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Remote assist india


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Published in: Automotive
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Remote assist india

  1. 1. Remote Assist India Help! Anywhere, Anytime Gaurav Tuli PGD-P/OCT11/08
  2. 2. 2Table of Contents BMW Assist : Video Product Concept and Industry Introduction Product Choice New Product Development Evaluation
  3. 3. 3BMW Assist : Video
  4. 4. 4Product Concept and IndustryIntroduction Remote Assist is an attempt to improve the overall experience of RSA in India. Features proposed are:Quicker Response Times in Case of EmergencyImproved Vehicle Tracking EfficiencyEffective Driver Guidance via MapsDetecting Urgency Levels in Case of AccidentRemote Unlock of VehicleIncreased Assistance for Insurance Claim ProcessInstant and Wider Reach to Consumer
  5. 5. 5All This Would be Possible via Satellite GPS System Antenna System Crash Sensors in Vehicle Integrated Audio System 24/7, 365 Fully Functional Toll Free NumberRAI C Dedicated CAS Team Tie-up with a major RSA Company Insurance Companies
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7Product Choice Justification Service In India Absent High Level of Motor Accidents on Highways Vehicle Theft Encouraging Adventure Enthusiasts Frequency of Vehicle Malfunctions Inefficient and Poorly managed RSA organizations Limited Geographical Reach to Consumer Highly Unsatisfactory Employment Conditions Untapped Infrastructure Potential High Level of Automobile Expertise Readily Available
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9The “Diversification Strategy” has been adoptedbecause:- India is A Completely Untapped Market in Terms of Roadside Assistance Therefore, “Remote Assist” is a Completely New Product There Exists Scope to Expand and Adapt as Per Market Dynamics First Mover Advantage Possible and a Unique Positioning too Seize Opportunity to Bring Technological Advancement Into India Creation of a New Market Possible.
  10. 10. 10New Product Development
  11. 11. 11Idea Generation Idea Screening Assistance if vehicular  FC to be incurred in terms of accidents occur Infrastructure, IT and HR Assistance in terms of theft  VC to be incurred in terms of frequency of requirements of vehicle, breakdown, lock- in and medical  Potential sales will be forecasted to break-even in emergencies the 1st year itself Location to be pin pointed  Majority of sales initially via using Unique VTN would be pulled from Assistance to be provided Premium and Luxury Segments. For trucks it via SDI would be all trucks above the Detection of level of range of 8-wheeler urgency of problem  Profits would commence after completion of the 1st Dispatch of RSA Team to financial year the location of occurrence  As the service is to be Solution to be provided on- standardized with time, the-spot(IA) profits will go up. Profits will go up
  12. 12. 12Feature Specification Development Sensors in vehicle to detect  Service Delivery by Mondial urgency levels Assistance Button inside car cabin to link  Satellite System to RAI  Hiring for CAS(30 in number) GPS System via Satellite to  Acquiring SLE’s detect vehicle location  Co-ordination with Theft Recovery Government and Police Lock-in Recovery  Tie-up’s with Hospitals Breakdown Assistance  Tie-up with Insurance Co’s On-the-Spot repair (if applicable)  Product and Service Training Remote Engine Ignition  Pricing at INR 40k/ Annum Accident Emergency Services  No fine print 24/7, 365 days a year  Applicable to both new and assistance pre-owned vehicles Skimming Pricing  Yearly renewal plans
  13. 13. 13Testing Commercial Launch Invite select prospects  Commercial Launch will Offer the service for 3 take place in the first month period on trial-basis quarter of FY 2013  Print, Outdoor , Online Educate the prospects Advertising and Social Sign confidentiality clause Media Collect test results  Launch Programme in Analyze results Mumbai Correct and Implement  Invitees will be HNI’s, Feedback of service in Automakers and service delivery before Government Officials commercial launch  Product will be incepted into target segment vehicle offer plans
  14. 14. 14Evaluation Evaluation will take place post FY 13 Annual Result, Six-month result and Quarterly Results will be compiled These details will be compiled using the annual, six monthly and quarterly data on sales from dealerships,feedback, running costs from Mondial and Insurance company costs Plans will be compared with results achieved Deviations will be corrected to maximum level on basis of customer value and business goals
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