Green tea


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Looking for health benefits of Green Tea? Do they really treat cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol and heart problems? What about the side effects?

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Green tea

  1. 1. Green Tea Kick Start Your Day with a Cup of Green TeaIt has been heard many times that green tea is beneficial for our health. We all get to readdifferent stuff on the health benefits of green tea. In India, many people kick start their daywith a hot cup of Green Tea in the morning.It is said that green tea has very helpful anti-oxidantswhich cure various health issues. Many of those whohave been suffering from such diseases have revealedamazing healing property of this herb in curing theirillness. The health benefits of green tea in today’s lifeare surprising when seen in response to thousands ofminor and major ones that affect humans.This Herb- “Green Tea” was first discovered 4000 yearsback by Chinese; it was then used to heal headache and small infections. But today scientistsaround the world, realize the various health benefits of green tea. Various researches haveproved that this herb has even provided aid in diseases like arthritis, cancer and is anamazing supplement in balancing the body’s cholesterol level.A cup of green tea every morning can bring amazing change to you and your routine in yourlife. It helps to wash out a variety of toxins from the body and rejuvenate you with vital energy. Green Tea FactsGreen Tea is by far the most popular tea in the whole world. It has gained a lot of popularitybecause of the various Green Tea health benefits. However, it has had a lot of criticism aswell. Various people believe the fact that it is one of the best teas in the wold as it makes the body healthy from the inside and provides a natural boost to the body.
  2. 2. So what is the truth? Is this tea actually as good as people say it is?I would say that this tea has its benefits for sure, however, just like any other thing in theworld, it has its pros and cons. The difference between green tea and black tea is that it isprocessed in a way that it is able to retain more anti-oxidants. Now speaking in general termsdifferent tea companies manufacture tea is different ways. So you can never be sure that thetea that you are consuming is good for you or not.Green tea is has various free radicals in it, which helps in preventing the growth of cancerouscells in the body. Also this tea helps you in shedding the extra pounds. On the other hand ifyou consume a little too much of this tea it can lead to high pulse rate. Also there is acommon belief that green tea does not have any caffeine. This is not true, green tea hascaffeine it is just that the quantity in which it is present is low.Next time think before you have that extra cup of green tea, think of the extra caffeine thatyou might be consuming. Whenever you are out to buy green tea for yourself, make sure thatyou buy regular green tea instead of favored teas. Usually favored green teas are high on thetaste content and low on green tea content. So whenever you make a cup of green tea foryourself make sure that you have only regular green tea to get maximum health benefits.White tea is another tea that is really good for health, it is just that it has not gained as muchpopularity as green tea.