37 Useful Tips About Guest Blog Posts


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As someone who is involved in blogging and all things related to it, you probably come across a lot of information from various sources. This would normally be a good thing, but the problem is that not all the information that comes your way is accurate or up-to-date.

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37 Useful Tips About Guest Blog Posts

  1. 1. 37 Useful Tips About Guest Blog PostsAs someone who is involved in blogging and all things related to it,you probably come across a lot of information from various sources.This would normally be a good thing, but the problem is that not all theinformation that comes your way is accurate or up-to-date. As withvirtually everything related to the Web, there are a lot ofmisconceptions out there surrounding blogs and blogging.There are also plenty of lesser-known bits of information that canaffect the performance of your blog and your day-to-day activities as ablogger. I therefore thought it was a good idea to share some of thesetrade secrets in the hope of clearing up some confusion you mayhave.Secret #1: A guest blog post is a team effortIf you are accustomed to blogging by yourself, one thing that mightsurprise you about guest blog posts is that it takes at least two peopleto accomplish. This means you will usually have to work with oneother person and in some cases, even 2 or 3 others. Most sites willalso have a content manager that you will to get approval from, but itis the site owner who usually has the last word. Guest blog postingreally is a team effort, and you will have to learn to work in a teamsetting. In such a scenario, effective communication and flexibility areessential skills to have.Secret #2: Research is a must with guest blog postsResearch is an especially important aspect of guest blogging. If it isyour first time to guest blog, you will first have to determine the nichesyou will want to write in. After that, you will have to look for blogs inthose niches. The next step is to figure out what type of contentattracts the most comments. Of course, you also have to make surethat the content you post will be similar in tone and quality to the postson the site.
  2. 2. Secret #3: Tracking your guest blog posts is a good thingAfter you have started networking and have gotten your name outthere, start up a record of all your guest blog posts. This will come inhandy when you want to expand, and it will also allow you to referenceyour previous work if necessary. A record of your posts will also helpkeep you organized and let you know important details such as whencertain posts are live and when you need to make a comment orpromote your posts.Secret #4: There is no magic formula for guest blog postsThere is no set of methods or a magic formula that will allow you tocreate perfect guest blog posts or help you accomplish your goals100%. Sure there are clear cut rules, policies, and “must-do’s” when itcomes to guest blog posts, but that’s not quite the same as a magicformula. You simply cant break it down to a formula such as: epicblog post + A list blog = tons of traffic. The reality is that it will notalways work that way for everyone. Think about it this way: if therewas a magic formula for guest blog posting, everyone would likely usethat same method, eventually making it worthless. As it is, the onlyreally surefire way to success is through hard work, trial and error, anda continuous effort to improve.Secret #5: You need to have a strategy before you begin guestposting.The “shotgun” approach simply doesnt work with guest blog posting.You will have to come up with a specific strategy and have a clear-cutplan in place before you actually start. This will also help you stayfocused on your objective and increase your chances of achievingyour goals. If you are really serious about guest blog posting, yousimply must have a well-defined plan of attack.Secret #6: Your work isnt done just because your guest blogpost has been accepted
  3. 3. Quite the contrary. In fact, in some ways, the real work begins afteryour guest blog post has been accepted. If you really want to becomea successful guest blogger, you will have to put in the work in order tomake the experience as beneficial as possible for everyoneconcerned. After the post has gone live, you will have to be proactivein terms of actively commenting on the blog, promoting it on youremail list, and announcing it through social media channels. Don’tforget to write a “thank you” note to your host as well!Secret #7: Guest blog posts work hand-in-hand with social mediaSocial media is a highly effective tool for helping you get in touch witha network of like-minded bloggers. You can use for it anything fromfollowing and retweeting posts to commenting on Facebook pages, oreven posting something from your own blog. Social media alsoprovides a great way to break the ice and let other bloggers know whoyou are. In fact, social media can help you start communication withother bloggers, helping you avoid the awkwardness of asking for aguest blog post. Social media will also help you promote your postonce it’s published.Secret #8: An eye-catching title can really sell a guest blog postFirst impressions count when making a blog post, and making a goodimpression is often dependent on the title of your post. When pitchingyour guest blog post, you must have a catchy headline that makespeople want to click on the post and read the rest of the article. Manysite owners will actually use the title as the sole basis for accepting orrejecting a guest blog post. You might only have one chance atmaking a good impression, so make it count!Secret #9: Building a solid portfolio requires a broad range ofsitesI always hear of people starting off by targeting just the high-profilebloggers, most of whom are recognized authorities in a niche, or host
