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Illusion Mage


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Does 3D animation software program help learn how to create cutting-edge 3D animations like Pixar and Dreamworks? Illusion Mage review reveals the truth!

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Illusion Mage

  1. 1. Il s on Mage Rev lu i iewIllusion Mage Inside Out – Create Your Own 3D AnimationsCreated by Seth Avery, Illusion Mage is yet another top notch software product that animationenthusiast wants to be talking about! Apart from having a phenomenally friendly user-interface, IllusionMage provides some great capabilities right on your computer screen. In quite fair terms, it is acollection of functions that enable the speedy creation of 3D models, 3D games and architecturaldesigns.Do I Need It? Ease of Use Re-ExaminedIf you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a vibrant 3D animator but scared away by two years of collegeeducation in graphic design, Illusion Mage is your perfect product. After carrying out a reconnaissancevisit through its features and facilities, I can easily derive that Seth Avery delivers on his promise of anear-automated computer animation software program.Key CapabilitiesIllusion Mage software has its uniqueness as a product in several capabilities that are rare or hard toimplement in alternative programs:Broadcast Quality 3D Content – Illusion Mage software incorporates a number of advancedfunctions that will allow you to create 3D animations of unbelievable quality.Advertisements-Illusion Mage software is equipped with dynamic functions that enable the instantdesign and creation of advertisements under different environmental settings. For those eyeingopportunities in the advertisement section of corporate marketing, here ends your search!Open Support –apart from providing a smooth workspace where you can easily create your 3Danimation, Illusion Mage software enables you to save your work in standard formats that are uniformacross various application programs.
  2. 2. Easiest Tutorials Ever-one thing that I definitely like about Illusion Mage is the specially structuredtutorials and help files. Each product comes hand in hand with the simplest-to-follow video tutorialsthat will get you going in a couple of minutes!Key DeficienciesThe only problem with Illusion Mage arises when you are working on a slow internet connection. Thevideo tutorials take quite a long time to download on sluggish networks.Is It Worth a Try?After only hours wading through its features and menus, I was convinced and confident about theproductivity of this computer animation software. This is one product that doesn’t disappoint!Another key aspect of Illusion Mage is the price! Compared to alternatives that have been in themarket for quite some time now, one would be tempted to consider Illusion Mage a ‘free product’.