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Study guide angkorwat questions


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Study guide angkorwat questions

  1. 1. Southeast asian studies Sa-nguan Ying School FOR LODI HIGH SCHOOL ANGKOR WAT Khmer Empire K HMER E MPIRE A NGKOR W AT
  2. 2. SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES FOR LODI HIGH SCHOOL Guiding Questions 1. What is the significance of Angkor Wat? 2. What does the size and complexity of the temple say about the Khmer Empire? 3. Is its use today the same as it was when it was first built? 4. What does the answer tell us about Cambodia’s story?
  3. 3. SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES FOR LODI HIGH SCHOOL ANGKOR WATPart 11. What was the capital of the Khmer Empire?2. During what years did the Khmer Empire flourish?3. What is the mission of Simon Warrack who works for the German Apsara Conservation Project (GACP)?4. What do the steep and difficult steps going up to the temple represent?5. What other construction project can be compared with Angkor Wat in terms of amount of stone used?6. How long did it take to complete the construction of Angkor Wat and how many people were used to build it?7. How did Hinduism from India spread to Cambodia?Part 21. Where did Simon Warrack get the clue on how the temple was built?2. How did Angkorians manage to put all the stone together?3. What was the importance of holes in the stone?
  4. 4. SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES FOR LODI HIGH SCHOOL ANGKOR WATPart 2 (continue)4. What did Angkor Wat and the large moat represent according to Hindu belief ?5. After 400 years of abandonment, who was the first to discover Angkor Wat?6. What organization does Damian Evans (the archaeologist from the University of Sydney) work for?Part 31. What was the major new study that Damian and his colleagues have recently discovered?2. What structure or system enabled the Khmer to farm all year?3. What river feeds the Angkor Wat temple zone and where does the river originate?4. What was the purpose of carving the stone on the riverbed?5. What is the second largest temple of Angkor and what are the major characteristics of that temple?6. How did Hinduism fade away and get replaced by Buddhism?
  5. 5. SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES FOR LODI HIGH SCHOOL ANGKOR WATPart 4-51. What stories were carved on the stone of Bayon Temple?2. How did the Khmer Rouge period affect boxkator, a martial art of Cambodia?3. What caused the downfall of the Khmer Empire?Discussion Questions 1. Why do you think that the Khmer built their own houses out of thatch and wood, but built their temples from stone? 2. Why did so many Angkorian kings build new temples? 3. Why do you think that Angkor Wat appears on the Cambodian flag today? 4. Who were the people who built the temple? What kind of skills did they possess?