what was actually ordered to what is coming in: don’t forget to check for exact product, i.e. size, weight, counts, etc. 9 ensures compliance with haCCp workflow 9 increases employee accountability 9 eliminates manual data collecting 9 improves health inspection scores via programmable Corrective actions 9 Check for damaged products: dented, dinged, molded, rotted, etc. 9 If you have refrigerated or frozen products coming in, check the temperature of the products. fEATuRES 9 -99°f to 999.9°f temp range 9 Color lCD Screen 9 Rechargable battery 9 free automated software updates 9 export reports to pDF & excel format 9 Free telephone tech support 9 Made in the uSa 9 5 year warranty The HACCP manager software is the most important component of your HaCCP manager system. all user fields, including employees, locations, menus, temperature ranges and corrective actions are user definable with your working vernacular. secure permanent records can be transferred between instrument and PC for HaCCP reporting and archiving. Critical Control Points and corrective actions can be defined by the user for food safe temperatures, food holding equipment and work flow; all tailored to meet your HaCCP Compliance Guidelines. Chef henri's "hints" pane offers extra guidance 9 verify total cost aligns with your original order invoice. How HaVe THiNGS liNed Up So Far? If the complete (and exact) order isn’t there, if items are damaged, if temperatures aren’t right and/or the total cost doesn’t align with the original order invoice, then don’t sign that receiving invoice. Instead, the vendor needs to be contacted to discuss what issue there may be. once you, or the employee in charge of receiving, feels comfortable with the shipment, go ahead and sign. doN’T ForGeT THere’S More To do. there’s also recording final cost, taking inventory and, finally, putting items away fIfo (first-in, first-out). staying organized in a restaurant is just as critical for your budget as safety is for your employees and guests – make sure your restaurant has appropriate receiving procedures. 8 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  11. 11. RELIAbILITY YOu cAN TRuST HANDS FREE porTion ConTroL SCALE WASHDOWN PORTABLE porTion ConTroL SCALES itEM NO. ppC-300Wp-4 ƒ Capacity: 4.4 lb., 80 oz., 2 kg. itEM NO. pB200 PRICE $ 369.99 ƒ Foot tare switch ƒ extra Large LCd display ƒ Wall Mounting Bracket ƒ Removable stainless steel Platform ƒ Low Profile design ƒ Push Button Unit toggle itEM NO. ppC-300Wp-10 ƒ Capacity: 10 lb., 160 oz., 2 kg. PRICE $ 369.99 itEM NO. ppC-300Wp-22 ƒ Capacity: 22 lb., 352 oz., 10 kg. (oz, lb, gram, lb-oz) PRICE $ 369.99 ƒ sleep Mode ƒ Rechargable Battery ƒ aC adapter itEM NO. ppC-300Wp-44 ƒ Capacity: 44 lb., 704 oz., 20 kg. PRICE $ 199.99 PRICE $ 369.99 MultipurpOSE uNitS tOGGlE BEtWEEN lb, kg, oz. & lbs/oz! yOur SaNitary SOlutiON fOr piZZa & BakEd GOOdS OVER 110 YEARS Of WEIgHINg AccuRAcY The digital portion scale with a space saving design! Add ingredients, rotate & weigh all at the same time! itEM NO. rp30S ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Al SO A VA Il 30 lb. x 0.1 oz. WITH R ABlE Ou PlATFO Nd 360° rotating platform Rm 17” x 13” platform Weight accumulator memory to store ingredient weights displays individual ingredient weight plus total weight PRICE $ 104.99 PRICE $ 479.99 diGital rOtatiNG SCalE itEM NO. dr400 150 lB 400 lb. x 0.5 lb. .C AlSO A APACIT Y VAIlAB Low profile platform lE Large 1” LCd display Push-button tare & auto shut-off aC adapter (included) PRICE $ 167.39 diGital rECEiViNG SCalE diGital pOrtiON SCalE Great for check-weighing food portions! The lightweight & portable option! ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ itEM NO. pS-4 ƒ 4 lb. x 0.1 oz. ƒ Lift-off stainless steel platform ƒ 0.8 LCd display ƒ aC adapter (included) ƒ top loading counter model tuNdra resTauranT suPPly itEM NO. pt-5r ƒ 5 lb. x 0.5 oz. ƒ 5 ¾” stainless steel platform ƒ 6” rotating dial ƒ Baked enamel housing ƒ Petite counter model PRICE $ 54.99 MEChaNiCal dial SCalE 800.594.4183 9
  12. 12. itEM NO. uS626037 ƒ espresso itEM NO. uS626008 ƒ tobacco itEM NO. uS626002 ƒ Charcoal PRICE $ 336.00/2 pk inTErior ConTEmporAry tabletop bases high prESSurE LAminATE tabletops 3 year warranty 2 year warranty itEM NO. espresso tobacco charcoal 30” square white 36” round uS42hp04 white 30” x 42” uS30hp91 *mango tabletop shown priCE white uS36hp04  for use with Grosfillex 30” x 42” hpl tabletops (not included) SiZE uS30hp04 3 yEAr wArrAnTy COlOr wenge 30” square $ 180.00 $ 195.00 $ 258.00 $ 180.00 $ 195.00 $ 258.00 $ 180.00 $ 195.00 $ 258.00 $ 180.00 $ 195.00 $ 258.00 $ 180.00 $ 195.00 $ 258.00 uS36hp91 wenge 36” round single steel Column base itEM NO. uS281209 uS42hp91 wenge 30” x 42” uS30hp81 Taupe 30” square PRICE $ 157.20 uS36hp81 Taupe 36” round uS42hp81 Taupe 30” x 42” uS30hp82 Mango 30” square uS36hp82 Mango 36” round Mango 30” x 42” iNtEriOr/ExtEriOr haVaNa BarStOOlS itEM NO. uS041017 ƒ Black itEM NO. uS041413 for use with Grosfillex 30” x 48” hpl tabletops (not included) *brushed aluminum ƒ taupe itEM NO. uS041152 ƒ Fern green itEM NO. uS041414 PRICE $ 369.60/4 pk 3 yEAr wArrAnTy iNtEriOr dOMiNO ChairS itEM NO. 81-777 PRICE $ 69.95 ƒ 8 countdown timers with memory recall ƒ 20 hour count down or count up ƒ Water and grease resistant keypad and housing ƒ Large LCd display ƒ Color-coded time cycle lights ƒ Can be wall mounted ƒ 9 volt battery (included) or aC adapter (not included) ƒ 7½” high ƒ 1 year warranty itEM NO. 67-109 PRICE $ 49.00 NEW dESIGN ergonomically designed handle / oz. 13 Interchangable portion control rings 1 oz. Interchangable, refillable and sealable cartridges ƒ Keeps your staff safe and dry ƒ 19¼” x 19¼” ƒ Place under warewashing racks to keep water off the floor and off your staff *Glass rack not included itEM NO. priCE KiTS - inCLudES (3) CArTridgES 85-778 $ 42.29 16 oz. 85-779 diSpEnSEr 85-776 Bottom dispensing silicone valve Cap. ! 85-777 24 oz. $ 44.29 16 oz. 24 oz. $ 30.79 $ 30.96 pOrtiON CONtrOl diSpENSErS 10 brushed aluminum GlaSS raCk BaSiN Quick cartridge reloading ½ oz. 30” x 42” mango additional sizes available at OF E lIFE NG TH WHIlE R O lO lPS P K dOllIES SPIllS! HE RAC AKS ANd dISH lE TING RE VEN P top trigger ¼ oz. 36” round aluminum taupe nEw domIno barstools avaIlable february 2013! 8-iN-1 prOGraMMaBlE diGital tiMEr Adjustable aluminum uS42hp44 wenge PRICE $ 192.00 ƒ Red red aluminum 30” square uS36hp44 double steel Column base itEM NO. uS281009 ƒ orange taupe fern green orange uS30hp44 tabletop shown itEM NO. uS041019 black uS42hp82 white tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 ƒ First in, first out ƒ 99.3% sauce yield ƒ Includes: (1) cartridge (1) trigger (1) set portion control rings (1) adjustable portion control ring
  13. 13. safety o eys ettaurant 4 k our r s in y you may think you have safety in mind when it comes to the kitchen, but think about where your guests (and your employees) go when they visit your restaurant – the dining room, the bar, the bathroom. safety and cleanliness extend well beyond the kitchen when it comes to restaurant food safety. and it is each of these places that your staff (including your managers) should know the steps to take to protect them, the guests and ultimately the reputation of the restaurant. there are 4 key areas of food safety that every employee should be reminded of to help protect themselves, the restaurant and the people that they’re serving: 1. PERSONAL HYGIENE 3. TIME & TEMPERATURE ƒ personal hygiene starts with making sure to be prepared to handle food that is being served to people, which includes washing hands before a shift begins, and often, throughout the shift. ƒ If the employee touches anything outside of what is being served to guests, they need to wash their hands again. For hand washing brushes see page 19. ƒ If the employee is sick, or has a cut, they need to inform their supervisor prior to starting the shift. a sick employee can spread germs to staff and to the guests. a cut or wound must be covered prior to serving food. ƒ Clothes should be clean, and long hair tied back. 2. CROSS-CONTAMINATION & ALLERGENS ƒ when scooping ice, the employee should always use an ice scoop that is stored outside of the ice machine in a protected place. using the glass can cause shards to break off and since ice is ready to eat, bare-hands should never touch it. ƒ from the towel used to wipe down tables to grabbing the top of a glass, it’s easy to pass germs, which is why using only clean materials and consistently washing hands is critical. oh, and encourage employees not to grab from the top of the glass. ƒ once food is cooked, it needs to be served as soon as possible. foodborne illnesses can simply be from foods that are left out too long. for restaurants that serve food from a buffet, the temperature should be regulated and checked often. ƒ from food in the freezer and refrigerator to other food storage areas, checking and maintaining the right temperature is key to food safety. 4. CLEANING & SANITATION ƒ each time a surface or object is cleaned ensure the employee is using clean cloth. ƒ after items are cleaned, they must be properly sanitized – either with sanitizer or by soaking them in water that is at least 171º f for 30 seconds. ƒ all glasses should be stored with the rim facing down. this ensures that when an employee makes a drink, they aren’t grabbing the rim of the glass. these 4 safety tips are only a generalized look at food safety and contamination prevention. each employee, whether new or a veteran, should be well educated on your restaurants daily operational standards when it comes to the key safety areas. for more information on food safety, visit the tundra back burner blog at ƒ Cross-contamination can also cause severe allergic reactions. If your employees are anywhere near food that may cause anaphylactic shock, they are putting the guests life at risk – make sure each of your employees knows about food allergen safety and the common foods that cause severe allergic reactions. tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 11