  4. 4. blogs with high rankings. Although you do want to connect with thesebloggers eventually, don’t underestimate the value of smaller blogs atthe start of your career. Posting in such blogs will help you learn theropes of guest blog posting and are great for building your portfolio.Most established bloggers wont even consider hosting your guestblog post unless you have a respectable portfolio so get started with afew small blogs first!Secret #10: A guest blog post is not a cure-allGuest blog posts by themselves can be effective, but you really needto go beyond that. Guest blog posts alone wont increase traffic toyour site, raise your visitor count, or add to your sales. Of course,guest blog posts can help you build traffic, establish backlinks, andpossibly even attract visitors to your blog. Just like everything elsehowever, it would be more beneficial to adopt a balanced approach. Itis when you implement guest blog posts as part of your overall plan ofattack that you will see its full potential.Secret #11: Content is the driving force behind guest blog postsWhen it comes to guest blog posts, the importance of content simplycannot be overestimated. You could have a quick pitch, but if yourcontent is worth reading, many blogs will be happy to post it. Ofcourse, coming up with good content is an ongoing process, and youwill have to constantly figure out what sticks out and attracts readers.Don’t neglect the benefits of outsourcing your writing either. In somecases, this might help you generate new content or out a fresh spin ona familiar topic.Secret #12: Never submit guest blog posts out of the blueI would say that 95% of the time, searching for someone online andgetting in touch with them out of the blue wont get you a response.“Cold submitting” to relevant sites is a common mistake that manynewbies make, and it often leads to rejection and disappointment.
  5. 5. Secret #13: Getting guest blog posts accepted is hard workDon’t let anyone tell you that guest blog posting is simple and doesnttake much work. One oft-neglected aspect of guest blogging is thatthe harder you work, the more likely you are to reap the benefits. Sureit is easy enough to post in a few small blogs at the start, but thingsquickly become more work intensive and time consuming when youwork your way up to the mid-level blogs. This is when the demands ofmaintaining standards and doing research start to require more andmore time and effort. Not to scare you away, but guest blogging ishard work and it will really take your all to make it work.Secret #14: Guest blog posting only works as a long-termstrategyIf you try guest blog posting only once or twice, you probably wontsee any significant results in terms of increased traffic, more sales, oreven a higher ranking. The key to success is being consistent andformulating a long-term strategy. Start out by doing 2 or 3 guest blogposts per month and slowly increase your output if you feel you havethe hang of it. The most important is sticking with it for the long haul.Secret #15: There is no real guarantee with guest blog postsAn increasingly-common–and yet totally bogus–claim is that guestblog posts guarantee results. The fact of the matter is that there is nofoolproof strategy that will “guarantee” you specific results. Sure thereare absolutes and tactics that are clearly better than others, but noneof them will get you guaranteed results.Secret #16: Think of others’ needs first when guest bloggingDon’t let others make-do with your leftovers; always give out only yourbest work. This means anything and everything from offering only yourbest posts to promoting other blogs as if they were your own. Alsostrive to be helpful as possible. Showing your gratitude and having the
  6. 6. right attitude is just as important as the technical aspects when itcomes to communicating with other bloggers, so always give beforeyou receive.Secret #17: Be persistent in guest blog postingBuilding a solid guest blog post portfolio is going to take a lot of work,considerable amounts of time, and plenty of persistence. You will alsoneed to grow a thick skin, and don’t take it personally if you are askedto change something or if your work is rejected. You should also beprepared to provide more work if asked. On the plus side, you cantake comfort in the fact that all your hard work will pay off in terms ofresults.Secret #18: No response isnt necessarily a bad thingI have had several occasions when I emailed someone and never gota response. Don’t be discouraged if you experience this scenarioyourself, and don’t think that it means a “no” either. There could bemany reasons for not getting a response. One approach that I foundworks more often than not is to give it some time, build up bettercredentials, and then try emailing that person again.Secret #19: Follow all rules, policies, and guidelines postedThere is a reason for all the rules, policies, and guidelines set up forthat blog you want to submit to. Take the time to fully read,understand, and abide by all those rules. As simple or silly as some ofthem might be, you will have to play by the rules if you want your postto get published.Secret #20: Guest blog posts should use keywords in a relevantand unobtrusive mannerThere was a time when pages of certain sites included a paragraph atthe bottom filled with several keywords. Now known as “keywordstuffing”, this technique for attracting traffic has since been looked
