Green tea


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Green tea

  1. 1. Green TeaA natural remmedy to the extra fat and other minor problems that requires medical assistance. Thereare countries where the the day begins with refreshing sip of green tea. Here below are some healthbenefits of green tea. Health Benefits of Green TeaThe antioxidants that this green tea is accomplish of are capable of fighting up with various illnessand minor diseases. This natural way of curing such illness and diseases are explained by those whohave tried this at themselves. The phenomenal results of green tea are so much appreciated that thediseases from which people were suffering from a long time are at hold and they are enjoying theirlife with an ease.Green tea is rich in EGCG or epigallocatechil gallate, this anti oxidant does the amazing job ofclearing up all the cancer cells from our body without producing any harmful effects to the healthyone. It also prevents the abnormal clot formation of blood in wounds better known as thrombosis.EGCG has eventually acquired popularity among the medical fraternity of the world due to itsadvantages. Health benefits of green tea are innumerable and to add there are no side effects also.Green Tea is also very much useful in reducing extra fat that is something not welcomed into our fitbody attire. The attractive part of this fat reduction process is that it is carried out in more healthyway without any physical labor involved. Now with the use of green tea it is very easy to looseextra fat and that too without sweating litres in gym. Green Tea Side EffectsExcess of any thing can overpower the benefits of anything creating a long list of disadvantages. Itis the same case with green tea. The excess consumption and its compatibilty to other eatable is amatter of great concern since it could lead to various disadvantages.
  2. 2. Do not over develop:- While preparing green tea, it has to be checked that the prepared green teais not over developed. The reason behind this is that it may not taste well and also can effect ourdigestive system.Do not combine when using alcohol:- It is not prefferd to be consumed pre or post of alcoholconsumption, Since it has its adverse effect on our kidneys and on our sexual functions.Make an effort to discover the tea :- As per usage one should investigate what it takes for them touse this green tea. A little resaerch about which green tea an suit beast can help out as to minimizethe side effects of green tea.