  14. 14. FUllY TEMPERED GlASSWARE is 5 times more resistant to breakage; offering increased strength and safety for handlers without the loss of style and elegance. itEM NO. 20867 itEM NO. 20865 itEM NO. 20875 itEM NO. 71084 itEM NO. d2024 itEM NO. 71079 ƒ 10½ oz. ƒ Case Pack: 3 dz. ƒ 12½ oz. ƒ Case Pack: 3 dz. ƒ 7 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 3 dz. ƒ 8½ oz. ƒ Case Pack: 3 dz. ƒ 7½ oz. ƒ Case Pack: 1 dz. ƒ 12 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 2 dz. PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE $ 57.69 $ 59.09 hi-Ball BEVEraGE TOP SEllER $ 50.49 $ 137.09 rOCkS WiNE $ 53.59 COCktail $ 104.79 BraNdy THE BASIC ASSORTMENT for everyday use; interchangeable with many standardized, popular glassware lines. elemental means durability at an affordable price. glassware ! itEM NO. 442116 itEM NO. C2172 itEM NO. 101239 itEM NO. C1646 itEM NO. 366087 itEM NO. 332103 ƒ 16 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 2 dz. ƒ 15 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 2 dz. ƒ 23 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 1 dz. ƒ 12 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 1 dz. ƒ 7¼ oz. ƒ Case Pack: 1 dz. ƒ 10 oz. ƒ Case Pack: 3 dz. PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE PRICE $ 24.99 $ 67.79 MixiNG/piNt hurriCaNE $ 58.29 $ 47.19 pilSNEr MuG $ 35.49 flutE $ 107.49 GOBlEt itEM NO. Cap. SiZE SAuCE diShES 19001Wt 19002Wt priCE 3¾” x 2½” 30” 2 oz. 4 oz. $ 12.99 /dz $ 17.99 /dz 3½” dia. 4½” dia. 5½” dia. ---- $ 12.99 /dz $ 17.99 /dz $ 23.99 /dz 6” sq. 73⁄8” sq. 10” sq. 123⁄8” sq. 10¼” x 4” 11¼” x 5” (textured) 15” x 5¼” -------- $ 22.99 /dz $ 41.99 /dz $ 94.99 /dz $ 154.99 /dz $ 48.99 /dz $ 58.99 /dz $ 91.99 /dz wAvE pLATES 24120Wt 24140Wt 11¼” x 7¼” 13½” x 91⁄8” --- $ 55.99 /dz $ 68.99 /dz fLArE pLATES 29004Wt 29006Wt 29007Wt 29010Wt 29012Wt 4½” sq. 6” sq. 7¼” sq. 10” sq. 12” sq. ------ $ 14.99 /dz $ 22.99 /dz $ 35.99 /dz $ 102.99 /dz $ 164.99 /dz 4½” x 2¼” 51⁄8” x 25⁄8” 55⁄8” x 2½” 9” x 3” (soup) 11 oz. 16 oz. 19 oz. 45 oz. $ 28.99 /dz $ 27.99 /dz $ 40.99 /dz $ 71.99 /dz round SAuCErS 19035Wt 19045Wt 19055Wt pLATES 24006Wt 24007Wt 24010Wt 24012Wt 29110Wt 24110Wt 29115Wt bowLS 39045Wt 39050Wt 39055Wt 39093Wt 12 ClaSSiC WhitE SEriES MELAMINE DINNERWARE 24110WT 24140WT 29110WT 24120WT 29115WT Flare Plates Plates 29012WT 24012WT 29010WT 24010WT 19002WT 29007WT 24007WT 29006WT 24006WT 29004WT sauce dishes Plates Wave Plates 19035WT 19001WT 39045WT 39050WT Plates 39093WT 19045WT 19055WT 39055WT sauce dishes Bowls tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY Round saucers 800.594.4183 Bowls
  15. 15. guARANTEED FOR UP TO 1,000 USES! itEM NO. BaMBOO SErViNG WarE SZrp003 ƒ 100% Natural ƒ 97% BaMBOO / 3% pEaCh GuM ƒ BiOdEGradaBlE ƒ COSt EffECtiVE rOi ƒ COMMErCial diShWaShEr SafE ƒ frEE Of MElaMiNE & plaStiC ƒ 21 ShapeS available in (5) ColoRS! BlACK GREEN REd NATuRAl ORANGE see tHe eNtIRe BUGaMBILIa CoLLeCtIoN at etUNdRa.CoM SZrp016 SZSp001 SZip002 SZip001 SZSp002 SZtp03 SZtp02 SZSB009 SZSB010 SZSB011 SZSB012 SZSB003 SZSB002 SZSB001 SZiB004 SZip003 SZrB010 SZrB009 SZrB008 SZSrB001 dESCriptiON priCE 8" round plate 11" round plate 9" Square plate 9 2/5" incline plate 11 3/5" incline plate 14 4/5" Sushi plate 15 2/5" leaf plate 21 3/10" leaf plate 20 oz Salad Bowl 48 oz Salad Bowl 106 oz Salad Bowl 186 oz Salad Bowl 7 oz Square Bowl 12 oz Square Bowl 48 oz Square Bowl 6 oz incline Bowl 20 oz incline Bowl 34 oz line Bowl 58 oz line Bowl 94 oz line Bowl 3 oz ramekin $ 31.79/dz $ 61.19/dz $ 64.99/dz $ 76.19/dz $ 103.89/dz $ 85.89/dz $ 64.49/dz $ 90.59/dz $ 85.29/2dz $ 78.39/dz $ 61.59/6pk $ 88.19/6pk $ 37.39/2dz $ 45.89/2dz $ 63.99/dz $ 40.99/2dz $ 50.29/dz $ 50.69/dz $ 35.69/6pk $ 48.79/6pk $ 40.99/3dz *Cost per use based on 100 uses can range from 1 to 10 cents per use! tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 13
  16. 16. fOR THE gREA our produCTS LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS for this part of the footprint, we looked at each product's "life" from beginning to end and left nothing out. our materials are by and large much more sustainable than fossil fuel alternatives, but the bulk of our impact still comes from them. that is why finding the best, most sustainable materials to make our products from will always be a top priority for us. CrAdLE To grAvE WHAT DOES OUR LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT MEASURE? Carbon from the processes that turn resin and pulp into things like cups, plates and spoons for disposal we estimate the carbon impacts based on the us averages for landfill, incineration, recycling and compost Carbon from the extraction of raw materials and their basic processing WOrld dEliGht™ PRODUCTS Carbon emissions from moving materials and products from a to b Carbon from packaging materials, like boxes, which contain recycled-content itEM NO. SiZE CaSE priCE Ep-BSC12-Wdl 12 oz. container 500/cs ƒ Made with Ingeo™ biopolymer, a plantbased plastic Ep-BSC16-Wdl 16 oz. container 500/cs Ep-BSC5-Wdl 5 oz. container 1000/cs Ep-BSC5dlid 5 oz. dome lid 1000/cs ƒ Meets ASTM standards for compostability, BPI certified Ep-ECOlid-Spl 12-16 oz. flat lid 500/cs Ep-S016 3" taster spoon 2000/cs Ep-S013 6" spoon 1000/cs $ 76.99 $ 88.59 $ 89.89 $ 64.99 $ 94.99 $ 49.99 $ 61.99 ƒ Made from 100% renewable resources ƒ Color coded by size for easy serving 14 WOrld dEliGht™ yOGurt CONtaiNErS & aCCESSOriES tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183
  17. 17. ATER DISpOSAbLE gOOD itEM NO. SiZE Ep-BSC8-Wa Ep-BSC12-Wa WOrld art™ PRODUCTS CaSE 8 oz. container 12 oz. container ƒ Made from 100% renewable resources Ep-BSC16-Wa 16 oz. container Ep-BSC32-Wa 32 oz. container Ep-BSCpplid-S ƒ lined with PlA, a plant-based plastic 8 oz. lid Ep-BSCpplid-l 12/16/32 oz. lid Ep-S014 6" soup spoon ƒ Meet ASTM standards for compostability $ 85.39 $ 113.39 1000/cs $ 52.89 500/cs $ 62.09 1000/cs $ 60.79 500/cs 500/cs WOrld art™ SOup CONtaiNErS & lidS ƒ WorldArt branding communicates your environmental commitment ƒ Features Microsoft Tag technology to connect users with online resources priCE 1000/cs $ 110.99 500/cs $ 76.29 itEM NO. SiZE Ep-BNhC8-Wd 8 oz. cup Ep-BNhC12-Wd 12 oz. cup CaSE priCE 1000/cs $ 99.99 500/cs $ 87.09 Ep-BNhC16-Wd 16 oz. cup 500/cs Ep-BNhC20-Wd 20 oz. cup 600/cs Ep-ECOlid-N20 20 oz. lid 600/cs $ 96.79 $ 122.99 $ 68.99 WOrld art™ iNSulatEd hOt CupS & lid itEM NO. SiZE CaSE Ep-Bl12 ƒ Made from 100% renewable sugarcane fibers ƒ Molded construction designed for strength and upscale appearance 14 oz. salad bowl Ep-Bl24 24 oz. noodle bowl 400/cs Ep-Bl40 SuGarCaNE PRODUCTS 12 oz. salad bowl Ep-Bl16 40 oz. noodle bowl 400/cs 24/40 oz. lid 400/cs Ep-Blrlid priCE 1000/cs $ 73.99 1000/cs $ 109.19 $ 91.39 $ 114.19 $ 65.19 SuGarCaNE NOOdlE BOWlS & lidS itEM NO. SiZE ƒ Microwave and freezer safe Ep-p021 6" square plate Ep-p022 ƒ Grease and cut resistant 8" square plate Ep-p023 10" square plate Ep-p016 6" round plate Ep-p011 7" round plate CaSE priCE Ep-p007 10" 3-compartment plate Ep-p005 10" round plate Ep-p024 10” x 5” rectangle plate Ep-p009 10” x 7” oval plate $ 73.49 $ 89.29 250/cs $ 65.09 1000/cs $ 50.69 1000/cs $ 79.19 500/cs $ 53.99 300/cs $ 88.69 500/cs $ 75.69 500/cs $ 73.79 500/cs $ 76.29 500/cs $ 78.49 tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 15 ƒ BPI certification verifies that environmental claims have been validated by an objective third-party organization Ep-p013 Ep-p013lid 9" round plate 9" round plate lid 500/cs 500/cs SuGarCaNE platES & lidS
  18. 18. itEM NO. SCB5610-10 rEd PRICE $ 22.79 yELLow raW MEat pOultry COlOr CODES itEM NO. 3311-12 ndrA .Com rATing on ETu ter than the bet “It’s awesome, if not h price ones.” hig name brand and the whiTE PRICE grEEn bLuE $ 28.99 10” ChEf kNifE itEM NO. SCG5610-10 PRICE $ 22.79 10” ChEf kNifE itEM NO. SCy5610-10 PRICE $ 22.79 SaladS & fruitS dairy prOduCtS 12” SharpENiNG StEEl itEM NO. W5610-8 PRICE $ 16.99 8” ChEf kNifE itEM NO. W5610-10 PRICE $ 19.99 10” ChEf kNifE itEM NO. SCr5610-10 10” ChEf kNifE itEM NO. W5610-12 PRICE itEM NO. r5683 PRICE $ 10.99 8” x 3” SOlid turNEr itEM NO. W5683 PRICE $ 10.99 8” x 3” SOlid turNEr itEM NO. y5683 PRICE $ 22.79 10” ChEf kNifE CoLor CodEd TurnErS raW fiSh ChEf’S KnivES CoLor CodEd ChEf’S KnivES OVER 70 YEARS OF uNCOmPROmISING quAlITY PRICE $ 23.99 $ 10.99 12” ChEf kNifE 8” x 3” SOlid turNEr the cut truth on The OSHA requires personal protective equipment (ppe) to help protect employees in the workplace, but it is up to the employer to decide if ppe is required. many restaurant owners, however, have opted to implement ppe, especially when it comes to cut resistant gloves. and no wonder, a 2008 report by national safety, Inc reported that 30% of lost time in the work place was due to cuts, slices and abrasions: 80% of those accidents were to the hands. as well as knowing the different material types, you should also know that there are different cut levels, and a significant difference between american and european standards. cuT RESISTANT MATERIALS lATEX lEATHER COTTON SYNTHETIC FABRIC KEVlAR VECTRAN TWARON SPECTRA ATA DYNEEMA METAl FIBER-METAl MESH BlENDS HEXARMOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE 16 tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183