  7. 7. upon with disfavor by the online community. However, this does notmean that keywords are no longer important. While keyword stuffingmay have fallen out of favor, it is still important to include the properpercentage of relevant keywords in your text. When someonesearches for a specific term on Google, the number of times thatparticular keyword appears on your page is still a weighty factor.Secret #21: Authorship is just important as the guest blog postWhen Google first became the top search engine and everyone wasfocused on site performance, PageRank became the number onepriority for every marketer. While page ranking was–and still is–theinput metric that affects ranking the most, Google personnel haveexplicitly and repeatedly stated that sites are ranked on hundreds ofdifferent metrics other than PageRank. Many site owners havetherefore stopped caring so much about PR ranking. That being said,PageRank is still a relevant factor, and it shouldnt be neglected evenas you focus on other equally important factors.Secret #22: Check up on your competition to see where they areguest blog postingThis is one method that I have used when brainstorming or targetingsites that accept guest blog posts. This is a great way to get a feel forwhat’s out there and what works and what doesnt. This could beaccomplished several different ways, but my favorite tools for thispurpose are Alexax.com reputation links. This list helpfully details allthe links that your competitor site currently has set up.Secret #23: You must have a solid foundation before attemptingto guest blog postSEO can be considered a form of marketing, and as such, most ofyour efforts will be made after the site is completed. That being said,there are steps that you should take even before your site goes live.For example, you should make sure you have a good layout, logicalnavigation, and all the important details such as META tags, titles, and
  8. 8. so on. All these are part of SEO and should be done while you arebuilding the site. Also remember that search engines can find your siteas soon as it goes live, so you will want your SEO ready for whenGoogle first crawls it.Secret #24: All guest blog posts are beneficialSome people who buy bulk links or use automated methods to spamblog posts seem to think that Google will not be able to detect such“black hat” techniques. While it is true that Google and other searchengines may not discover these shady tactics right away, there is abigger risk involved. Sites in which your links have been placed willeventually be found and removed from the index. In some cases, theactual algorithm may even be modified in order to make thosebacklinks irrelevant. When this happens, your ranking may plummetdrastically.Secret #25: Write a killer bioThe only claim to fame that you can expect out of most guest blogposts will come by way of your bio. This is your little bit of space toshine, so make it count. Of course, this can be somewhat difficultgiven the limited word counts and space provided for bios. But beingable to come up with a solid call to action is vital to the success of anyguest blog post. You should also make sure to link to content that isrelevant to the post.Secret #26: “More” isnt necessarily “better” when it comes toguest blog postsAs mentioned previously, quality is one of the most important factorsin successful guest blog posting. Sure it is a good thing to add guestblog posts on a regular basis, since it will help you expand your brandand increase your exposure to potential readers. However, justbecause you can churn out several posts in a short amount of timedoesnt mean that you should. It is important to keep in mind thatGoogle prioritizes natural growth when determining ranking. You
  9. 9. should therefore take the time to build slowly, and work toward anatural progression for your blog in order to get the best results.Secret #27: Articles are the best type of contentArticles are considered the most effective vehicles for attracting traffic,whether they are written for your own site or for article marketingpurposes. However, you should remember that your content will notbe seen if no one knows it exists. Although the major search engineswill probably crawl your site anyway, you still need to implement basicSEO techniques in order to increase traffic.Secret #28: Google still likes guest blog postsBecause of how strict Google is with guest blog posts and how closelythey monitor guest blogging practices, it is easy to get the impressionthat Google doesn’t like guest blog posts and would rather have themdisappear entirely. This isnt entirely true as Google personnel havesaid repeatedly, although there are right and wrong ways to post onguest blogs. Good guest blog posts help people find the relevantcontent they are looking for. On the other hand, guest blog postswritten for spamming purposes or as part of a black hat strategy arelikely to be frowned upon by Google.Secret #29: Guest blog posts can be used on more than justblogsWhen guest blog posting, it would be beneficial to think creatively and“outside the box”. I understand that the term is guest BLOG post, butyou can always benefit from stepping out of your comfort zone. Whynot try submitting an article for an email newsletter, or coming up withcontent for a Facebook post? As crazy as it may sound, you may alsowant to submit articles to a magazine. There is a big, wide worldoutside the fairly limited blogosphere, and there are always outlets forputting out quality content.Secret #30: It’s okay to get paid for a guest blog post
