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Welcome to the library 2015

Back to school

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Welcome to the library 2015

  1. 1. Welcome to the Pleasanton Elementary Library Mrs.Underbrink Librarian Cindy Rice Librarian Assistant
  2. 2. When is the library open? • The library opens at 7:30 in the morning and closes at 4:00. • Students may come in to check out new books, read, puzzles or work on the computers. • The Eagle’s Nest Homework Center is also open before school starts.
  3. 3. What do I do? • Your Language Arts teacher will bring you to the library every two weeks. • When you come in, bring your books to the circulation desk, barcodes facing up and have a seat around the pond carpet and wait for further instructions.
  4. 4. How do I take care of my books? • LOVE your books! Hug your books when you are carrying them. This helps you hold on to them. • Eating and drinking while reading your books is not a good idea…I wonder why? • Be careful when you are writing and have a book open. • Please keep books away from pets and younger brothers and sisters…they like to chew!
  5. 5. Eating and Drinking while reading is NOT a good idea……. It’s a good idea to keep books away from • Toilets • Sinks • Bathtubs • Don’t forget them outside
  6. 6. Be Responsible Use a bookmark, don’t bend the pages. •Be careful when writing with a book open. • Please keep books in a safe place.
  7. 7. Keep books away from Pets
  8. 8. How long may I keep my books? • Books may be kept for two weeks at a time. • If you did not finish reading it, you can re- new it for another two weeks. • If you finish before the two weeks, you can bring it in and exchange it for another book.
  9. 9. Things to remember… • No running in the library…I don’t want anyone getting hurt. • You may talk in the library, but please use an “inside voice”. • Listen to all instructions before leaving the carpet. • Be considerate of your classmates. Remember the GOLDEN RULE. • Use a shelf marker when looking for a book. • Please ask for help, that’s what I am here for.
  10. 10. More important things to remember… • If you do not remember where you found a book, please put it on one of the carts, put in on the circulation desk or give it to one of the adults in the library. • Please do not put books back on the shelves…we will do that.
  11. 11. Checking out • Once you find the two books you would like to check out, take them to the circulation desk. • Scan your BADGE first and then scan the barcodes on the front of your books. • After you check out, make sure you stamp the “Date Due” slip on the back cover.
  12. 12. *Reminder* make sure your stamping in the next available spot
  13. 13. Does anyone have any questions?
  14. 14. Now relax and enjoy reading your books!!!