  19. 19. ® EXTRA SMALL itEM NO. 114936 SundAy SMALL itEM NO. 1100537 itEM NO. 114941 mondAy MEDIUM itEM NO. 1100531 itEM NO. 114942 TuESdAy PRICE $ 11.69/roll itEM NO. 1100533 XLARGE itEM NO. 114944 ChECK iT ouT! SATurdAy itEM NO. 1100536 wEdnESdAy itEM NO. 114943 PRICE $ 12.99 fridAy itEM NO. 1100535 itEM NO. 1100532 LARGE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE ThurSdAy itEM NO. 1100534 250 labels/roll diSSOlVEMark™ day laBElS dISSOlVEmARK™ dAY & FOOd lABElS ISEA level 5 ƒ Great for: Labeling prep and portion containers. ƒ materials: Dissolve-A-Way adhesive that dissolves in any temperature of water in less than 30 seconds. DissolveMark™ Food Labels meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact and are 100% biodegradable. sold individually ƒ Working temperature range: -40° F to 176° F. hExarMOr® Cut GlOVES ƒ minimum application Temperature: 21° F. i d E AL with trushield™ performance protection and comfortable Coretek™ materials, the hexarmor® Cut Glove offers the perfect combination of dexterity and cut protection. hexarmor® features the highest cut resistance available on the market in addition to innovative knife and blade-slip protection that lessens the likelihood of puncture injuries in protected areas. itEM NO. 113621 PRICE $ 11.69/roll 250 labels/roll TRACK for IN & TEMP G FOOD TIM E E SENSIT RATURE ON IVE FO OD ITE M S! diSSOlVEMark™ fOOd laBElS aNSi/iSEa Cut lEVEl CE/EN388 100-199 0 100-199 200-499 1 120-249 500-999 2 250-499 1000-1499 3 500-999 1500-3499 4 1000-1999 3500+ 5 2000+ Cut Levels and American Standards there are 5 different cut levels: the highest number being the most resistant. and although it is up to you to decide what cut level is best for your business, it’s advised to test different products to find the right fit. you should also make sure that you are following american standards for cut level, instead of european standards. american standards are referred to as: ASTm/ISEA (american society for testing and materials/ International safety equipment association), whereas european standards are known as: CE/EN388 (Conformité européenne, meaning “european Conformity”/ european norm 388). the difference in standards are more pertinent when comparing the “safest gloves” available; in other words, when someone says that a glove is the “safest” there’s a vast difference in how safe that glove actually is, depending on the standard it was assigned. tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 17
  20. 20. A pERfEcT cuT, EVERY TIME A B itEM NO. E d C dESCriptiON F G H appliCatiON J I K haNdlE BladE priCE Nylon Hooked $ 4.39 intricate work; de-veining shrimp, removing jalapeño seeds & garnishing Nylon Serrated $ 3.79 Semi-stiff blade for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish Fibrox curved $ 15.99 Japanese style, all purpose knife great for chopping, not rocking Fibrox designed for removing skin/bones from fresh fish or poultry Fibrox Straight $ 18.59 Breaking down large pieces of meat into smaller cuts Fibrox curved $ 24.29 all purpose knives 10" - item No. 40521 price: $ 28.89 Fibrox Straight $ 26.39 (a) 47606 2¼" tourne knife efficient peeler for all fruits and vegetables with a round shape (B) 40602 3¼" paring knife (C) 40515 6" boning knife (d) 41529 7" santoku knife (E) 40613 8" fillet knife (f) 40537 8" breaking knife Granton edge $ 29.99 (G) 40520 8" chef knife (h) 40546 10" carving knife Thin semi-flex blade ideal for roast, hams and poultry Fibrox curved $ 26.69 (i) 40539 10" cimeter knife a common butcher tool preferred when cutting cool meats Fibrox Serrated $ 29.99 (J) 40645 12" slicing knife Granton-edged blade keeps meat & sandwiches from sticking to the knife Fibrox (k) 40148 14" bread knife long blade with serrated edge for cutting hard rind fruits and tough crust rosewood ƒ 18 high carbon stainless steel blades ƒ 12" - item No. 40522 price: $ 37.49 Fibrox handles are dishwasher safe & slip resistant tuNdra resTauranT suPPly ƒ 800.594.4183 Granton edge $ 41.99 Serrated $ 41.79 limited lifetime Warranty
  21. 21. WANT TO MAKE YOUR tundra design group provides a variety of planning, design, development and project management services to restaurant, hotel, school, institutional and industrial foodservice facilities worldwide. our team has been involved in restaurant design for over 30 years, working with restaurateurs across the country and around the world. you can rely on our expertise and tundra’s vast inventory to make your dream come true. WE CaN RESTAURANT CONCEPT A REALITY? 3 help refine your concept and clarify your operating procedures 3 Develop schematic plans to visually present design options 3 Work with you to select and specify the equipment you need to execute your menu and concept 3 Collaborate with your architect or ours to prepare comprehensive construction documents 3 Manage the purchasing, staging, delivery and installation of your equipment 3 provide your complete opening smallwares and table top package CONTACT US TODAY! DESIGN GROUP 800-477.4941 x Option 3 | | Bringing MOrE To The Table ESSENTIAL bRuSHES EvERy RESTaURanT nEEdS boAr BRISTLES pASTry/bASTing BRUSHES itEM NO. 4037400 itEM NO. 4037000 PRICE $ 10.79 PRICE $ 13.79 nyLon BRISTLES SiLiConE BRISTLES 2” BaStiNG BruSh W/5” StraiGht haNdlE 2” BaStiNG BruSh W/12” OffSEt haNdlE itEM NO. 4040305 itEM NO. 4040505 PRICE $ 5.19 PRICE $ 6.39 ƒ Quality lacquered hardwood handle with nylon ferrules ƒ Bristles are epoxy-set in ferrules for superior retention & prevent bacteria harboring in air pockets ƒ Withstands temperatures up to 500°F 3” BaStiNG BruSh 2” BaStiNG BruSh itEM NO. 4040102 itEM NO. 4040202 PRICE $ 8.59 PRICE $ 10.09 2” Sparta® MEtEOr® paStry BruSh itEM NO. 4002100 PRICE $ 14.89 Sparta haNd & Nail BruSh kit ® 3” Sparta® MEtEOr® paStry BruSh ƒ Unique silicone bristle design carries and spreads liquid ƒ Molded hanging hook grabs pan edge ƒ stain & odor resistant ƒ 9¾” overall length ƒ Withstands temperatures up to 500°F ƒ Nylon bristles provide excellent chemical resistance ƒ soft flagged bristles are molded into handle to prevent bacteria harboring air pockets ƒ BPa Free ƒ 9¾” overall length EnSurE propEr EmpLoyEE hAndwAShing IN YOUR RESTAURANT ƒ New improved brush designd to promote vital cleansing of hands for foodservice personnel tuNdra resTauranT suPPly ƒ stiffer center bristles offer a more thorough cleaning under fingernails 800.594.4183 ƒ BPa Free ƒ Made in the Usa 19
  22. 22. A pErfECT CoLLECTion of fry pAnS ConSTruCTion uSE 6-9 Ga. CoNstRUCtIoN LoW to MedIUM dUty KItCHeNs mATEriAL Natural fiNiSh ARkADIA™ FRy PanS NON-StiCk fiNiSh moST EConomiCAL! Vollrath Fry Pans are PFoa free for your commercial kitchen wArrAnTy itEM NO. dia. itEM NO. priCE dia. priCE uSE MedIUM to HeaVy dUty KItCHeNs mATEriAL 1 yeaR WaRRaNty W/LIFetIMe WaRRaNty aGaINst Loose RIVets IMPaCt ResIstaNt 3004 seRIes aLUMINUM wArrAnTy $ 8.09 8" $ 12.49 7008 8" $ 11.79 10" $ 14.69 7010 10" $ 14.59 12" $ 27.39 7012 12" $ 22.49 14" $ 37.19 7014 14" $ 30.49 Natural fiNiSh ConSTruCTion 6-8 Ga. CoNstRUCtIoN, doUBLetHICK oR RoLLed toP edGe 7" NON-StiCk fiNiSh WEAR-EVER® FRy PanS 7007 N7012 hAndLE RIVeted, NICKeL PLated steeL $ 8.69 N7010 90 day LIMIted WaRRaNty 7" N7014 bEST vALuE! N7007 N7008 3000 seRIes aLUMINUM itEM NO. Long LASTing! 12" 14" $ 62.39 dia. priCE 67908 8" $ 14.69 $ 31.49 67910 10" $ 19.99 $ 43.79 67912 12" $ 29.59 67914 14" $ 41.79 CTION I N d u Y! E Ad R itEM NO. priCE mATEriAL LIMIted LIFetIMe WaRRaNty wArrAnTy 14" $ 229.19 itEM NO. dia. priCE N3412 HIGH VoLUMe KItCHeNs 12½" $ 187.59 Natural fiNiSh CTION I N d u Y! RE Ad hAndLE N3414 NON-StiCk fiNiSh dia. 12½" $ 157.09 3414 WeLded HoLLoW stay CooL® HaNdLes 20 itEM NO. 3412 uSE HeaVy GaUGe staINLess W/satIN FINIsH aNd extRa LaRGe CLad BottoMs 18/8 staINLess steeL WItH aLUMINUMCLad BottoM 10" 67614 ConSTruCTion $ 23.19 67612 cENTuRION® FRy PanS 8" 67610 eVeR-tIte RIVets WItH WeLded sIde HaNdLes ™ priCE 67608 hAndLE dia. triVent ® silicone handle tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 14" $ 249.99
  23. 23. ARkADIA™ STOck POTS & maTchInG LIdS itEM NO. CapaCity priCE itEM NO. priCE 12 qt. $ 28.49 7389 $ 6.99 7304 16 qt. $ 35.19 7389 $ 6.99 idEAL for PRePPING stoCKs, soUPs & LIQUIds 7305 20 qt. $ 41.99 7393 $ 15.29 ƒ aluminum construction 7308 32 qt. $ 57.19 7351C $ 17.09 ƒ Lids sold separately 7310 40 qt. $ 66.09 7351C $ 17.09 ƒ 90 day limited warranty 7315 60 qt. $ 90.29 7396 $ 22.89 StOCk pOtS 7303 lidS ARkADIA™ SaUcE PanS & maTchInG LIdS itEM NO. CapaCity priCE SauCE paNS itEM NO. priCE lidS 7341 12 qt. $ 9.69 7341C 7342 16 qt. $ 12.49 7342C $ 7.19 7343 20 qt. $ 16.09 7343C $ 8.69 7344 32 qt. $ 17.79 7344C $ 9.29 7345 40 qt. $ 20.29 7345C $ 10.19 7347 60 qt. $ 27.09 7347C idEAL for RedUCING LIQUIds $ 4.89 $ 11.29 ƒ aluminum construction ƒ Lids sold separately ƒ 90 day limited warranty cENTuRION® STOck POTS itEM NO. CapaCity priCE idEAL for 10½ qt. $ 170.49 3104 17½ qt. $ 222.79 3106 25½ qt. $ 324.59 HIGH VoLUMe KItCHeNs PRePaRING LaRGe QUaNtItIes oF LIQUIds tHat aRe seasoNed By BeeF, CHICKeN oR VeGetaBLes. aLso GReat FoR CooKING Pasta aNd steaMING oR BoILING LoBsteR. 3109 38 qt. $ 446.89 ƒ 18/8 stainless steel w/ aluminum clad bottom 3113 53 qt. $ 558.19 ƒ INdUCtIoN Ready 3118 74 qt. $ 786.19 ƒ Limited lifetime warranty 3103 cENTuRION® bRazIERS itEM NO. CapaCity priCE 3307 7 qt. $ 173.19 3310 10½ qt. $ 258.19 3315 15 qt. $ 283.49 3320 15¾ qt. $ 398.49 3328 28½ qt. $ 534.79 idEAL for sLoWLy BRoWNING Meat oR VeGetaBLes IN LIQUId ƒ 18/8 stainless steel ƒ INdUCtIoN Ready ƒ aluminum clad bottom ƒ Limited lifetime warranty tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 21
  24. 24. ThE bEST juST gOT bETTER. STrong. SmArT. STunning. 22 gauge 300 series stainless steel pans, with newly designed pour corners up to 300% stronger, will resist dents and dings in the toughest kitchen environments. Easy to pour corners and traditional body size make Super Pan V® pans compatible with all your Super Pan II® pans, covers and accessories. Smooth curves and bright finish for a show stopping look. Easy to clean functionality means Super Pan V® pans will present your food beautifully over a long time. 38% MO R EFFICIEN E T! Flattened edges keep steam from escaping around the pan, giving it a 38% higher efficiency than the competition with bent edges. itEM NO. dEpth priCE itEM NO. dEpth priCE full SiZE – 20¾” x 12¾” third SiZE – 12¾” X 6¾” 30022 2½" $ 21.59 30342 4" $ 17.89 30042 4" $ 28.89 30362 6" 30062 $ 25.59 6" $ 43.09 tWO third SiZE – 137/8” x 12¾” Sixth SiZE – 6¾” x 6¼” 30642 4" $ 10.99 half SiZE – 12½” x 10½” 30662 6" $ 15.39 30242 4" $ 18.99 NiNth SiZE – 6¾” X 4¼” 30262 6" $ 26.49 30942 30142 4" $ 40.59 AVERAGE ANNUAL SAVINGS of $36.56 22 4" $ 13.39 pEr fuLL SizE pAn opEning! tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183
