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India at the Olympic Games


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For the first time, a picture book for children on India's participation in the most spectacular sporting event in the world! Get Set, go! Write to to pre-order your copies today.

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India at the Olympic Games

  1. 1. For the first timean exciting book about India‟s participation in the most spectacular sporting event in the world!
  2. 2. A cook from Elis called Coroebusis believed to have been the firstever winner of the first everOlympic event, a running racecalled the „stade‟. He knew how toburn his calories, didn‟t he!
  3. 3. 1948: Stoke Mandeville Hospital,England, holds Parallel Olympic Games for World War II injured to coincide with the Olympic Games – marks the beginning of the Paralympic Games
  4. 4. Trailblazers
  5. 5. Fun Workouts for the Brain
  6. 6. Stories aboutlittle known, differently abled and well known Indian sportspersons whose journeys represent values that define the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  7. 7. P. T. UshaRespect
  8. 8. Dhyan ChandRESPECTExcellence
  9. 9. Friendship Malathi Holla
  10. 10. FRIENDSHIP Abhinav Bindra Malathi Holla Courage
  11. 11. FriendshipDetermination Karnam Malleswari
  12. 12. Friendship Inspiration Bachendri Pal
  13. 13. Equality Devendra Jhajharia Equality
  14. 14. “…I truly believe that the Olympic Games, and sport in general, are not just about medals and glory. It Music: Intro from Ghoom Charakana – Talvin Singh‟s Future Sound of India Mix is about the person you become and the sporting values you bring into your daily life. That is the true meaning of sport and that is why this book was created.” Abhinav Bindra, India‟s first ever individual Olympic gold medallist Get Set, Go!!Follow us on facebook and twitter as we join the countdown to the Games with sneak peeks from India’s Olympic Story!