  10. 10. There is certainly nothing wrong with getting paid for high qualitycontent, and it is no different in the world of the guest blog post.Getting paid–or not getting paid–will not have any significant effect onhow your content will be perceived, either by Google, the host of theblog, or the blog’s readers. In fact, guest blog posting can open up anice, new revenue stream for you once you become really good at itand have built up a nice portfolio.Secret #31: Look for guest blog posts that allow you to havelinks within the postFar too often, people limit themselves to having a link only in the biosection of the post. This is admittedly standard practice, and it workswell for the most part. However, don’t discount the possibility ofposting a link right in the body of the article. This technique isespecially effective when tied in with a relevant keyword. As alwayshowever, it is important to keep structure, flow, and relevance in mind,and not post a link wherever you want just because you can.Secret #32: Don’t plan on getting published right awayOne thing that you will soon realize about guest blog posting is thatmost established bloggers are on what is called a “blog schedule” or“blog calendar”. This means that even if your post is accepted, it willprobably be a couple of weeks before you see it online. Keep this inmind when planning your bio links and your own blog schedule. Whileyou should be prepared for your blog to be published at a moment’snotice, it is seldom that a blog post will be published right away.Secret #33: Look for favorable opportunitiesBe aware of blog schedules and plan for them. Sometimes you maycome across posts on social media networks or on the blog itself thatthe owner will be attending a conference, going on vacation, or is justnot feeling well. You don’t necessarily want to take advantage of thesituation, but you may be able to use such opportunities to offer your
  11. 11. services as a guest blogger. This might just bring about a “win-win”situation in which the blog’s host wont have to worry about content fora while and you gain the benefit of an outlet for your own contentSecret #34: Come up with your best elevator pitchOne other important thing to realize when pitching your blog post isthat you will often have to deal with the limited time available to a busyblogger or content manager. Before you submit your post therefore,you should make sure that it is short, sweet, and–more importantly–tothe point. It also wouldn’t hurt to be creative and to throw in a nicepitch with a couple of quality examples for good measure.Secret #35: Be true to yourself, while keeping the requirementsof the guest post in mindJust because you are blog posting doesnt mean that you have tochange who you are or modify your writing style. Although you shouldbe flexible in your approach and try your best to accommodate therequirements of the particular blog, your personality doesntnecessarily have to take a back seat. Focus on quality, consider theneeds of your target audience, and don’t be afraid to let yourpersonality shine through!Secret #36: Make sure you are ready to guest blog postJust about everyone you will submit content to will ask you for one ormore of these things: your bio, a picture of yourself, any social medialinks you may have–including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), andan avatar picture. It is therefore a good idea to get all of these thingstogether long before you will need them. Don’t forget to come up withan “about me” page either. Some blog owners may want to know moreabout you before they consider posting your content.Secret #37: Guest Blog Post is NOT dead
  12. 12. Just as there are people who automatically assume that SEO is evilbecause of a few bad apples, there are those who simply assume thatSEO is dead. Although this way of thinking can be damaging to anyonline marketer, it is also easy enough to prove it false. A quick look athow large brands advertise should show you that SEO is alive andwell, and that it is still widely used. To this day, companies spendmillions of dollars tweaking their sites and launching online advertisingcampaigns primarily for SEO purposes. Don’t listen to the naysayers:SEO is far from dead and will probably remain on the scene for aslong as there are search engines.So there you go; that’s all 37 tips! But just because I like to over-deliver, here is a bonus tip just for my readers!Secret #38: Think strategically when running your guest blogpostsThis should be helpful for increasing your chances of landing a guestblog post: when you write your next post, add a links to the blog thatyou want to guest in. When you then make a pitch for a guest blogspot, show the potential host your post with their link in it. This shouldgive the host added incentive to take you on as a guest blogger!AUTHOR’S BIOMikhail Tuknov is a president of Infatex.com, a full service Internetmarketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company offeringresults-driven services and exceptional customer support.