  25. 25. MuLTI-puRpOSE RAckS FOR HOldING, STORING & TRANSPORTING GOOdS ƒ heavy duty welded aluminum ƒ 5” full swivel platform casters ƒ bottom load ledge ƒ LifETimE wArrAnTy PRICE $ 529.99 RACKS itEM NO. axd1820 ƒ aluminum construction ƒ 5” swivel casters included ƒ lifetime warranty against rust & corrosion ƒ 20½”w x 26”d lIGHT-DUTY RACKS SHIP KNOCKED DOWN FOR PRICE $ 119.99 EXTRA SAVINGS! itEM NO. 425akd ƒ Pan capacity: 9 pan ƒ Knock down itEM NO. 401akd ƒ Pan capacity: 20 pan ƒ Knock down PRICE $ 99.99 PROMOTES MAXIMUM STABIlITY IN HIGH VOlUME PRICE $ 199.99 ESTABlISHMENTS! itEM NO. 425a ƒ Pan capacity: 9 pan ƒ welded RACKS ! wELdEd frAmE nE w KnoCK down EConomy BUN PAN RACKS itEM NO. 401aC ƒ Pan capacity: 20 pan ƒ welded PRICE $ 159.99 dunnAgE RACKS ƒ top (4) bar design supports up to 2000 lbs! ƒ safely storing goods 12” above the ground! ƒ Increase your storage capacity! ƒ prolong the life of your ingredients! itEM NO. adE2036 itEM NO. adE2060 ƒ size: 20” x 48” ƒ size: 20” x 60” PRICE $ 52.99 hEaVy duty – 20 paN raCk itEM NO. adE2048 ƒ size: 20” x 36” PRICE $ 54.99 PRICE $ 59.99 Width priCE 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 60” 72” $ 19.41 $ 20.25 $ 22.07 $ 23.99 $ 24.56 $ 29.85 $ 34.74 18” dEpTh ff1824C ff1830C ff1836C ff1842C ff1848C ff1854C ff1860C ff1872C 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 72” $ 23.67 $ 24.52 $ 24.74 $ 29.42 $ 30.91 $ 34.76 $ 36.25 $ 40.71 24” dEpTh ff2424C ff2430C ff2436C ff2442C ff2448C ff2454C ff2460C ff2472C 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 72” $ 27.93 $ 30.56 $ 31.79 $ 35.83 $ 36.25 $ 43.71 $ 44.80 $ 50.34 Width priCE 14” dEpTh ff1424G ff1430G ff1436G ff1442G ff1448G ff1460G ff1472G 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 60” 72” $ 26.06 $ 26.76 $ 29.09 $ 32.89 $ 34.91 $ 38.11 $ 43.67 18” dEpTh ff1824G ff1830G ff1836G ff1842G ff1848G ff1854G ff1860G ff1872G 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 72” $ 30.36 $ 31.45 $ 33.00 $ 37.12 $ 40.41 $ 44.75 $ 46.99 $ 53.73 24” dEpTh ff2424G ff2430G ff2436G ff2442G ff2448G ff2454G ff2460G ff2472G 24” 30” 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 72” $ 37.77 $ 39.10 $ 41.79 $ 48.94 $ 51.35 $ 56.80 $ 57.89 $ 67.71 itEM NO. ƒ Green epoxy coated shelves are recommended for walk-in refrigeration ƒ shelves up to 48” are rated for 800 lbs. of evenly distributed weight ƒ shelves longer than 48” support 600 lbs. ShElVES iNCludE (4) ClipS GrEEN EpOxy COatEd ShElVES itEM NO. 14” dEpTh ff1424C ff1430C ff1436C ff1442C ff1448C ff1460C ff1472C ChrOMatE ShElVES lIFETImE WARRANTY AGAINST RuST & CORROSION OpEN WIRE DESIgN pROMOTES gREATER AIR cIRcuLATION ƒ post includes adjustable feet for stationery applications and open bottoms can also be used with casters for mobility. itEM NO. fG033C fG054C fG063C fG074C fG086C hEiGht priCE itEM NO. 33” 54” 63” 74” 86” $ 7.88 $ 9.17 $ 9.84 $ 10.72 $ 13.34 fG033G fG054G fG063G fG074G fG086G ChrOMatE platEd pOStS tuNdra resTauranT suPPly hEiGht priCE 33” 54” 63” 74” 86” $ 9.51 $ 10.16 $ 11.47 $ 12.57 $ 14.78 GrEEN EpOxy COatEd pOStS 800.594.4183 23
  26. 26. Safety Food ® with StoreSafe Food travels many times in your restaurant before it finally ends up in front of your guests. once food is received, it is stored, then prepared and possibly even transported to a catered event. In each of these areas it is imperative that you and your staff are aware of the potential risk of food contamination. storesafe® by Cambro includes an extensive collection of tips, practices and product solutions designed to support the core principle of food safety in your restaurant. storesafe® involves the people, products & processes that all factor into three critical threats to food safety in food service: time & temperature abuse, Cross-Contamination and Improper Handling. Check out the inspection list below to ensure that your establishment meets the storesafe® standard! rECEiving ƒ Food immediately inspected for quality and signs of time-temperature abuse ƒ Fruits and vegetables transferred out of shipping cartons before entering the kitchen ƒ Cold and frozen food transferred from delivery to cold storage within 15 minutes SToring ƒ all shelving in refrigerators and freezers kept clean and rust-free ƒ Raw meat, poultry and seafood covered and stored below prepared food and produce ƒ Food covered with tight fitting lids and stored at least 6” off the ground ƒ all food products labeled with name, date, time of preparation and use by date ƒ Food rotated using a First In First out (FIFo) inventory management system prEpArATion & CooKing ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ 24 food thawed properly, never at room temperature employees follow good personal hygiene while working with food food cooked to safe temperatures and held for 15 seconds h-pans™ reduce product handling by rinsing, draining, prepping and storing product in one pan SErving ƒ Cold fest® food pans hold food at proper temperatures without the use of messy ice ƒ food and ice protected from contaminants by providing proper coverings & utensils to serve ƒ hands washed only in designated hand wash sinks hoLding & TrAnSporTing ƒ accessories enhance temperature retention with frequent door openings and when used in extreme outdoor temperatures ƒ food transported in carriers that are durable, hold temperature for hours and travel well CLEAning & SAniTizing ƒ all serving items and equipment washed, sanitized and air dried ƒ dishes and glassware stored to prevent contamination For holding and transporting StoreSafe® products see page 25. For all other StoreSafe® solutions visit from H-Pans® to Hand-washing stations we’ve got you covered! tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  27. 27. ThE cOmPLETE STORAgE SOLuTION itEM NO. Cap. priCE rfSCW22 1 qt. 2 qt. 4 qt. 6 qt. 8 qt. 12 qt. 18 qt. 22 qt. $ 3.49 $ 4.89 $ 8.19 $ 9.79 $ 12.29 $ 17.09 $ 23.49 $ 30.69 itEM NO. Cap. priCE CONtaiNErS rfSCW1 rfSCW2 rfSCW4 rfSCW6 rfSCW8 rfSCW12 rfSCW18 rfS2pp rfS4pp rfS6pp rfS8pp rfS12pp BPA FREE rfS18pp rfS22pp priCE lidS CONtaiNErS rfS1pp itEM NO. rfSCWC1 rfSCWC12 $ 1.39 $ 2.39 $ 2.39 $ 3.09 $ 3.09 $ 6.69 $ 6.69 $ 6.69 itEM NO. priCE rfSCWC2 rfSCWC2 rfSCWC6 rfSCWC6 rfSCWC12 rfSCWC12 lidS 1 qt. 2 qt. 4 qt. 6 qt. 8 qt. 12 qt. 18 qt. 22 qt. $ 2.49 $ 2.89 $ 3.09 $ 3.89 $ 4.89 $ 8.69 $ 10.69 $ 12.29 rfSC1pp rfSC2pp rfSC2pp rfSC6pp rfSC6pp rfSC12pp rfSC12pp rfSC12pp $ .99 $ 1.09 $ 1.09 $ 1.39 $ 1.39 $ 3.09 $ 3.09 $ 3.09 ƒ Clear polycarbonate ƒ virtually unbreakable ƒ -40°f-210°f peRFeCT FoR SToRing! Store and transport foods safely 9  Manage inventory with easy to read graduations 9  Round shape promotes air circulation 9  ƒ Semi-clear plastic ƒ impact, stain and chemical resistant ƒ Bpa-free ƒ -40°f-160°f CaMWEar® rOuNd StOraGE CONtaiNErS & lidS itEM NO. Cap. priCE CONtaiNErS itEM NO. priCE lidS 2SfSCW 2 qt. $ 4.59 SfC2 $ 2.29 4SfSCW 4 qt. $ 7.09 SfC2 $ 2.29 6SfSCW 6 qt. $ 8.99 SfC6 $ 2.79 8SfSCW 8 qt. $ 10.29 SfC6 $ 2.79 12SfSCW 12 qt. $ 13.79 SfC12 $ 3.79 18SfSCW 18 qt. $ 20.59 SfC12 $ 3.79 22SfSCW 22 qt. $ 25.99 SfC12 $ 3.79 itEM NO. Cap. priCE itEM NO. priCE CONtaiNErS lidS 2SfSpp $ 3.59 SfC2 $ 2.29 $ 5.19 SfC2 $ 2.29 6 qt. $ 6.19 SfC6 $ 2.79 8SfSpp 8 qt. $ 7.19 SfC6 $ 2.79 12SfSpp BPA FREE ƒ Clear polycarbonate ƒ virtually unbreakable ƒ -40°f-210°f 2 qt. 4SfSpp 4 qt. 6SfSpp 12 qt. $ 11.09 SfC12 $ 3.79 18SfSpp 18 qt. $ 13.89 SfC12 $ 3.79 22SfSpp 22 qt. $ 17.49 SfC12 $ 3.79 SpaCe Saving ConTaineRS! Color-coded snap fit covers with thumb tabs 9  9 large capacity squares feature molded-in handles for transporting Square shape maximizes storage space 9  ƒ Semi-clear plastic ƒ impact, stain and chemical resistant ƒ Bpa-free ƒ -40°f-160°f CaMSQuarES® StOraGE CONtaiNErS & lidS tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 25
  28. 28. HOLDINg & TRANSpORTINg hAzArdS bEST prACTiCES TipS TiMe-TeMperaTUre aBUSe ƒ Transport and hold hot and cold food in insulated carriers that maintain proper temperatures. ƒ Shallow 2½" (6.5 cm) food pans help retain safe food temperatures. ƒ Cover pans with lids to maintain temperatures and protect contents. ƒ Preheat or pre-chill insulated transporters before loading to maintain holding temperature. ƒ label the outside of each transporter to minimize door opening and closing and subsequent temperature loss. Cover pans for transport with Griplids™ to ensure that food does not spill in food carriers. Food spilled in carriers or into other food pans creates ideal conditions for dangerous microbes to grow. Improper control of safe food temperatures during transport can create rapid growth of harmful bacteria. croSS-coNTaMiNaTioN Transporting food in pans covered with foil or plastic wrap can result in spills that contaminate other foods, compromising safety. itEM NO. upCS400-131 ƒ Dark Brown itEM NO. upCS400-480 ƒ Speckled Gray PRICE $ 278.09 itEM NO. ƒ Holds: upCSS160-131 ƒ Dark Brown ƒ Also holds ½ and ⁄3 size pans ƒ 18"W x 26¼"d x 25"H itEM NO. priCE Black $ 308.99 upC400-157 coffee Beige $ 308.99 CarriEr (2) 8" deep pans (3) 6" deep pans (4) 4" deep pans OR (6) 2½" deep pans 300MpC-131 ƒ Dark Brown COlOr upC400-110 ƒ Holds: itEM NO. taMpEr rESiStaNt upC400tr-110 Black $ 319.29 ƒ Foam insulation ƒ Holds: (2) 8" deep pans (3) 6" deep pans (4) 4" deep pans OR (6) 2½" deep pans ƒ 18"W x 25"d x 247⁄8"H ƒ Tamper resistant models include security hardware upC400 SEriES ultra paN CarriErS® ƒ Slide under hot food to minimize temperature loss ƒ dishwasher safe *For use with 300mPC series **For use with uPC400 series ƒ Freeze first then pre-chill cabinet before use ƒ Extends cold holding time ƒ use with above Camcarriers® ƒ dishwasher safe priCE itEM NO. SiZE priCE $ 42.39 $ 42.39 Cp1210-159 Cp1220-159 Half Full $ 36.29 $ 72.09 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY CaMWarMEr® CaMChillEr® thErMOBarriEr® 300MpC SEriES CaMCarriErS® $ 319.29 upC400tr-157 coffee Beige ƒ 16½"W x 24"d x 235⁄16"H PRICE $ 233.79 26 ƒ 16½"W x 24½"d x 91⁄8"H PRICE $ 152.59 StaCk & StOrE S-SEriES paN CarriErS 300MpC-110 ƒ Black COlOr ƒ Cantilevered base reduces stacking and storing height upCSS160-157 ƒ Coffee Beige 1 itEM NO. itEM NO. ƒ Holds (1) full size x 6" deep pan itEM NO. (2) 8" deep pans (3) 6" deep pans (4) 4" deep pans OR (6) 2½" deep pans S-SEriES ultra paN CarriErS 300diV-157* coffee Beige 400diV-180** Gray To maximize temperature retention in insulated tranporters, fill the carrier completely with food pans or use a ThermoBarrier® to block air circulation. ƒ Eliminates use of hot water ƒ Place on bottom and store hot food above ƒ Recommended for use with above Camcarriers® ƒ dishwasher safe itEM NO. 1210pW-191 PRICE $ 107.79 800.594.4183
