Digging Deep In Trove: Success, Challenge and Uncertainty - Marie-Louise Ayres


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OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Conference 2012, National Library of Malaysia, 3-4 September 2012.

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Digging Deep In Trove: Success, Challenge and Uncertainty - Marie-Louise Ayres

  1. 1. Digging deep in Trove: success, challenge and uncertaintyDr Marie-Louise AyresNational Library of Australia
  2. 2. Union catalogue for librarians Research Australian Bibliographic Network Australian Research online 1981 2005 Web archives Pandora NewspapersManuscripts 1997 Australian NewspapersRegister of AustralianArchives and Manuscripts 20071997 Union catalogue for public Pictures 2009 Libraries Australia Picture Australia 2006 2000 Dance Music Australia Dancing Music Australia 2003 2005
  3. 3. Union catalogue for librarians Newspapers Australian Bibliographic Network 1981 Australian Newspapers 2007Manuscripts Union catalogue for publicRegister of AustralianArchives and Manuscripts Libraries Australia1997 2006 Web archives Pandora 2009 Research 1997 Australian Research online 2005 Pictures Picture Australia Music 2000 Dance Music Australia Australia Dancing 2005 2003
  4. 4. Achievements• National collaboration• Innovation and leadership• Research infrastructure• National and international exemplars
  5. 5. 2007The idea…
  6. 6. Now…• 300 million resources• 50,000 unique users a day• 10% mobile devices• 70 million newspaper lines corrected• 1.5 million tags• 42,000 comments• 28,000 lists• 140,000 Flickr images• Forum• API
  7. 7. “To all involved in bringing trove to the internet I say thank you! My research would be severely lacking if not for this resource. .”“Were just writing to congratulate you on a job well done - Trove is an absolute treasure. Were so pleased Australian resources have entered the 21st century.”“I want to express my gratitude, and to say how very welcome it is for anyone with internet access to be able to use your database! As someone teaching at a university with somewhat modest financial resources for our libraries, I welcome the access to vital information. I have been telling all of my fellow scholars about Trove, and will be using it as a model of what can be for years to come.”“ Just HAVE to say how much I love Trove!!! You folk have made an amazing “thing”…My research would be so difficult & time consuming if it were not for TROVE…If THIS is what a library service is all about, the NLA is the epitome of “library” unequalled in the world!!”
  8. 8. Key success factors• 30 years of collaboration → →• Lots of practice• Technology finally caught up• National leadership• Trust• People
  9. 9. The Trove teamExcellence in eGovernment 2011
  10. 10. Were the successes the ones we expected?Were the challenges the ones we anticipated?
  11. 11. Ask?
  12. 12. Challenges • Increased content = more servers, software • Increased use = more bandwidth • Increased profile = higher expectations – Users want more content – Users want new services – Which users do we serve – Constrained resources • National or National Library service?
  13. 13. 2007The idea…