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What makes a monk mad?


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What makes a monk mad?

  1. 1. Beyond Myanmar
  2. 2. What do you know about ✤ Irrawady River! ✤ Lots of teak wood (forested area)! ✤ Buddhism! ✤ Oil, natural gas, gemstones! ✤ Capital: Naypidaw! ✤ Myanmar? Largest city: Yangon, Mandalay Naypyidaw 01
  3. 3. Historical Facts ✤ Officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar! ✤ A British colony in the 19th century! ✤ Gained independence from British in 1948! ✤ 1948-1962 a democratic nation! ✤ Coup in 1962, ruled by a military dictatorship which finally ended in 2011! ✤ Being reported for its consistent human rights violations in the country 01
  4. 4. Date Burmese Religious Life
  5. 5. Burmese Religious Life ✤ Land of devout Buddhists! ✤ 95% of its people practice Buddhism (mostly Theravadee)! ✤ Celebration of Buddhist New Year 01
  6. 6. Burmese Religious Life ✤ Worshipers climbing a temple’s steps! ✤ Published in the Picture Post, a British photojournalism magazine, in 1949-1950 01
  7. 7. Burmese Religious Life
  8. 8. Burmese Religious Life ✤ Burma gained independence from the British in 1948. ! ✤ U Nu, the prime minister of Burma, praying before the religious shrine 01
  9. 9. Date Monks reading Buddhist Web sites
  10. 10. The Shwedagon Pagoda Date
  11. 11. Lighting candles of luck
  12. 12. Think-Pair-Share ✤ What do these photographs say about the extent to which Buddhist monks are part of daily life and society in Myanmar? ! ✤ To which other country does the slide show compare Myanmar in terms of its devotion to Buddhism? ! ✤ What conclusions can your draw about the role of religion in Myanmar based on these images? 01
  13. 13. What makes ✤ a monk mad? Read the article ‘What makes a monk mad?’! ✤ Why did Buddhist monks in Myanmar turn their begging bowls upside down, and what were the implications of this action? ! ✤ How does the article describe the relationship between Buddhist monks and soldiers in Myanmar? ! ✤ What are some other historical examples of protest in this country, according to the article?! ✤ What does it mean that the monks’ power comes from ‘bestowing legitimacy’ on the rulers? ! ✤ What conclusion can you draw about the future of Myanmar based on this article? 01
  14. 14. Citations ✤! ✤! ✤! ✤ 20070930_MYANMAR_SLIDESHOW_13.html! ✤ 2007/09/24/1190486222009.html! ✤,5080,0,0,1,0#.Uq_2GWQW1ss