  29. 29. MAkE A LASTINg IMpRESSION ChaMpaGNE SErViCE 3-piECE COCktail ShakErS buCKET & STAnd SET {a} itEM NO. CBS33 B Bucket only C {B} itEM NO. ChB32 {C} itEM NO. WB9 {a} PRICE $ 22.09 E Collapsible Stand G f a Bucket & Stand STAnd onLy {d} itEM NO. CS31 PRICE $ 17.49 {E} itEM NO. CS29 d Stand Only PRICE $ 17.69 {B} {C} itEM NO. CSJ116 itEM NO. CSJ174 Size: 8 oz. capacity {B} {a} itEM NO. CSJ108 buCKET onLy PRICE $ 21.49 Hammered Steel Bucket Stand Only {C} PRICE $ 34.99 Size: 16 oz. capacity Size: 28 oz. capacity PRICE $ 4.09 PRICE $ 5.69 PRICE $ 7.49 stainless steel shaker, strainer & jigger in one StaiNlESS StEEl WiNE COOlErS {a} {G} itEM NO. WBS24 PRICE $ 67.19 buckets & stands are ideal for chilling & showcasing wine & champagne bottles {B} {a} {C} {C} itEM NO. hGWC1 itEM NO. SlWC2 Size: 711/ ” H x 4¾” W 16 PRICE $ 34.99 {B} itEM NO. SWC48 {f} itEM NO. WiCS34 Size: 8” H x 5¼” W Size: 9¼”H x 5¼” W PRICE $ 18.49 PRICE $ 26.49 PRICE $ 35.99 double wall construction keeps wine chilled for up to 4 hours HAND HAMMERED SERVINgWARE Double wall bowlS, paRTy TubS anD iCe CReam ChilleRS are made of stainless steel and do not require pre-chilling, they will not sweat and also have a unique, attractive, hand-hammered exterior. eliminate the mess from condensation forming on the outside of your serving ware. itEM NO. t8971a t8971B t9157dW* t9157 t720dW* t707pt t706pt t700dW* t701dW* t702dW* t703dW* t704dW* t705dW* dESCriptiON priCE 11¼” display Tray 16” display Tray 2 qt Bell pitcher 2 qt Bell pitcher 3 Gal. ice cream chiller 17 qt Beverage Tub 34 qt Beverage Tub 14 oz Bowl 1 qt Bowl 2¼ qt Bowl 3¼ qt Bowl 5 qt Bowl 8 qt Bowl $ 23.39 $ 41.39 $ 54.79 $ 21.99 $ 121.59 $ 98.99 $ 171.99 $ 9.89 $ 12.89 $ 19.79 $ 26.59 $ 35.29 $ 44.49 * double wall tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 27
  30. 30. TAkE ADVANTAgE OF THE NEW YEAR ƒ 6 qt. capacity ƒ Built-in slam resistance ƒ Use directly on Induction Cooker! PRICE PRICE $ 169.99 iNduCtiON COOkEr SErViNG trayS itEM NO. iCh-21 itEM NO. iC-1800W ƒ Stainless steel ƒ Ceramic top ƒ Portable design ƒ 1800 watts, 120V $ 276.19 iNduCtiON ChafEr itEM NO. dC-4/GB itEM NO. pC-1113 ƒ Heavy duty stainless steel ƒ Swirl design ƒ Rolled edges ƒ 18/8 stainless steel ƒ Gold accents ƒ 4 qt. capacity ƒ 9,560 BTU/HR ƒ Includes carrying case PRICE PRICE $ 26.09 $ 44.09 16" ChafEr pOrtaBlE StOVE itEM NO. SSt-16r PRICE $ 8.69 itEM NO. Jd-22Gd ƒ Stainless steel ƒ Acrylic container ƒ 2 gallon capacity PRICE $ 169.59 MaNual JuiCE diSpENSEr 14" itEM NO. EJd-13SS itEM NO. SSt-14r ƒ Stainless steel ƒ Polycarbonate container ƒ 1.3 gallon capacity PRICE $ 6.89 PRICE itEM NO. SSt-12r 12" $ 262.89 PRICE $ 4.99 rEfriGEratEd JuiCE diSpENSEr itEM NO. Crd-3 12" x 16" 20" x 18" ƒ Stainless steel ƒ Swivel base ƒ Polycarbonate Containers ƒ 1 gal per container PRICE $ 51.09 PRICE $ 86.29 itEM NO. lEdMB-1216 ƒ 28 unique light sequences ƒ Includes AC adapter and micro cleaning cloth PRICE $ 149.99 triplE CErEal diSpENSEr 28 itEM NO. lEdMB-2018 lEd WritE ON BOardS tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183
  31. 31. Anything is possible with update offEr nEw mEnu iTEmS gET food ouT of ThE houSE Be it crafted cocktails or a new appetizer, a change of pace is often necessary to keep moral high in the front and back of the house! once new creations have been formulated, advertise them on marker boards while serving free samples to generate an initial following! whether you cater events or start delivering entrees, your participation outside of the restaurant will drive new customers into your restaurant. tray StaNdS lEd CaNdlE SEtS induction cookers are an energy efficient way to get your chef out of the kitchen and in front of a crowd! Because these ranges do not require ventilation, it will be easy for you to put on that cooking class you’ve been thinking about all year! 18" x 18” BaG itEM NO. piB-18 ƒ Accepts (2) 16" boxes PRICE $ 16.99 ChrOME platEd 20” x 20” BaG ƒ 31" height ƒ Accepts (2) 18" boxes itEM NO. tSC-31 ƒ Sets include charging station and frosted globes 6 piECE PRICE $ 25.19 itEM NO. Cdl-6S WOOd PRICE $ 20.99 itEM NO. tSW-32 ƒ 31" height 12 piECE PRICE $ 31.39 itEM NO. Cdl-12S itEM NO. tSW-38 PRICE $ 35.49 iNSulatEd traNSpOrt BaGS bring ThE foodiES in ƒ 38" height PRICE $ 39.49 itEM NO. piB-20 PRICE $ 17.99 20” x 20” x 13” BaG itEM NO. piB-2013 ƒ Accepts (6) 18" boxes PRICE $ 28.19 24" x 24” BaG itEM NO. piB-24 ƒ Accepts (2) 22" boxes PRICE $ 21.49 lEd CaNdlE GEl diSpENSEr ONly itEM NO. hS-GEl PRICE $ 27.99 StaNd ONly itEM NO. hS-StaNd SINGlE TEA lIGHT PRICE itEM NO. Cdl-l $ 52.99 ƒ Rechargeable ƒ Frosted globe included PRICE $ 1.79 tOuCh frEE SaNitiZEr StatiON tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 29
  32. 32. r d repacoees knocking be p ayhem m m Photo by Jason stankiewicz when In the wake of a natural disaster, many business owners struggle to pull together last minute preparations to ensure their establishment is safe before the catastrophe rains down, including taking necessary precautions for food safety and emergency preparedness. and for some restaurant owners, being prepared helped them give back to their community when they needed it the most. through the power of social media and texting (all phone lines were down), tacombi, a restaurant located in Nueva york (that’s New york for most) known for serving yucatan Peninsula flavors out of the top of a vintage Volkswagon bus, shared that they were serving tacos to the local community, for free. another shop known for the “best ice cream” in New york, sundaes and Cones, posted on twitter, “open and offering FRee ICe CReaM. It's going to melt anyway, so the shop is giving it away for free.” as the east coast received warning of Hurricane sandy quickly approaching, residents bombarded grocery stores and cleared yet not all restaurants were able to make the same community shelves, while business owners did what they could to prepare for offering. Without a gas oven, the brutal storm. From boarding smoker or barbeque grill, many up windows, to making sure food restaurants had the food to was properly stored, the majority #EastVillage: We're dishing out some share, but no means of cooking of residents and business owners #free food this afternoon & evening. it. However, with competition on could do nothing more than just sit the way side, owners were more and wait. Gas still works so we're coooking than willing to let neighboring what we can. drop by to say hi! the aftermath of the storm left restaurants use their kitchen. thousands without electricity, food, Windmill, a Jersey shore icon water and shelter — the necessities of — @northernspyfood for delicious hot dogs, not only life — and the pain of this devastating gave away free hot dogs, but they storm was felt throughout the nation. encouraged local residents to use But it has been said that we are stronger together, and that held true their grill — you guessed it, free of charge! in the days following Hurricane sandy. Food trucks also came to the rescue after the storm. these mobile even with the most thorough preparations, a fully-stocked freezer food units were more than prepared to serve up a hot meal, and many can only keep food frozen (or even cold) for so long. With electricity of them came from miles away just to make sure the local residents out, and food on the verge of simply being wasted, many restaurant had food. owners along the east coast began serving the food they had — for free. 30 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  33. 33. prEparatiON iS kEy the U.s. department of agriculture’s Food safety and Inspection service (FsIs) have generated some tips to help restaurateurs make food safety part of their preparation efforts. If you have a game plan for when severe weather strikes you can prevent food loss and potential food borne illness in your establishment. temperature controlled food storage can be difficult during a power outage if your commercial refrigeration loses electricity so make sure to stock up on dry ice, canned food, bottled water and batteries. Below are steps to follow if natural disasters are knocking at your door. PREPARING FOR A POSSIBlE WEATHER EMERGENCY: 9 Keep a refrigeration thermometer in your refrigerator and freezer at all times. Refrigerator and freezer thermometers will provide the internal temperature of your refrigeration in case of a power outage and help determine the safety of the food. set freezers at 0°F or below and refrigerators as 40°F or below. 9 Freeze containers of water for ice to help keep food cold after power is out. 9 Freeze refrigerated items such as leftovers, milk, and fresh meat and poultry that you don’t need immediately to help keep them at a safe temperature longer. 9 Plan ahead and know where you can get dry ice and block ice quickly. 9 store foods on shelves that will be safely out of the way of contaminated water in case of flooding. 