Online collaboration and document management software for architects


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Tula projects is an online collaboration and document management software for architects. Using Tula projects, architects can manage and share their documents with ease. They can also discuss their issues with construction teams. Tula projects also has task management and meeting management functionality. Architects can schedule meetings with construction team members and also save minutes of meetings according to the each meeting. Integrated calender helps in tracking various meetings with ease. Architects can also assign tasks to the team members using Tula projects. They can assign the tasks with deadlines and also add members to the tasks who will help in the construction completion process. Tula projects has state of art document management system for architects with features like keeping complete document upload and download history and version control. Multiple versions of design and document can be uploaded and these versions will be automatically labelled as new versions. You can also relate documents and designs with relevant discussions, meetings or tasks. Tula projects is a complete communication and collaboration software for architects. It can save upto 15 % of an architects time. For more information you can visit to:

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Online collaboration and document management software for architects

  1. 1. Online Collaboration and Communication Software for Architects
  2. 2. Software Associates: Synergize with Experience and ExpertiseSoftware Associates: Since 1991Three Products (SA-HIS, SA-FMS, Tula Projects)Developing Online Solutions since 200060 People TeamOperating out of Calicut, Kerala
  3. 3. Tula ProjectsWeb based collaboration softwareAutomates non-core management processesIntegrated with state of art Document Management SystemSecure, Easy to Use: Get started within 30 minutesNo installation required, No minimum system requirements
  4. 4. Tula Projects: How does it benefit your organization? KnowledgeCentralization Team Work SharingAccountability Control Traceability Scalability Mobility Time Saving
  5. 5. Centralization:All information at one place Management Project Teams Information Clients Consultants
  6. 6. Team Work: Discuss & solve issues togetherTeam Member Initiates a Discussion Partial has an issue Partial Solution Solution Partial Solution Complete Issue Solution Solved!!!
  7. 7. Knowledge Sharing:From individual to organizational Individual Learning Organizational Learning Individual Individual Learning Learning Knowledge Sharing
  8. 8. Accountability: Make sure that the tasks get done on time • Assign Task Assigner • Give Deadlines • Automatic Follow ups• Accept/Deny Task• Attach Documents Assignee• Post Comments • Approve /Disapprove Tasks Approver • Give Feedback • Post Comments
  9. 9. Control: Enabling targeted communicationCommunication Map• Control who can communicate with whom.• For example, you may not like your client to communicate with the consultant.Document Access Control• Multiple document access rights.• You may like your client to just download the designs, where as your team to update them.Automatic Document Version Control• All the versions of your documents are saved with proper labels and change descriptionsDocument Audit Trail and Revision History• Track who downloaded the document and when.• Every change made is logged as document revision history.Various Access Rights for Different Users• An admin has complete control over organization wide communication, a Chief Project Manager can Control everything in his project, whereas regular users can participate in the designated activities
  10. 10. Traceability: Trace activities and relate them Related tasks assigned A design change Related meeting held to the membersrequest by the client to discuss the changes concerned Follow up with related A new version Required changes discussions around theuploaded and shared made modifications required
  11. 11. Mobility:Access information on the move iPhone Android Application Application Mobile SMS Friendly Integration Web (Planned) Interface
  12. 12. Scalability:Manage multiple sites as if they are one Information Exchange Project Site A Project Site B Central Location Information Exchange Project Site n
  13. 13. Time Saving: Handle more projects now! Less Quick Fast ReducedFollow-up information information management Time Saving Calls access sharing effort
  14. 14. Tula Projects in Action: Watch the demo video
  15. 15. Contact UsWebsite: www.tulaprojects.comEmail: info@tulaprojects.comFacebook: Tula ProjectsTwitter: @tulaprojectsCall us at: +91 949 508 8666