Breanna bloomquist interview - Blooming Images


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A customer service interview with Breanna Bloomquist, owner and photographer of Blooming Images.

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Breanna bloomquist interview - Blooming Images

  1. 1. A photography studio Breanna Bloomquist Owner and Photographer
  2. 2. eet BreannaBloomquist, a beautifulpositive woman with anoutlook many woulddream of. Breannastarted her photographybusiness last year andhas had huge success sofar. Breanna studiedphotography at CentralWashington Universityand has that special eyeit takes to be aphotographer. Sheabsolutely loves herbusiness and has funworking every day. Shebelieves her clientele willmove throughout theworld and she will beable to travel with herbusiness. She is one ofthe most inspiringwomen I have met to
  3. 3. Who makes up your customer base? My customer base is a combination. I do get repeat customers often. For example, I could do a maternity session, then a newborn and then I do their whole family as a session. I offer discounts to brides who have used me before and book with me again. All their future sessions are 25% off.
  4. 4. What products andservices do you provideto customers?I offer photography sessions,mentoring photography sessions forfuture photographers and photo cardsfor any special event.How many photosessions do you do in aweek? I serve approximately 2 customers a week at this point. I market to about 800 people a day through my business site on Facebook and I am sure it will blossom as time goes on.
  5. 5. Communication is everything incustomer service. I really do not liketalking on the phone but I have todevelop the desire to talk on the phoneso I can talk to my customers anddevelop relationships. You have tomake sure everyone you work with ison the same page. If I schedule asession, I need to make sure they knowwhere they are going and if not thengive them directions so the session canbe successful. Also, if you are nice andfriendly on the phone then they aremore likely to feel comfortable withyou and book again. Keeping customershappy is the name of the game!
  6. 6. Is most of your serviceover the phone,computer or in person?A lot of my customer base hasfound me through Facebook , thenit moves over to the phone or e-mail when scheduling but the mostimportant part of the service is inperson. What has been your biggest customer service challenge in the past year? Working with brides because they want everything absolutely perfect for their BIG day.
  7. 7. What trends are you seeing in customer service today? Most everything is going digital which is good and bad. Good in the sense that things can happen quickly via e- mails or text messaging but bad in the sense it takes away from personal interactions that are important in a business. I still make a point of talking to my clients on the phone when I can. I can also send them their pictures online quickly and that is good for customer service. Social network has moved to the forefront and is more effective than flyers these days.
  8. 8. In your experience, how What one piece ofdoes customer service advice would youtheory match up with your give to someone whoexperience in the real is starting out today?world?Applying a standard to PATIENCE, PATIENCE,customer service doesn’t PATENCE!!!!!! It will allalways work. There is a come together in time.dynamic range of people Listen to your customersand people respond because they will shapedifferently. your future.
  9. 9. That’s a wrap!Once this was only a dream by a budding photographer. Shepainstakingly drew up a business plan and went forward with confidence.Her energy and vigor has made her business what it is today. She has alove of people that goes far beyond the norm. Breanna loves makingmemories that last a lifetime for others and the smile she puts on theirfaces is immeasurable. Once this business really gets off the ground therewill be no stopping her for she is motivated and driven for success!!!!!!