9 Have coolers available to keep refrigerated food cold if power is out for more than 4 hours. Purchase or make ice cubes and store in freezer for use in refrigerator or cooler. Freeze ice packs and blankets ahead of time to use in coolers. 9 Group food close together in freezer to ensure food stays cold longer. DETERMINING WHAT FOOD TO KEEP & WHAT TO DISCARD: DURING AND AFTER A WEATHER EMERGENCY: 9 do not taste any of your food to determine if it is safe! 9 Minimize how often you open your refrigerator and Freezer doors to maintain the internal temperatures as long as possible. 9 a refrigerator will keep food cold for approximately 4 hours if it is unopened. a full freezer will keep food at the proper temperature for about 48 hours. If it is half full is will keep food cold for 24 hours if the door is not opened. 9 If your food contains ice crystals or is at 40°F or below it may be refrozen. 9 obtain dry ice or block ice to keep your refrigeration as cold as possible if the power goes out for a long period of time. 50 pounds of dry ice should hold an 18 cubic food full freezer for 2 days. 9 If the power has been out for several days you will need to check the temperature of the freezer with a refrigerator thermometer of food thermometer. If your food contains ice crystals or is at 40°F or below the food is safe. 9 If you do not have a refrigerator thermometer then you will need to check each package of food to determine its safety. If the food still contains ice crystals it is safe. 9 throw away or compost refrigerated perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, soft cheeses, milk, eggs, leftovers and deli items after 4 hours without electricity. 9 If you are ever in doubt, get rid of the food. 9 do not keep or eat anything that may have been in contact with flood water. REMOVING ODORS FROM REFRIGERATION: 9 discard any food that is not in a waterproof food container if it may have been in contact with flood water. 9 Get rid of all spoiled food. 9 Remove shelves, crispers, and ice trays. Wash thoroughly with hot water and detergent then rinse with sanitizing solution. 9 Wash interior of refrigeration including door and gasket, with hot water and baking soda. then rinse with sanitizing solution. 9 Leave the door(s) open for 15 minutes to allow free air circulation. IF THE OdOR STIll REmAINS: 9 Wipe the inside with equal parts of vinegar and water. Vinegar destroys mildew. 9 stuff refrigeration with rolled newspapers, close the door(s) and leave for several days. Remove paper and clean with vinegar and water solution. 9 sprinkle fresh coffee grounds or baking soda loosely in a large, shallow container in the bottom of the refrigerator and freezer. 9 Place a cotton swab soaked in vanilla inside the refrigeration. Close door for 24 hours. 9 Containers with screw on tops, snap lids, pull tops, and crimpled covers are not waterproof. 9 also discard cardboard juice boxes, baby formula boxes and home canned foods in they come in contact with flood water because they cannot be cleaned and sanitized. 9 Inspect canned food and discard anything that looks damaged. 9 swelling, leaking, punctures, holes, fractures, rusting and denting represents can damage. 9 thoroughly wash metal pans, ceramic dishes, and utensils with soap and water, using hot water if available. Rinse and then sanitize them by boiling in clean water or immersing them for 15 minutes in a solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented bleach per gallon of clean water. 9 thoroughly wash countertops with hot water and detergent then rinse with sanitizing solution. tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 31
  34. 34. PROFESSIOnaL PROdUcTS uLTIMATE RESuLTS! THE MOST IcE cRuSHINg pOWER IN ITS cLASS! MORE pOWER, MORE fuNcTION! itEM NO. BlE-310 itEM NO. BlE-110 ƒ 1hp, 2 speed motor base ƒ 48 oz. capacity ƒ bpa free ƒ 1 year warranty ƒ 3 hp variable speed, variable time ƒ 64 oz. bpa free container ƒ touch pad control ƒ 1 year warranty PRICE $ 109.76 PRICE $ 379.95 Extra hEaVy duty BlENdEr prOfESSiONal Bar BlENdEr fOR gLASSES Of juIcE! fOR gALLONS Of juIcE! itEM NO. JuC-100 itEM NO. JuC-200 ƒ 150 rpm-low output ƒ 3 juicing cones ƒ stainless steel bowl & strainer ƒ 1 year commercial warranty ƒ 1800 rpm-high output ƒ 3 juicing cones ƒ stainless steel bowl & strainer ƒ Chrome finish ƒ 1 year commercial warranty PRICE $ 189.95 PRICE $ 389.95 hiGh VOluME COMMErCial CitruS JuiCEr hEaVy duty lOW VOluME CitruS JuiCEr SEArCh "bArmAid" @ ETundrA.Com for ALL of your bACK bAr nEEdS cLEANER gLASSES fASTER! bENT bRISTLES? TIME TO REpLAcE YOuR bRuSH HEADS! ƒ scrubs grease & lipstick from glassware itEM NO. SiZE priCE Set of 5 $ 55.49 BrS-950* 8" $ 15.09 BrS-922Sl 7" $ 12.89 BrS-976Sl 9" $ 20.19 ƒ stainless steel wih heavy bronze bearings A-200 ƒ (4) 6" brushes & (1) 7.5" brush included BrS-1720Sl ƒ 1/3hp, 115v ƒ 1 year warranty itEM NO. dESCriptiON Upright a-200 SS-100 SS-100 priCE $ 340.48 Submersible $ 449.95 * FitsBarmaid only *Fits barmaid washers only rEplaCEMENt BruShES fOr GlaSS WaShErS ElECtriC GlaSS WaShErS NO MORE HEAVY LIfTINg! kEEp bAR TApS & pOuRERS SANITARY! ƒ easily moves beer barrels and trash cans ƒ non-maring wheels / 400lb rating ƒ steel pipe construction ƒ ergonomic handle PRICE $ 9.99 /dz PRICE $ 151.49 pourer Cap itEM NO. itEM NO. dOl-100 ƒ welded aluminum ƒ (5) wheel support ƒ trash cans lock on Cr-300uN PRICE $ 5.69 /dz PRICE $ 64.99 DOL-100 tap Cap itEM NO. tapCap itEM NO. kpC-100 KPC-100 Back bar smallwares also available kEG dOlly & Cart 32 tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183
  35. 35. WE RAISE THE bAR LET US bUILd yOURS. itEM NO. Width draiNBOard ONE COMpartMENt 18-1C 12" priCE $ 284.76 -- thrEE COMpartMENt 18-43l 48" right (12") 18-43r 48" left (12") 18-53C 60" left & right (12") fOur COMpartMENt 18-64C 72" left & right (12") ƒ Ice bin/blender station ƒ large capacity 12" deep ice bin ƒ 10" x 14" x 6" sink bowl(s) ƒ 4" backsplash ƒ Commercial series faucet with 6" spout included ƒ Receptacle box for blender located under blender shelf ƒ Stainless steel front, sides, backsplash and sink(s) ƒ Galvanized legs with adjustable plastic bullet feet itEM NO. Width iCE BiN *Shown with optional single speedrail Bar SiNkS priCE 24" x 12" dEEp iCE BiN – 80 lB. Cap. 18-W42l 42" left right 18-W42r 42" right left 18-W66l 66" center left 18-W66r 66" center right 30" x 12" dEEp iCE BiN – 97 lB. Cap. 18-W48l 48" left right 18-W48r 48" right left 36" x 12" dEEp iCE BiN – 115 lB. Cap. 18-W54l 54" left right 18-W54r 54" right left 18-24 18-30 18-36 Cap. priCE 24" x 12" x 33" 30" x 12" x 33" 36" x 12" x 33" 80 lbs. 97 lbs. 115 lbs. $ 342.71 $ 421.98 $ 428.47 ƒ large capacity 12" deep ice bin ƒ Stainless steel top, front and sides ƒ Most health departments require ƒ Galvanized legs with the optional built in cold plate for soda systems adjustable plastic bullet feet *Shown with optional single ƒ (2) 3-well bottle holders included speed rail ƒ 4" backsplash ƒ 1" drain speed Rails available at $ 1041.01 $ 1041.01 COCktail WOrkStatiONS Wxdxh iCE BiN ONly $ 976.35 $ 976.35 $ 1235.82 $ 1235.82 $ 1081.84 $ 1081.84 iCE BiNS itEM NO. 18-GSB3 itEM NO. 18-24rd ƒ Drainboard top with middle and bottom shelf ƒ 1" drain on top ƒ 4" backsplash ƒ Stainless steel top, front, sides and backsplash ƒ Galvanized legs with adjustable plastic bullet feet ƒ 24"W x 23½"D x 35"H ƒ Approximately 30 bottle capacity ƒ (4) steps with guard rails ƒ 4" backsplash ƒ Stainless steel front and sides ƒ Galvanized legs with adjustable plastic bullet feet ƒ 24"W x 23½"D x 34"H PRICE $ 535.50 liQuOr diSplay $ 888.53 ƒ 10" x 14" x 10" sink bowl(s) ƒ 4" backsplash ƒ Commercial series faucet with 10" spout included ƒ Stainless steel front, sides, backsplash and sink(s) ƒ Galvanized legs with adjustable plastic bullet feet itEM NO. BlENdEr StatiON $ 649.80 $ 649.80 $ 642.93 PRICE $ 449.82 GlaSS StOraGE CaBiNEt Please note: Bar sinks & cocktail stations cannot be shipped to California or Vermont tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 33
  36. 36. 7 QT. COMMERCIAl STAND MIXER itEM NO. kSM7990Wh PRICE $ 649.00 PROFESSIONAl-STYlE POWER HUB fits all Kitchenaid® attachments! hASSLE-frEE 2-yEAr rEpLACEmEnT wArrAnTy STAINlESS STEEl DISHWASHER SAFE ATTACHMENTS INClUDED! 7 QT. STAINlESS STEEl BOWl with “J” style hangable, stackable handle EXTRA THICK 72” lONG POWER CORD itEM NO. rVSa ƒ Sold separately ƒ Fine & coarse plates PRICE $ 49.99 ETUNDRA.COM itEM NO. fGa ƒ Includes (2) slicer & (2) shredder cones ƒ Sold separately KitchenAid attachments also available at PRICE $ 49.99 SliCEr/ShrEddEr ATTACHMENT mini pro miXEr & ACCESSORIES fOOd GriNdEr ATTACHMENT PRICE $ 179.00 lEAST ExPENSIVE COmmERCIAl HANd-HEld mIxER IN THE WORld the minipro is ideal for all light to medium duty mixing applications. Quick and efficient, it comes standard with variable speed, a detachable 7” shaft and four interchangeable mixing blades. ATE ulTIm R P OW E itEM NO. pMx98 dairy StaNdard BattEr EMulSifyiNG BLADES INCLUDED MiNi-prO MixEr itEM NO. aC518 itEM NO. aC516 itEM NO. aC517 PRICE $ 186.89 PRICE $ 122.19 PRICE $ 192.89 prOCESSOr BOWl 34 MixEr WhiSk fOOdMill riCEr itEM NO. Mx91 itEM NO. SMx600E PRICE $ 549.95 PRICE $ 539.95 50 GallON 10 GallON itEM NO. Mx070.1 25 GallON SingLE SpEEd HAND MIXERS PRICE $ 1155.95 THE Pmx98 hand mixer combines both power and versatility into a lightweight hand mixer ideal for medium duty kitchens. with a 300 watt/115 volt motor and a 12” non-detachable shaft, the pmX98 can mix, blend, emulsify and puree up to 10 gallons of product. tuNdra resTauranT suPPly THE mx91 is the most advanced and versatile mixer in the industry! strong and dependable, it is perfect to mix, blend, emulsify and puree in kettles or large stock pots holding up to 25 gallons of product. It has a 460 watt/115 volt motor with a 16” non-detachable shaft that has the ideal power-toweight ratio. 800.594.4183 THE Smx600E has the ultimate power packed into a 600 watt/115 volt motor! with a 21” non-detachable mixing shaft, the smX600e can mix, blend, emulsify & puree up to 50 gallons of product.
  37. 37. r2 CuT, S l & GRA ICE TE CaMWarMEr® CombinATion proCESSorS 9 ContInuous feed dual funCtIon maChInes! 9 add InGredIents whIle proCessInG! dICE, Cu SlICE T, & GRATE r2 diCE 9 prepare 850 servInGs In 3 hours or less! itEM NO. r2N r2NClr r2N ultra 9 1 year parts & labor/ 3 year motor warranty BOWl priCE Gray plastic clear plastic Stainless steel $ 989.00 $ 989.00 $ 1199.00 ƒ 3 quart capacity ƒ 1725 RPm & Pulse ƒ 120 volt; 1 HP ƒ Includes: Cutter bowl, stainless steel "S" blade, 2mm grating disc and 4mm slicing disc itEM NO. r2dice r2Clrdice r2dice ultra BOWl priCE Gray plastic clear plastic Stainless steel $ 1399.00 $ 1399.00 $ 1499.00 ƒ 3 quart capacity ƒ 120 volt; 2 HP ƒ Includes: Cutter bowl, stainless steel "S" blade, vegetable prep attachment, 2mm grating disc, 4mm slicing disc and (1) dicing kit vEgETAbLE prEp mAChinES 9 save up to $1000 per month! 9 prepare 1200 plus servInGs In 3 hours or less! 9 slICInG, dICInG, shreddInG, GratInG, frenCh fry & JulIenne 9 1 year parts & labor warranty BOWl priCE Black plastic Stainless steel $ 1599.00 $ 1799.00 itEM NO. Cl50E Cl50E ultra ƒ Continuous feed ƒ (1) speed, 425 RPm ƒ 120 volt; 1.5 HP tuNdra resTauranT suPPly ƒ Includes: 3 mm grating disc ƒ 3mm slicing disc 800.594.4183 35
  38. 38. call us or visit for our bEST current pricing ThE firST diSpEnSErS To providE TruE nonmEChAniCAL onE-hAnd opErATion, TouchFree dispensers eliminate the use of levers and buttons minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination. itEM NO. Air CooLEd Mdt5N25a-1J Mdt5N40a-1J Mdt6N90a-1J wATEr CooLEd Mdt5N25W-1J Mdt5N40W-1J Mdt6N90W-1J prOd./24 hrS StOraGE Cap. 523 lb. 523 lb. 720 lb. 25 lb. 40 lb. 90 lb. 525 lb. 525 lb. 715 lb. 25 lb. 40 lb. 90 lb. ƒ Countertop model ƒ touch free eliminates the risk of cross contamination ƒ self-contained condenser ƒ Polyurethane interior ƒ stainless steel exterior ƒ 115 volt ƒ 2 year parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty NuGGEt tOuChfrEE diSpENSErS ET CUBEl! ICE itEM NO. Mdt2C12a-1a ƒ Lighted key pad ƒ Cubelet style ƒ air-cooled ƒ 273 lb. production/24 hours ƒ Quiet operation ƒ durable plastic front and side panels ƒ 15¼"W x 26"d x 34"H ƒ 115 volt ƒ 2 year parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty FlAKE I C E! cU2026Sa-1 tOuChfrEE iCE MakEr & diSpENSEr itEM NO. Mdt3f12a-1h ƒ Water/ice selector switch ƒ Flake style ƒ air-cooled ƒ self-contained condenser ƒ 392 lb. production/24 hours ƒ Polyurethane interior ƒ stainless steel exterior ƒ 14"W x 23¾"d x 34¼"H ƒ 115 volt ƒ 2 year parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty tOuChfrEE iCE MakEr & diSpENSEr Shop the full line of Scotsman ice Machines, dispensers, Bins, and Storage at Under counter ice machines as low as $1730 while supplies last! 36 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  39. 39. ThE righT bLEnd oF tIMING aNd sPeed! grEAT for grinding Meat & VeGGIes, PURĖes, soUPs & MoRe! itEM NO. 36021 ƒ Clear high impact container ƒ Variable speed to purėe, blend, grind or chop ƒ 120 volt ƒ 3 year limited warranty ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty PRICE $ 999.95 ƒ 48 oz. capacity ƒ Clear high impact advance® container ƒ 34 optimized programs w/auto shut-off ƒ sound cover ƒ ≈ 3 HP ƒ 120 volt ƒ 3 year limited warranty ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty CapaCity hp priCE 1003 itEM NO. 48 oz. 2 1002 64 oz. 2 1005* 64 oz. 3 $ 429.95 $ 449.95 $ 549.95 *Vita-Prep® - Most popular seller! BlENdiNG StatiON® adVaNCE® Vita-prEpS® WHoLe FRUIt, sMootHIes, MaRGaRItas & FRoZeN CoFFee grEAT for ConSiSTEnT bEvErAgE bLEnding esPeCIaLLy tHICK INGRedIeNts! itEM NO. 748 itEM NO. 5086 PRICE $ 379.95 PRICE $ 489.95 ƒ 64 oz. capacity ƒ Polycarbonate container ƒ 2 speed ƒ ≈ 3 HP ƒ 120 volt ƒ 3 year limited warranty ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty ƒ 32 oz. capacity ƒ New advance® container for faster, smoother pouring ƒ 6 programs and auto shut-off ƒ ≈ 2 HP ƒ 120 volt ƒ 3 year limited warranty ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty driNk MaChiNE driNk MaChiNE adVaNCE® cOLDER THAN IMAgINED fOR LESS THAN YOu ExpEcTED Cu. fEEt hp Width priCE 2 2 12.1 23.8 ¼ ¼ 48” 58” $ 2199.99 $ 2429.99 12.1 ¼ 48” $ 3099.99 pASS Thru SLiding doorS BB48GSy-1-B-pt* 4 *23½”d x 34”H, galvanized top itEM NO. SoLid door BB48y-1-B* BB58-1-B BB68-1-B BB78-1-B BB94-1-B gLASS door BB48Gy-1-B* BB58G-1-B BB68G-1-B** BB78G-1-B BB94G-1-B dOOrS Cu. fEEt hp Width priCE 2 2 2 3 3 12.1 23.8 28.4 33.0 39.7 ¼ 1/ 3 1/ 3 1/ 3 1/ 3 48” 59” 69” 79” 95” $ 1799.99 ƒ stainless steel top $ 1829.99 ƒ Removable shelves $ 1919.99 ƒ Field reversible self-closing doors with locks $ 2259.99 ƒ Galvanized steel interior walls and ceiling $ 2209.99 ƒ Interior fluorescent lighting w/ manual on/ off switch 2 2 2 3 3 12.1 23.8 28.4 33.0 39.7 ¼ 1/ 3 1/ 3 1/ 3 1/ 3 48” 59” 69” 79” 95” $ 1969.99 ƒ environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant $ 2039.99 ƒ stainless steel models also available $ 2139.99 ƒ 115 volt $ 2589.99 ƒ 1 year parts and labor warranty $ 2499.99 bb58Gsy-1-b ƒ 5 year compressor warranty *23½”d x 34”H, galvanized top ƒ Heavy duty black vinyl coated exterior bb48Gy-1-b **energy star compliant bb48y-1-b SElf-ClOSiNG dOOrS MadE iN thE u.S.a BB58GSy-1-B dOOrS SlidiNG dOOrS itEM NO. BB48GSy-1-B* ƒ Heavy duty black vinyl coated exterior ƒ Removable shelving ƒ sliding glass doors with locking feature ƒ Galvanized steel interior walls and ceiling ƒ Interior fluorescent lighting w/ manual on/off switch ƒ environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant ƒ stainless steel models also available ƒ 1 year parts and labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 37
  40. 40. gET YOuR gAS AppLIANcES IN cOMpLIANcE! modEL itEM NO. pS ƒ satisfies NFPa 17a (5.6.4) & 96 ( code requirements for equipment placement PRICE $ 44.99 SuggESTEd AppLiCATionS ƒ Can be used with all caster-mounted equipment $ 84.99 36” $ 103.99 ¾” 48” $ 109.99 ¾” 72” $ 142.99 1” 36” $ 105.99 16100Bp48 thE dOrMONt BluE hOSE 48” ¾” 16100Bp36 ™ ½” 1675Bp72 ƒ limited lifetime warranty $ 82.19 1675Bp48 ƒ Anti-microbial PVC coating is heat and wrinkle resistant and inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the connector priCE 36” 1675Bp36 ƒ Meets ANSI Z21.69 Standard LEngTh ½” 1650Bp48 ƒ Stainless steel corrugated hose encased in a stainless steel braid for superior strength pipE SizE 1650Bp36 ƒ Patented Stressguard® technology reduces stress at both ends of the connector 1” 48” $ 119.99 16125Bp48 1¼” 48” $ 164.99 ƒ Includes (2) safety-set units with adhesive foam tape, (2) alcohol wipes, hardware, warning sticker and instruction booklet ƒ Compatible with 4”, 5” and 6” casters ƒ Can withstand 1,000 lbs. of crush force ƒ Gas & electric cooking equipment ƒ Holding & warming carts ƒ Food transportation carts ƒ Salad bars ƒ Banquet carts ƒ Mobile refrigerators & freezers BElGiaN WafflE MakErS SafEty-SEt™ EQuipMENt plaCEMENt SyStEM itEM NO. WafflES/hOur VOltaGE priCE Single 25 120 WW250 double 50 120 WW250B SiNGlE BurNEr WW180 double 50 208 $ 319.00 $ 559.00 $ 559.00 ƒ Heavy duty die-cast housing ƒ 180° rotary feature for even baking and browning dOuBlE ƒ triple-coated non-stick plates ƒ Includes measuring cup & drip tray ƒ 1 year warranty 38 uniformLy ToASTS baGels, bread, teXas toast & froZen waffles! ƒ Bagel/Bread selector switch itEM NO. ƒ Industrial heating plates WCt850 ƒ electronic browning controls ƒ Carriage control lift levers PRICE $ 329.00 ƒ dishwasher-safe crumb tray ƒ Limited one year Warranty 4 EXTrA widE 1½” slots italiaN-StylE paNiNi GrillS SWitChaBlE tOaStEr u P TO 3 60 Sl PE R H O I C E S u R! hingEd, AuTo-bALAnCing Top pLATE to suIt foods up to 3” thICK tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY SiZE VOlt priCE WpG150 itEM NO. compact 150 WpG250 large 208 WpG300 dual 240 $ 339.00 $ 459.00 $ 579.00 ƒ Ribbed cast-iron plates ƒ Brushed stainless steel body ƒ adjustable thermostat to 570ºF 800.594.4183 ƒ Power & ready indicator lights ƒ Heat-resistant handles ƒ Limited one year Warranty
  41. 41. ® UPGRADE YOUR PRE-RINSE AND SAVE WATER AND ENERGY COSTS n up tO 62% MOrE EffiCiENt thaN COMpEtitiVE prE-riNSE Spray hEadS E w! itEM NO. klf-y104a D interchangable with all pre- D 3 year parts warranty! rinse makes & models! D efficient cleaning performance D kool grip™ hose grip reduces independently certified heat transfer to hands! by the food Service D low lead Compliant! Technology Center PRICE $ 139.99 VariaBlE flOW prE-riNSE SPRAY HEAD D 3 low-Flow SpRay paTTeRnS! D aDa Compliant! SaNiGuard treatment keeps product cleaner and fresher between cleanings itEM NO. kN50y00444u01 length: 44” cHANgE OuT THAT LEAkY HOSE PRICE $ 61.39 Replaces all major manufacturers’ pre-rinse hoses itEM NO. kN50y00460u01 length: 60” heavy duty, stainless steel, flexible protective hose shield itEM NO. kN50y00472u01 length: 72” exclusive 3-ply nylon reinforced high pressure Santoprene® hose is permanently secured with high pressure hydraulic fittings power tested to 400 psi PRICE $ 77.09 PRICE $ 82.99 uNiVErSal prE-riNSE hOSES kool griptM lowers surface temp of grip by 20o f dECK mounT itEM NO. kN50-1000-klf fOr uSE With prE-riNSES PRICE $ 324.99 wALL mounT itEM NO. kN55-7006-01 itEM NO. kN53-1000-klf size: 6” spout PRICE $ 51.99 itEM NO. kN55-7012-01 PRICE $ 324.99 wALL hooK size: 12” spout INCLUDED! PRICE $ 76.69 wALL brACKET INCLUDED! add-ON fauCEtS With SWiNG SpOut prE-riNSE aSSEMBliES *please note that items on this page cannot be shipped to California or vermont tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 39
  42. 42. THE cOOL pARTNER wORLdwIdE itEM NO. Cu. ft. ShElVES hp rEfriGEratOrS Cfd1rr-23 1 dOOrS 23 3 13 ⁄ 7 29" $ 1799.99 Cfd2rr-48 2 48 6 ½ 10 54" $ 2559.99 Cfd3rr-72 3 75 9 ¾ 10½ 81" $ 3349.99 Cfd1ff-23 1 23 3 ½ 7 29" $ 2049.99 Cfd2ff-48 2 48 6 ¾ 10 54" $ 2899.99 Cfd3ff-72 3 75 9 1½ 14 81" $ 3919.99 aMpS Width priCE ƒ 430 series stainless steel exterior ƒ 304 series stainless steel interior ƒ Manual temperature control ƒ digital temperature display ƒ PVC coated shelves ƒ Bottom mount compressor ƒ Recessed handles ƒ 5" casters ƒ 120 volt ƒ 321⁄5"d x 82½"H ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty frEEZErS Cfd1 Cfd2 Cfd SEriES rEaCh-iNS itEM NO. ShElVES Cu. ft. hp aMpS Width ƒ Light sensing electronic control for up to 35% energy savings ƒ Large lighted Led temperature display ƒ No-frost - automatic defrost by thermostat cycle ƒ Winged evaporator with cold air forced ventilation ƒ anti-fogging glass auto-close door ƒ operating temperature range: +33° – +38° F ƒ adjustable shelves ƒ 120V ƒ 18 months parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty priCE $ 1229.99 $ 1299.99 $ 1399.99 SiNGlE dOOr rEB-12 4 11.6 15 ⁄ 5.2 74" rEB-16 4 16.3 ¼ 6 68" rEB-20 5 20.3 13 ⁄ 6.5 80" dOuBlE dOOr rEB-18 reb-43 8 18 ¼ 5 64" rEB-43 8 42.5 ½ 10 82" $ 1399.99 $ 2279.99 reb-16 d7688bm2f COuNtErtOp frEEZErS upriGht frEEZErS upriGht BEVEraGE COOlErS Ctf-3 d368bmf Ctf-2 dOOrS Cu. ft. ShElVES hp aMpS Width priCE Cu. ft. ShElVES Wxdxh priCE d368BMf 1 15½ 4 ¾ 5 273⁄10" $ 1999.99 Ctf-2 1.8 2 222⁄5" x 213⁄10" x 213⁄10" d768BM2f 2 32 8 1¼ 8 493⁄10" $ 2699.99 Ctf-3 3.2 3 241⁄10" x 212⁄5" x 273⁄10" Ctf-4 4.0 3 24½" x 22½" x 35" $ 779.99 $ 929.99 $ 999.99 itEM NO. ƒ White enamel finish ƒ White painted steel interior ƒ -10°F – 0°F temperature range ƒ digital temperature display ƒ Light canopy at top for branding ƒ Internal Led lights 40 ƒ 5"casters ƒ alternate adjustable legs included ƒ 120 volt ƒ 261⁄5"d x 84½"H ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty itEM NO. ƒ Internal top mounted light for product display ƒ White enamel finish ƒ 0°F – 13°F temperature range ƒ Includes lock with keys ƒ Includes power cord & plug tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY ƒ 115 volt ƒ Model CtF-4 has a large lightbar for branding display ƒ 18 months parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty 800.594.4183
  43. 43. itEM NO. dOOrS/ShElVES Cu. ft. hp aMpS Width priCE $ 1119.99 $ 1499.99 rEfriGEratOrS tuC-27r 1/1 7.9 ¼ 1.5 27" tuC-48r 2/2 15 ¼ 2.8 471⁄5" tuC-27f 1/1 7.9 ½ 1.5 27" tuC-48f 2/2 15 ½ 3.5 471⁄5" frEEZErS ƒ Led digital temperature display ƒ electronic thermostat controller ƒ 32°F – 50°F refrigerator temperature range ƒ 0 – 8°F freezer temperature range ƒ 29½”d x 351⁄5”H $ 1279.99 $ 1649.99 ƒ 5” industrial casters, (2) locking ƒ 120V ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty Cfd2 Cfd1 uNdErCOuNtEr SEriES itEM NO. dOOrS Cu. ft. ShElVES paNS hp aMpS Width priCE piCl1-50-6 1 13 2 6 15 ⁄ 5.9 498⁄9" piCl2-71-9 2 22.6 4 9 13 ⁄ 8.1 708⁄9" piCl3-92-12 3 32 6 12 ½ 11.1 918⁄9" $ 1999.99 $ 2599.99 $ 3199.99 ƒ 430 series stainless steel exterior ƒ 304 series stainless steel interior ƒ stucco aluminum back panel ƒ electronic thermostat controller ƒ digital temperature display ƒ PVC coated shelves ƒ Recessed handles ƒ 19½" x ½" thick cutting board included ƒ 5" casters ƒ 120 volt ƒ 31½"d x 424⁄5"H ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty pICl2-71-9 pICl1-50-6 piCl SEriES piZZa prEp taBlES dOOrS/ ShElVES iNSErt paNS hp aMpS Width priCE SCl1-27-8 1/1 6 x 1⁄6, 2 x 1⁄9 13 ⁄ 5 27½" SCl2-47-12 2/2 12 x 1⁄6 ½ 8 46 4 ⁄8" SCl2-60-16 2/2 16 x 1⁄6 ½ 7 60 1 ⁄5" SCl3-70-18 3/3 18 x 1⁄6 ¾ 9 70 2 ⁄5" $ 1399.99 $ 1914.99 $ 2219.99 $ 2439.99 itEM NO. ƒ 10.6” x ½” cutting board ƒ Led digital temperature display range 32°– 50°F ƒ electronic thermostat controller ƒ automatic defrost by thermostat cycle ƒ 5” industrial casters/front locking ƒ 120V ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty sCl3-70-18 sCl1-27-8 Salad & SaNdWiCh prEp taBlES itEM NO. dOOrS/ ShElVES iNSErt paNS hp aMpS Width priCE SClM1-27-12 1/1 9 x 1⁄6, 3 x 1⁄9 ¼ 5 27½" SClM2-47-18 2/2 18 x 1⁄6 13 ⁄ 8 46 4 ⁄8" SClM2-60-24 2/2 16 24 x ⁄ ½ 7 60 1 ⁄5" SClM3-70-30 3/3 30 x 1⁄6 ¾ 9.5 70 2 ⁄5" $ 1479.99 $ 1949.99 $ 2349.99 $ 2699.99 ƒ 8” x ½” cutting board ƒ Led digital temperature display range 32°– 50°F ƒ electronic thermostat controller ƒ automatic defrost by thermostat cycle ƒ 5” industrial casters/front locking ƒ 120V ƒ 18 month parts & labor warranty ƒ 5 year compressor warranty sCl3-70-18 sCl1-27-8 Salad & SaNdWiCh MEGa prEp taBlES tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183 41
  44. 44. itEM NO. dOOrS Cu. fEEt ShElVES hp aMpS Width priCE 1 2 2 3 23 35 49 72 3 6 6 9 ¼ 1⁄3 1⁄3 ½ 5.5 9 9.2 11.3 27" 39½" 543⁄8" 817⁄8" $ 1962.58 $ 2595.78 $ 2884.07 $ 4014.25 1 2 2 3 23 35 49 72 3 6 6 9 ¼ 1⁄3 1⁄3 ½ 7.8 10 10.5 10.4 27" 39½" 543⁄8" 817⁄8" $ 2545.09 $ 3276.50 $ 3640.43 $ 5104.04 ƒ High quality stainless steel interior and exterior rEfriGEratOrS tSr-23Sd tSr-35Sd tSr-49Sd tSr-72Sd ƒ digitally controlled uniform temperature ƒ stainless steel shelves ƒ Bottom mount compressor ƒ Recessed handles frEEZErS tSf-23Sd tSf-35Sd tSf-49Sd tSf-72Sd ƒ 4" casters ƒ 301⁄3" d x 83" H ƒ 2 yeaR PaRts aNd LaBoR WaRRaNty ƒ 5 yeaR CoMPRessoR WaRRaNty SupEr dEluxE pErfOrMaNCE SEriES rEaCh-iNS itEM NO. tidC-26G tidC-47G tidC-70G tidC-91G CapaCity (3 Gal. Cans) # Of lidS # Of raCkS # NiGht COVErS 4 8 12 16 1 1 2 2 4 8 12 16 1 2 3 4 Width priCE 26" $ 2849.62 47" $ 3402.43 703⁄8" $ 4721.11 913⁄8" $ 5146.42 ƒ Maintains -10°F ~ 8°F the best in Frozen Ice Cream Preservation! ƒ Led light for interior canopy ƒ Cold Wall system- no melting tops with freezing bottoms! ƒ each container rack comes with an aBs plastic can holder! ƒ 1 yeaR PaRts aNd LaBoR WaRRaNty ƒ No dead space in component area ABlE ElS AVAIl All mOd Green or e wIth lIm terIor! whIte eX ƒ Manual defrost system ƒ 5 yeaR WaRRaNty oN CoMPRessoR ƒ No electrical frame heater needed Note: lime Green Exterior Models listed. For White Exterior replace the {G} with {W} iCE CrEaM dippiNG CaBiNEtS itEM NO. Cu. fEEt ShElVES hp Width priCE 10.92 14.85 18.79 22.73 2 2 2 2 ⁄ ⁄ ½ ½ 36½" 48½" 60½" 72½" $ 5870.30 $ 7053.55 $ 7102.66 $ 7372.33 2 2 2 2 ----- 36½" 48½" 60½" 72½" $ 4027.72 $ 4363.92 $ 4997.52 $ 5365.40 rEfriGEratEd tCGB-36-2 tCGB-48-2 tCGB-60-2 tCGB-72-2 13 13 NON-rEfriGEratEd tCGB-36-dr tCGB-48-dr tCGB-60-dr tCGB-72-dr 10.92 14.85 18.79 22.73 ƒ Curved tempered front glass with minimal framing ƒ 304 stainless steel floor and air floor grille ƒ Cantilevered wired shelves adjustable up and down, tilted ƒ self-contained refrigeration * maintains avg. 38°F-43°F ƒ sliding rear doors for product load and unload ƒ safety shielded top fluorescent light lamp ƒ temperature and light switch ƒ 1 yeaR PaRts & LaBoR WaRRaNty ƒ 5 yeaR WaRRaNty oN CoMPRessoR BakEry & dEli diSplay CaSES 42 tuNdra RESTAURANT SUPPLY 800.594.4183
  45. 45. RaDianCe haS paSSeD The inDuSTRy’S moST RigoRouS & ReCenT peRFoRmanCe, SaFeTy & eneRgy eFFiCienCy STanDaRDS! ƒ Heavy gauge welded frame itEM NO. ƒ stainless steel front, sides, back riser & lift off high shelf # Of BurNErS # Of OVENS tOtal Btu Width priCE tar-4 4 1 163,000 24" $ 1459.99 tar-6 6 1 227,000 36" $ 1504.99 tar-8 8 2 326,000 48" $ 3089.99 tar-10 10 2 390,000 60" $ 3139.99 ƒ 12” x 12” sectioned heavy duty cast iron grates ƒ temperature range 250°F- 500°F ƒ Full size pull out crumb tray ƒ 6” stainless steel adjustable legs ƒ Csa certified for safety & sanitation for U.s. and Canada ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty hEaVy duty rEStauraNt raNGES ƒ 16 gauge stainless steel front plate and wrap around itEM NO. ƒ Heavy duty, removable 12” x 12” cast iron top grates # Of BurNErS tOtal Btu Width priCE tahp-12-2 2 64,000 12" $ 409.99 ƒ ergonomically designed heat-resistant on-off knobs tahp-24-4 4 128,000 24" $ 649.99 ƒ Grooved top design with removable full width grease pan tahp-36-6 6 192,000 36" $ 839.99 ƒ Coated inside & outside gas manifold tahp-48-8 8 256,000 48" $ 1229.99 ƒ Csa certified for safety & sanitation for U.s. and Canada ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty COuNtErtOp hOt platES ƒ 16 gauge stainless steel front plate and wrap around itEM NO. # Of BurNErS tOtal Btu Width priCE tarB-12 2 30,000 12" $ 659.99 tarB-24 4 60,000 24" $ 829.99 tarB-36 6 90,000 36" $ 1139.99 tarB-48 8 120,000 48" $ 1429.99 ƒ Reversible cast iron (3) bar top grates with grease runner ƒ ergonomically designed heat-resistant on-off knobs ƒ Fewer screws exposed to surface for easier clean up ƒ Heavy duty angled radiant ƒ Fully welded heat box & bracket ƒ Csa certified for safety & sanitation for U.s. and Canada ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty radiaNt CharBrOilErS high EffiCiEnT griddLE wiLL providE fASTEr CooKing And rECovEry (13% MORE HEAT WITH 25% LESS GAS CONSUMPTION!) ƒ 16 gauge stainless steel front plate and wrap around itEM NO. # Of BurNErS tOtal Btu Width priCE taMG-12 1 22,000 12" $ 589.99 ƒ Heat shield between burners catures heat escaping to the bottom taMG-24 2 44,000 24" $ 689.99 ƒ Built -in heat reflector kicks back escaping heat to griddle surface taMG-36 3 66,000 36" $ 969.99 taMG-48 4 88,000 48" $ 1249.99 ƒ aluminized "U" shaped burners for ever 12" of surface ƒ ergonomically designed heat-resistant on-off knobs ƒ Csa certified for safety & sanitation for U.s. and Canada ƒ 1 year parts & labor warranty COuNtErtOp GriddlES tuNdra resTauranT suPPly 800.594.4183 43